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Project Planning Software - Twiddlebit
Shareware and freeware software for EPOC (Psion Series 5 and Geofox One) and
SIBO (Psion Series 3a,3c,3mx, Acorn PBII, and Siena).

  • Project Planning Software for Microsoft Windows Want a project planning tool with Gantt charts for your desktop/laptop PC and don't want to pay hundreds of dollars? If so then Plan for Windows is what you need! Why pay hundreds of US$ for an application, which has so many features that it becomes difficult to use? Plan for Windows provides all the fundamental features you need from a project planning tool for less than 10% of the price of many other commercially available PC based project planning tools

  • Click on above image to enlarge Click here to download a fully function trial version of Plan for Windows Click here to find out more about Plan for Windows Buy Plan for Windows now via our secure server! Project Planning Software for Pocket PC and Handheld PC Pocket Plan is a Microsoft Project compatible project planning application for the Pocket PC and Handheld PC

  • Providing the same project planning capabilities as the desktop version of Plan, but running on a Pocket/Handheld PC! Pocket Plan is a fully usable project planning tool in its own right, providing all the essential features you would expect to find in a PC based planning tool

  • Using Pocket plan you can update your project plans on the move! Use Pocket Plan stand-alone or use it along side desktop project planning tools such as Plan for Windows or Microsoft Project

    The KAME project
    Project to develop IPv6 & IPsec stack for use in BSD-based operating systems.
    Included in the OpenBSD sources since OpenBSD 2.7 Release.


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    InterPlan Systems - Project Management Software, Project Planning ...
    Offers eTaskMaker project planning software and ATC Professional project management
    software for oil refinery and petrochemical plant turnarounds.

  • Project Estimating, Planning, Scheduling and Management Solutions InterPlan Systems offers effective solutions for estimating, planning, scheduling and managing projects and maintenance shutdowns / turnarounds (for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp & paper mills, etc.): Project Estimating and Planning Software - eTaskMaker® enables planners and estimators to quickly and easily prepare detailed, professional project schedules complete with task descriptions, durations, resource assignments and customized predecessor logic for export to leading project management software (based upon answers to multiple choice and quantitative queries)

  • eTaskMaker can the thought process for planning any repetitive project scope

  • eTaskMaker is an effective solution for standardizing and the estimating, planning and scheduling best practices across the enterprise

    Welcome to Social Sciences & Humanities - SSH - SSIS - University ...
    Information for prospective students on both undergraduate and postgraduate
    degrees taught in the department. Features news, course descriptions, ...

    Project Management Software Directory
    Lists windows based project management software.

  • By project management, I mean to include tools that assist in planning, scheduling, tracking and analyzing a project

    Software Project Management
    Project software directory, includes news, books, and links.

  • Notes on project management issues Topic Principles of project planning Project initiation Project lifecycles & planning Identifying tasks & estimating Quality issues Anticipating problems & motivation Financial issues Applying principles Recomended text for my PM students: Bob Hughes & Mike Cotterell, 2005 McGraw-Hill Other books , by Mike Harding Roberts

  • Financial appraisal: Conduct your very own using pay-back period, net profit and discounted cash flow automatically! , by Donna Fitzgerald, NewGrange Center for Project Management , from TEAM Zarate Tarrani, has links to a range of articles on financial appraisal, financial management and strategic planning

  • provides solutions for project planning and management, timesheet and expenses management, and project portfolio management

  • It facilitates planning work and sharing resources among several development teams; marketing groups; sales teams; research projects etc

  • aims to increase our overall business performance through efficient planning and management of multiple projects

  • , from ACME Interactive, Inc., is a hosted system that supports collaborative project management, including project planning, project workflow and project reporting

  • Benefits

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    XPlanner Home
    Project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams. Open Source.

  • XPlanner is a project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams

  • To summarize the XP planning process, the customers pick the features to be added ( user stories) to each development iteration (typically, one to three weeks in duration)

  • If you'd like to the discuss the planning approaches supported by this tool or provide other feedback and suggestions there is a for that purpose or contribute to our

  • Simple planning model Virtual note cards Support for recording and tracking projects, iterations, user stories, and tasks

    Web TimeSheet Software, Time Tracking Software, Free Time Sheet ...
    Offers enterprise service delivery optimisation and timesheet software.

  • - our project planning capabilities open up the project management functionality of MS Project to the organisation

  • - Atlantic Global's Project Planning provides a consistent method of planning and distributing project plans using the centralised web portal

  • Project Planning & Resource Management Atlantic Global's Project Tracking capability allows you yo plan projects, manage resources schedules, forecast costs and revenue

    Project Planning Systems AB
    PPS enables dynamically controlled projects and processes, with functions for
    time entries and different types of resource management.

    :Planning Planet:
    Provides benchmarks, production rates, effort hours, cycle and build times for
    project tasks; project planners internationally; a discussion forum; ...


    Information Technology Business Skills
    Microsoft Excel add-on software for estimates of project costs, and development
    of action plans.

    Project Management
    Description of the project management syllabus included in the Production/Operations
    Management Course. Includes an overview of Project Management principles.

  • This relates to financial planning, contract management, and managing creative thinking and problem solving techniques are promoted

  • Development Phase Implementation Planning Computer Program Design User Review Equipment Acquisition and Installation Coding and Debugging Computer Program Testing System Testing Reference Manual Preparation Personnel Training Changeover Plan Preparation Development Phase Report Preparation User Acceptance Review D

  • These techniques provide the tools for managing different components involved in a project: planning and scheduling, developing a product, managing financial and capital resources, and monitoring progress

  • WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE (WBS) This tool is related to planning and scheduling a project

  • They are used for planning, scheduling and then recording progress against these schedules

  • GANTT CHART EXAMPLE Basically there are two basic types of Gantt Charts: Load Charts and Project Planning Charts

  • The format of the Gantt Load Chart is very similar to the Gantt Project Planning Chart but, in this case, uses time as well as departments, machines or employees that have been scheduled

    ConceptDraw Product Line is set of powerful cross-platform tools ...
    Software is a cross-platform flowcharting tool with extended HTML capabilities.
    It contains 1700 pre-created objects and many templates, available for PC and ...

    Project management articles tools, templates & techniques
    Resource site for project managers seeking PMI/PMP certifications.

  • Top-down Project Planning Illustrated lecture about how top down project planning improves success rates and increases project control

  • AdPM™ Article Archives   Planning & Scope Articles T eam Performance Project Office Project-Based Management - Status Reporting Work Breakdown Structure Project Close-out PM Software Scope & Requirements - Portfolio & Enterprise Project Management Tracking Project Teams & Resources Risk & Estimates The Hampton Group, Inc

    IT Project Management for Project Managers -
    Dedicated to IT project managers. Free content including templates, articles and
    forums. There is a premium paid membership area.

    Open Planning project
    A non-profit technology organization advocating for digital democracy for the
    digital earth and contributing to a free, distributed, and open geographic ...

  • Search Site The Open Planning Project Views Document Actions OpenPlans Home last modified 2006-06-02 10:28 Welcome to, a free wiki-based community organizing and project management tool

  • OpenPlans is the work of The Open Planning Project, a New York City-based non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing citizen and public interest group participation in community planning processes through technology

  • Thank you, The Open Planning Project

    Aboriginal traditional knowledge and science in sustainable ...
    Helping nature-related institutions to develop master plans, strategies, and
    practical operational objectives that address modern societal and financial issues.

    Software Downloads
    Testing Framework software for many languages, facilitates refactoring.
    Proper refactoring without good tests is very difficult.

  • Related Articles Ron Jeffries The XProgramming downloads page includes software intended to support planning and tracking of XP and Agile projects

  • Added: Planning Etudes

  • Non-Testing Software of Interest - Development planning and iteration tracking tool

  • NEW 2005/09/28 Project Planning and Tracking System

  • : Software Development Management for Agile product teams Project Planning and Tracking System

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