A gardener in the Netherlands offers up garden and plant photos, as well as tips
for designing rock gardens and growing plants in tuff-stone.

  • MY  ROCKGARDEN This website gives information and tips about my rock-garden, rockplants in tuff-stone, succulents in the rock-garden, carnivorous plants for inside or ouside, rock-gardens in the Netherlands and abroad

  • VOOR EEN NEDERLANDSE VERSIE – You can make a choice between the different subjects:      the rock garden                                         The page “the rock garden” gives an impression how the garden is designed with a different lot of pictures of rockplants

  •                                                   On this page are some advices to use       In the rock garden, perhaps how to make       a wall for a  so called  raised  bed

  •                                                                                                                                                     succulents and sedums                                                                                       On this page you can find different possibilitys to use   succulents in the rock garden, par exemple on tiles

    Nek Chand's Rock Garden at Chandigarh, India
    Information on Nek Chand's Rock Garden with photographs.

  • Nek Chand's Rock Garden Essay with 25 photographs by Carl Lindquist 'Built of industrial waste and thrown-away items, the Rock Garden in the city of Chandigarh is perhaps the world's most poignant and salient statement of the possibility of finding beauty in the unexpected and accidental.' In 1995 and 1996, Carl Lindquist visited India and Pakistan, traveling extensively while studying Mughal architecture

  • During a visit to Chandigarh, he visited The Rock Garden and was struck by the beauty and the philosophy behind this amazing site

  • Brief comments on the relevance of The Rock Garden to Chardigarh and to our planet

  • Description of things to be seen in The Rock Garden

  • (Select to enlarge.) A link to the story about the man who created The Rock Garden

  • For the completion, preservation and awareness of The Rock Garden Personal biography All images on these pages are protected by US copyright laws

    Japanese Gardens and Japanese Garden Designs
    Shows Japanese gardens, stone lanterns, zen gardens of sand and stone, and Japanese

  • Explore japanese gardens and japanese garden designs through pictures of japanese rock gardens, tea gardens, water gardens, zen gardens, garden bridges to help understand the design and plan of japanese gardens

  • The sand, rock and stone zen gardens provides a place for quiet reflection and contemplation

    Encounter - 21/7/2002: The Spirit of Gardens
    Transcript of a program that explored the spirit of gardens in Zen Buddhism,
    Christianity, and the Baha’i Faith.

  • In medieval Japan, the Buddhist Pureland sect created elaborate gardens to represent their heavenly paradise whereas the followers of Zen created gardens of the mind: simple, often abstract arrangements of rocks and stones, as an aid to meditation

  • Through the ages, garden designers have attempted to express spiritual ideas in the choice and arrangement of natural elements like water, rocks and flowers and in their use of man-made materials such as walls, pathways and statutes

  • The sanctuaries of Shinto belief, if you like, were the woods and trees, the rocks and waterfalls of famous sites, and it was also to be seen in the natural processes of the universe, in the transition, for example, between the seasons from spring to summer and into autumn and into winter

  • So a garden in Shinto would consist first of all of a space cleared in a forest, and then roped off perhaps, and then covered with gravel and rock, and in a way by walking onto that rock and onto that gravel, the crunching sound of your feet would itself indicate that you are entering a sacred space, but it wasn’t clearly delineated, and that was the important point: nature and religious belief, the garden and the rest of the world were all part of one unity


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    The Rock Garden
    Necklaces, pins, and bowls designed in nature and Native American themes such as
    flowers, feathers, and animals. Artist: Christy Ann Hensler.

    Scenic Photography Images Stock Photos California Pictures
    Scenic photography of the Eastern Sierra and parts of the California Coast.

  • Scenic photos of storm waves crashing over rocks, stock photos of water flowing, pictures of water along the ocean shore line, sandy beaches, coastal cliffs

  • Sequoia National Park photos stock photo of Hospital Rock Native American Indians rock art painting in California Historical sites

  • Stock photos, national forest pictures canyon waterfall in mountains, canyon creek water flowing off rocks

  • Creek photos, fall landscape stock photos creek pictures Rock Creek, Bishop Creek stock photos of landscapes

  • California Bristlecone Pine tree Pinus longaeva stock picture Rock Creek Canyon

  • Photographs of trees, California pictures national forest creek water flowing over rocks, stock photos of forest trees in fall color views

  • Photography of clouds over mountains open space scenes in fall color of Rock Creek Canyon

  • Picture of mountains, peak's in Rock Creek Canyon Little Lakes Valley Scenic stock images autumn Eastern Sierra photos

  • California's Eastern Sierra photos, Rock Creek Canyon pictures California scenic pictures, California pictures of canyon groves

  • Stock images of water, pictures of crashing waves, ocean waves breaking, pictures of waves crashing rocks, beach, pictures of California coast - Welcome to AOL
    America On Line's portal, offering search, shopping, channels, chat and mail.

    Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society
    This is a club of plant lovers living near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,
    who visit, study, photograph, draw and grow alpine plants, bog dwellers and ...

  • Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society VIRAGS is a club of plant lovers living near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, who visit, study, photograph, draw and grow alpine plants, bog dwellers and woodlanders, whether native or exotic

  • We meet every month (except July and August) and at each meeting there is a judged parlour show, a talk or workshop on some aspect of growing rock plants, a plant raffle, books to borrow from our large library and time to discuss plants while enjoying refreshments

  • It is designed around natural rock outcroppings, planted for year-round interest, though it is most colourful in spring with a succession of blooms from rock plants and small bulbs

  • Most years there are several workshops, usually on weekends, on propagation, trough building and rock garden construction

  • Pleione speciosum VANCOUVER ISLAND ROCK AND ALPINE GARDEN SOCIETY Box 32140, 3651 Shelbourne St., Victoria, B.C


  • Benefits

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    Don's Koi Pond and water garden pictures, Don and Lorna's Southern ...
    Photo gallery for the home pond built by Don Mann in British Columbia, Canada.

  • The water from the skimmer along with the water coming through the UV light filter is sent up to run over a full of quilt batting and lava rocks as seen in the picture at the right

  • The waterfall is also a biological filter pond which holds about another 80 gallons and pumps the water from the pond up from the empty chamber at its bottom through a layer of about 5 cubic ft of lava rock with dense vegetation on top including Watercress, Lillies and various unnamed local pond plants

  • The crate is full of lava rock and sitting on top of a layer of 3/4 minus round(ish) gravel

    Landscaping Ideas | Landscape Design | Landscaping Pictures
    Information for homeowners on hardscape and softscape elements in landscape design.
    Includes a chat room and forum.

    Rent My Chest
    An unusual advertising system where you can hire ad space on the webmaster's torso.

    John Lennon: lyrics, discography, pictures, biography, reviews ...
    Testi, mp3, discografia, foto e biografia dell'artista.

  • Storia della carriera solista del più irriverente dei Fab Four e dell'utopia infranta di una rockstar che sognava un mondo senza confini Chiusa con più di un'amarezza l'esaltante avventura dei , John Winston Lennon si è dedicato a una carriera solista appassionata, che lo ha visto alle prese con svariate e multiformi incarnazioni musicali, dallo sperimentalismo "folle" del progetto Plastic One Band al pop d'autore degli ultimi dischi

  • Smaltita la sbornia "sperimentale", Lennon torna a esibirsi in concerto nel settembre 1969, al Toronto Rock & roll festival, accompagnato dalla Plastic Ono Band, ovvero Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton alla chitarra, il bassista Klaus Voormann e il batterista Alan White

  • Spaziando da un verace rock'n'roll a ballate pianistiche e bozzetti folk, l'ex Beatle scandaglia gli abissi della sua inquietudine

  • "I Found Out" e "Remember" sono invece le classiche scorribande rock di marca lennoniana

  • Ma il disco si fa valere anche per molte altre tracce, a cominciare dalla più celebre ode sulla gelosia della storia del rock, quella "Jealous Guy" che in tanti reinterpreteranno (ma il solo riuscirà a nobilitare): una melodia sopraffina, esaltata da un pregevole arrangiamento d'archi


    "Oregon Photos,Call 800-354-7386 ,Mt Hood,Cannon Beach,Historic ...
    Photography of Oregon, Washington state, and of Europe.

  • photos in and photography, (near in ) features this photo of by in the style, and also color surveys of Smith Rock, and Smith Rock climber images by

    :: Sonic Garden :: Online Music Community
    Free community for independent artists and independent labels. Featuring music,
    pictures, videos, tour info, reviews, and interviews independent artists.

  • First Summer Alternative Drowning Away Alternative Naughty Little Girl Blues Emptiness Electronica Wasted Pop Can't Come In Pop Funny How Rock Collide Rock Circle R&B Picture of Selassie Reggae Title: 'Twist of Faith' Album: 'Did I Say That Out Loud?' Register | Bend OR Alternative New York NY Pop Downey CA Inspirational Edwardsville IL Rock Upland CA Alternative Chicago IL Alternative Denver CO Alternative Peyrelevade Limousin Alternative Costa Mesa CA Alternative Seattle WA Rock Alternative Jazz Blues Pop Classical Rock Country Major and indie label owners alike will agree the music industry isn't in the best of shape

    About Japanese Gardens: Design - Landscaping, zen and rock gardens
    Directory with pictures, links and articles on Japanese garden landscaping,
    plants, and materials.

  • HOW TO ? PICTURES CONTACT LINKS PICTURES Japanese Gardens Japanese gardens derive their beauty from a mixing and blending of different elements: sand rocks water ornaments such as lanterns, water basins (tsukubai), and bamboo fences natural plants and surroundings Part of the beauty of the Japanese gardens comes from the symbolic expression of religious Buddhism and Shinto beliefs

  • Raked sand or gravel symbolizes rivers, groupings of stones and rock can represent islands

  • Karesansui , or waterless rock and sand garden, is a very well known type of Japanese gardens

  • This type of garden include some though limited plant life, mostly moss, raked gravel symbolizing streaming water, groupings of rocks and stones

    Sissinghurst Castle Garden
    Visiting photographer presents pages with descriptions and photographs, accessible
    by text links and through a clickable map.

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    Mars Pathfinder Mission
    Mission information and selected Rover images.

  • (Courtesy USGS) Coordinate Map of Rocks at Pathfinder Landing Site Mars-local-level (LL frame) coordinate map of rocks counted at the Mars Pathfinder landing site

  • This provides a visual scale for understanding the sizes and distances of rocks surrounding the lander as well as a record of the travels of the rover

  • Martian winds have distributed these lighter and darker fine materials in complex patterns around the rocks in the scene (blue)

  • For scale, the rock at right center is 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) long

  • Features above the ground plane (primarily rocks) therefore appear displaced radially outward; the amount of distortion increases systematically with distance

  • (Courtesy USGS) Shark This false color composite image from the Pathfinder lander shows the rock 'Shark' at upper right (Shark is about 0.69 m wide, 0.40 m high, and 6.4 m from the lander)

  • The rock looks like a conglomerate in Sojourner rover images, but only the large elements of its surface textures can be seen here

  • This demonstrates the usefulness of having a robot rover geologist able to examine rocks up close

  • (Courtesy USGS) Rock Garden This false color composite image of the Rock Garden shows the rocks 'Shark' and 'Half Dome' at upper left and middle, respectively

    Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia
    Gives information on orchid species, how to grow, where they are found, what they
    are called and when they bloom.

  • Tucker, Jorge Alejandro Paulete Scaglia, Scott McGregor, Wilella Stimmell, Eric Thiessen, Geert Volckaert, George and Kathy Norris, David Alford, Eric Hunt, Peter O'Byrne, Allen Black, Helen Milner, Al Pickrel, Greg Riemer, Marcia Whitmore, Phillipe Musschoot, Wilford Neptune, Jean-Claude.George, Tony Walsh, Greg and Kerri Steenbeeke and their Orkology Kreations Website, Jim Hamilton, Robert Fuchs and RF Orchids, Gene Monier and JEM Orchids, Jerry Bolce, Andy's Orchids, Stephen Jones, First Ray Orchids, Robert Weyman Bussey, JEM Orchids, Carlos Hajek and his Peruvian Orchid Page, Bill Morden, David Morris, Noble Bashor, Patricia Harding, Craig Cooper, Rocky Giovinazzo, David Friedman, Bill Pinnix, Troy C

  • Cool growing Colombian Orchids - Photos of Orchids near Bogota' -, and , Almost all of the preceding orchids were found near these two landscape shots, shows the cleared forests which has grown back with pine in the background and the original scrub forest with rock outcroppings in the foreground

  • Anyone? Shows the stunted bushes that grow amid rock outcroppings on a hill on the sides of the savannah of Bogata'

    Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania
    Official arboretum of the state of Pennsylvania, the rose garden dates from 1888.

  • You can view the Campania International collection at The Rock Wall Garden was built in 1924 about same time the area was changed into a Rose Garden, as an addition to the garden terrace begun in 1888.The Rock Wall is a six-foot-high wall of Wissahickon schist filled with many alpine plants

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