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  • Tony Hawk Skateboarding Universe Also On: | Tony Hawk skates onto Next-Gen systems with Tony Hawk's Project 8

    Tony Hawk's Underground for PS2 - Tony Hawk's Underground ...
    Reviewed by Jeff Gerstmann [8.9/10]. Includes information, screen shots, previews,
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  • By: , Genre: Release Date: Oct 27, 2003 ( ) Players: 1-8 () Most Popular Movie Oct 29, 2003 Movie Sep 23, 2003 Movie Aug 29, 2003 Latest Images Popular Videos Posted Oct 29, 2003 | 0'00' | Lo-Res: 0KB Posted Sep 23, 2003 | 1'39' | Hi-Res: 25.6MB | Lo-Res: 20.2MB Posted May 15, 2003 | 2'17' | Hi-Res: 38.6MB | Lo-Res: 27.7MB Posted Sep 22, 2003 | 5'27' | Hi-Res: 82.2MB | Lo-Res: 66.2MB Latest GameSpot Updates Fact Sheet Sep 1, 2004 Fact Sheet Aug 3, 2004 News Apr 16, 2004 Fact Sheet Feb 20, 2004 News Dec 9, 2003 News Oct 30, 2003 Movie Oct 29, 2003 Movie Oct 29, 2003 Latest Player Reviews great 'Rent it first' Not what I expected Posted Sep 12, 2006 11:47 pm PT superb 'Highly addictive' 'Tony Hawk's Underground is game that gives you plenty of room to create and explore which can be enjoyed by anyone, skateboarder or not.' Posted Sep 11, 2006 3:48 am PT great 'Mixed reactions' Did not rock my world off

  • Similar Games Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is a good game for younger players or Disney fans who also enjoy skateboarding games

  • Tony Hawk Skateboarding Universe Also On: | Tony Hawk skates onto Next-Gen systems with Tony Hawk's Project 8

    Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (Xbox 360)

  • In a plot-twisting story that pays homage to the roots of skateboarding and 80’s punk style, gamers play a young rebel skater who makes his way to the mecca of skateboarding where he must prove himself to Tony Hawk, local pros, and legendary skaters and participate in the construction of the ultimate, trick-filled skate park

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    IGN: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Review

  • | Search Find out what shows to record with , and check out our latest feature coverage, too: SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · » » » (GCN) Features Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 The greatest skateboarding game of all time comes home to Nintendo's next-gen console

  • The series, which first debuted on PlayStation some years ago, impressed legions of players with polished skateboarding mechanics, tight control and an intuitive engine to boot

  • The Facts Earn cash and make a career as a professional skateboarder Choose from 13 pro skaters including Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero Skate through nine huge 3D levels from spots in Tokyo and Paris to Canada and Skater Island Stages are much more interactive than ever before; dodge cars and pedestrians, crash through windows and walls, grind objects, etc

  • The levels -- nine in all -- are easily the most interactive of any skateboarding game ever created

  • What we can't stress enough is that each environment is so wonderfully interactive to the point that whatever gamers can imagine they can probably do with their skateboard

  • Still though, this is certainly a gem of a game, a skateboarder fan's dream come true and a title that I highly recommend as a must-have for just about every owner of Nintendo's next-generation console

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  • > > > Interview: Tony Hawk pro skater PAGES: | why is he famous? He made skateboarding famous and even has a video game named after him so that his fans can live vicariously through him

  • Tony Hawk has gone on to epitomize skateboarding ever since his older brother Steve gave him his first Bahne fiberglass model

  • Courage explains some of the unimaginable feats that Tony has pulled off throughout his career as a skateboarder

  • It was this same courage that pushed a young, 11-year-old Tony to quit baseball and opt for skateboarding; not an easy decision for the son of the Little League President

  • He has written a best selling book, HAWK: Occupation: Skateboarder and has been awarded the ESPY for Best Alternative Athlete

  • ¿ Quick fact ? Tony got into skateboarding at the very young age of 11 and even quit baseball to take it up full-time

  • Q: How did you get into skateboarding? By watching my older brother and joining my friends that were already into it

  • Q: Do you consider skateboarding an 'extreme sport'? I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport

    Planet Tony Hawk - THAW
    Information, downloads, and an E3 preview.

  • | • | • | • | Subscribe / / / GameSpy Network GameSpy Services MMORPG Classic/Console Community | THAW/THAS Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Tony Hawk's American Sk8land For the first time, a new game in the Hawk series ships with alternate names ( Tony Hawk's Skateboarding doesn't count!)

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    Tony Hawk's Underground - PlayStation 2 Review

    IGN: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Review
    Reviewed by: Fran Mirabella, score 8.6/10. "Can this stellar 3D skater of past
    stack up on the N64?" (Nintendo 64)

  • Bringing a trick-based, combo heavy skateboarding game into 3D wasn't an easy task

  • The fact is, THPS2 is still the best skateboarding game on the market

    CNN - Tony Hawk thrashes the PlayStation with Pro Skater - October ...

  • EDT (1802 GMT) by Scary Larry, GamePro (IDG) -- Skateboarding is not a crime - but trying to top Tony Hawks Pro Skater in the Fun Factor ratings will be

  • This fast paced thrill-a-minute skateboarding game will be the standard on the PlayStation for a while

    GameSpy: Tony Hawk's Underground Review
    Review, by Bryn Williams: "Neversoft continues to dominate the popular extreme
    sports genre with a new take on skating." [Score: 4.0 out of 5] (Xbox)

  • This guy must have superhero skateboarding powers


    Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Review - PlayStation 2
    Review, by Louis Bedigian: "Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is the perfect way
    to break into the Tony Hawk series." [Score: 7.9 out of 10]

  • Reviewer: Review Date: 09/20/2003 Disney meets Tony Hawk in this extreme skateboarding adventure

  • While Pixar slowly began to transform into the "new Disney, " a little-known company called Neversoft began working on a game staring a little-known extreme skateboarder: Tony Hawk

  • With Pixar, the best in animated movies, and Neversoft, the best in extreme skateboard engines, it didn't take long for the people at Disney Interactive to realize what potential the two had when combined

  • If you have ever played an extreme skateboarding game, it won't even take a minute for you to become accustomed to Extreme Skate Adventure's simpler play mechanics

  • No matter how full you are from the feast of extreme skateboard titles out there, you can always find room for seconds, right? Graphics: 8 Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure's ingredients are like those of a delicious cake

  • No matter how full you are from the feast of extreme skateboard titles out there, you can always find room for seconds, right? I know I can, especially when one is as entertaining as Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

  • Overall: 7.9 Looking for extreme skateboarding? Looking for adventure? Then stop rolling your eyes and point your eyes here

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  • The Open Encyclopedia Project | Web Video Game Genre: Skateboarding Developer: Neversoft Entertainment Publisher: Activision Platform: GameCube / PlayStation 2 / Xbox / PC / GameBoy Advance ESRB Rating: Teen (GameCube / PlayStation 2 / Xbox), Everyone (GameBoy Advance) : : : : : : Underground (18) (2) (14) Tony Hawk's Underground , released in 2003, is the fifth game in the video game series

  • Tony Hawk's Underground is different to the previous games in the series as it focuses on the career of the custom skater (rather than that of a professional skater), and it allows the player to get off the skateboard and walk

    GameSpy: Tony Hawk's Underground Preview
    Preview, by Raymond Padilla: "Tony Hawk's Underground is going to be one of the
    best games of the year." (PlayStation 2)

  • 6, 2003 Sporting the legendary THPS trick system and a heavier story, Neversoft is set to deliver gaming's first skateboarding adventure

  • The local shop is owned by Stacy Peralta, one of the early pioneers of skateboarding

    GameSpy: Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
    Previews and screenshots.

  • Previews (07/20/05) - We take a look at the latest step in the evolution of the hugely popular skateboarding series

    Slam City Jam 2006 - North American Skateboarding Championships ...
    Official website for the annual North American Skateboard Championship in Vancouver,
    British Columbia.

  • RESULTS FROM FIRST ROUND ACTION IN THE PRO STREET COMPETITION 2006-08-26 …Results from first-round action in the Pro Street competition Saturday in the $100, 000 USD Slam City Jam North American skateboard championships CANADIANS LEAD STREET QUALIFYING FOR SLAM CITY JAM 2006-08-26 …Ryan DeCenzo of Delta, B.C

  • and Sheldon Meleshinski of Vancouver earned the top two positions in qualifying for the Slam City Pro Street championships VERT QUALIFYING RESULTS 2006-08-26 …Vert Qualifying results for the $100, 000 USD Slam City Jam North American Skateboard Championships BRAZIL'S DIAS LEADS VERT QUALIFYING AT SLAM CITY JAM 2006-08-26 …Sandro Dias of Brazil, the reigning X Games gold medallist, holds top spot in the Vert competition FINAL ROUND RESULTS FOR THE DC NATIONALS @ SLAM CITY JAM 2006-08-25 …final-round results of action Friday in the DC Nationals amateur championships at Slam City Jam at Stampede Park SASCHA DALEY AND KRISTIN ZURWICK COMPLETE A B.C

  • won the Canadian amateur titles to complete a west coast sweep of the DC Nationals Friday at the Slam City Jam North American Skateboard Championships at Stampede Park

  • MAYOR DAVE BRONCONNIER PROCLAIMS AUGUST 21-27 AS “SKATEBOARDING WEEK” IN THE CITY OF CALGARY 2006-08-18 …move reflects Calgary’s growing stature as a leading Canadian hotbed for skateboarding and coincides with The Heart of the New West hosting the Slam City Jam skateboarding championships August 25-27, 2006 EVENING SESSION TICKETS FOR SLAM CITY JAM GO ON SALE FRIDAY, AUGUST 18TH AT TICKETMASTER 2006-08-18 …fans have option of best value and best seating in Three-day SERIES Tickets and convenience of DAY and SESSION Tickets VANCOUVER’S SASCHA DALEY GAINS WILD CARD ENTRY TO SLAM CITY JAM PRO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2006-08-15 …reigning DC Nationals amateur champion to join top Street pros such as Ryan Sheckler and Chris Haslam at Stampede Park Aug

    IGN: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Review
    Reviewed by: Chris Carle, score 9.9/10. "I used to ask myself what could possibly
    be better than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Now I know." (Dreamcast)

  • This year, it's Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 , a masterful version of the best skateboarding game around

  • Of course, what really set the original apart from every skateboarding game that preceded it was the gameplay

  • A manual is basically a skateboard wheelie, and it allows your skater to link tricks across flat surfaces

    Gaming Illustrated - Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) Review
    Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions reviewed by Sean Gibson [98%]. Includes screen
    shots. "Tony Hawk's Underground is one of the best sports titles you could ...

  • One of the better things about the game is that it isn't spent entirely on a skateboard - prepare for some wild adventure in this game

  • First-ever Story Mode – Gamers play as themselves and make their way through a plot-twisting story, working their way up the ranks, earning sponsorships, going pro, and surviving the trials and tribulations of a real skateboarding career

  • The career mode is ridiculously fun as you get to live the life of a renegade professional skateboarder ..

  • The fact that you get to play through the life of a pro skateboarder is cool enough, and the robust online features keep bringing you back for more and more

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