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  • We count down to the new/old classic trilogy DVD release: SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · » » » Halo 3 Also known as: Halo 3: Forerunner [rumored title] Guide FAQs Cheats Capitalizing on the blockbuster FPS from Bungie, Microsoft is planning its third edition in the epic series as a full-fledged next-gen title

  • Features - August 7, 2006 Custom-made wallpapers for your favorite games

  • How did Microsoft do? - May 23, 2006 Microsoft Game Studios' lead man talks about Halo 3, backward compatibility, MMOs, GTA IV, and more

  • - May 17, 2006 How have myth and seminal writers of horror, science fiction, and fantasy shaped today's videogame landscape? IGN taps the literary roots of the industry for answers

  • - May 4, 2006 The IGN editors discuss the conferences, the games, the rumors, the hardware, the booth babes, and the chaos that is E3

  • - January 5, 2006 The IGN Xbox editors discuss HD-DVD, 50 games before June, XBLA Marketplace, Street Fighter II and *gasp* Halo 3

  • - November 30, 2005 What now? These are the games that will define 2006

    Welcome to Bungie Studios : Developers of Really Cool Stuff.
    A long-time Macintosh game publisher, Bungie hit the big time with the cross-platform
    hit Myth. Microsoft acquired Bungie to work on X-Box titles.

  • Read about how she came to have such an interest in games, what Seasoned Gamers is all about and how she feels about hyperventilating teenage potty-mouths

  • 8/4/2006 5:02 PM PDT News Search News This Week: Posted by at 8/8/2006 4:37 PM PDT writes: Ever watched a clip from Bungie promoting one of their games that just made you go 'wow'? Nows your chance to make your own video promoting one of Bungies games and make others go 'Wow'

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  • Username Password August 21, 2006 August 15, 2006 August 15, 2006 August 15, 2006 August 14, 2006 August 8, 2006 August 1, 2006 August 1, 2006 August 1, 2006 August 1, 2006 Review HD Yesterday: 42, 898 Total DLs: 45k Review Yesterday: 38, 704 | Total DLs: 44k Announcement Trailer Yesterday: 27, 583 | Total DLs: 29k Announcement Trailer HD Yesterday: 24, 959 | Total DLs: 27k Webisode 6 Yesterday: 11, 763 | Total DLs: 26k Web Blog #01 Yesterday: 10, 207 | Total DLs: 16k Combat Training HD Yesterday: 9, 195 | Total DLs: 21k Combat Training Yesterday: 9, 057 | Total DLs: 19k Zombie Smash Gameplay Yesterday: 8, 893 | Total DLs: 11k Webisode 5 Yesterday: 7, 717 | Total DLs: 17k by Alive in Joburg - One of the early shorts from Neill Blomkamp the director 1, 546 Downloads by Now that insane

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  • | Search Microsoft.com for: Microsoft Gaming Sites Microsoft Game Studios Gaming Resources Make your zoo an African safari with this Zoo Tycoon 2 expansion! Windows Master Chief returns to finish the fight with new weapons, challenges, and characters

  • , the highly anticipated fantasy role-playing game (RPG) from Gas Powered Games is now available in stores! Fall, 2006 Windows Holiday, 2006: Windows TBD Xbox 360 TBD Xbox 360 TBD Xbox 360 TBD Xbox 360 TBD Xbox 360 TBD Xbox 360 TBD Xbox 360 Windows Trial Version Windows Trial Version Windows Trial Version Windows Trial Version Windows Trial Version Windows Trial Version Windows Trial Version Windows Trial Version Windows Xbox News Games for Windows News © 2006 Microsoft Corporation

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    Halo 2 for Xbox - Halo 2 Xbox Game - Halo 2 Xbox Video Game
    "Despite a rather short campaign and a disappointing storyline, Halo 2 is an
    exceptional shooter that frequently delivers thrilling, memorable, ...

  • NEWS - Posted Aug 9, 2006 11:29 am PT Most Popular News Jul 5, 2006 Movie Apr 18, 2005 News Nov 11, 2005 Game Guide Master Chief is back, and his foes are tougher than ever

  • This game guide includes tips on weapons, enemies, vehicles, and a full walk-through for the single player campaign

  • Posted Nov 11, 2004 | Latest Images Recommended Viewing This feature highlights all the best and worst that the game industry had to offer in 2004

  • What was the best sports game? Which game had the best graphics? What was the best overall game of the year? Read this feature and find out! Posted Jan 5, 2005 2:05 pm PT Popular Videos Posted Nov 7, 2004 | 16'55' | Hi-Res: 491.2MB | Lo-Res: 205.2MB Posted May 12, 2004 | 0'19' | Hi-Res: 8.6MB | Lo-Res: 3.9MB Posted Sep 4, 2002 | 0'00' | Lo-Res: 0KB Posted May 15, 2003 | 3'10' | Hi-Res: 62.0MB | Lo-Res: 38.6MB Latest GameSpot Updates News Aug 2, 2006 News Jul 28, 2006 News Jul 13, 2006 News Jul 12, 2006 News Jul 7, 2006 News Jul 5, 2006 News Jun 28, 2006 News Jun 21, 2006 Latest Player Reviews superb 'Just plain fun' For Xbox Live it's the best, however for campaign there are a lot of better games out there as an alternative

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  • La confezione conterrà un Xbox 360 Pro e appunto una copia dell'action game Saint..

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  • Recensione Anteprima Recensione GAMES Ubisoft ha annunciato sul proprio che è in preparazione una demo di Splinter Cell: Double Agent per Xbox 360 e PC

  • by Neural @ 08-08-2006 Info su GAMES E' una cosa che non molti sanno ma della quale gli sviluppatori di Crackdown hanno già parlato in passato: alcuni dei veicoli presenti nel gioco subiscono un 'auto-upgrade' nel momento in cui il nostro personaggio vi entra, premesso che questi abbia la relativa abilità, aquisibile durante il gioco

  • by Neural @ 07-08-2006 Info su GAMES 10tacle Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo filmato di Elveon , RPG fantasy in sviluppo per Xbox 360 e PC, mostrante una scena di combattimento con le spade

  • by Neural @ 07-08-2006 Info su GAMES La rivista ufficiale americana ha pubblicato un interessante rumor: sembra che Bethesda sia già al lavoro sul nuovo titolo della serie The Elder Scrolls , con uscita prevista per Estate 2007

  • by Neural @ 07-08-2006 Info su GAMES Vi proponiamo due nuovi filmati di Dead Rising , tratti dalla demo del gioco

  • by Neural @ 07-08-2006 Info su GAMES Square Enix ha diffuso quattro nuove immagini dello sparatutto spaziale per Xbox 360 Project Sylpheed : si tratta di quattro istantanee tratte dai filmati di intermezzo del gioco, raccontanti una storia estremamente curata com'è tradizione del publisher giapponese

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  • | • | • | • | Subscribe News / / / / Hosted Sites GameSpy Services MMORPG Classic/Console Community We got a new POTD from one of our favorite artists, Veegie

  • Read it now! DrLime and Dog Fashion take their first look into Bungie-dom, it's quirks, and their two recent games: Halo 1 and Halo 2

  • This installment focuses on the cornerstone of every first person shooter; guns- how they work in the game, how they need to be tweaked, and how to perfect them for Halo's next game

  • You can grab the show from their site BWU: 40% Less peachiness 08:19 PST | This is what this weeks Bungie Weekly Update features: Hey! It's the Bungie Weekly Update, this time with 40% less preachiness! A few tidbits about the game, the movie, PAX and the next Halo novel, but nothing to tell your grandchildren about when you grow old

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  • 1UP Network: | Site Statistics: 1, 228, 605 Files totaling 44.77 Terabytes Search Files Network Game Sites Latest Browse Files Essential Links Top Stories More Top Stories Browse Popular Games • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Game Launch Editors’ Picks Popular Files Newest Demos An updated version of the TerraWars NY Invasion demo that allows you sample Ladyluck Digital Media's first-person shooter

  • The demo includes a mission for each of the game's main characters

  • LucasArts has released the demo for LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, allowing you to try out one mission from the full the game, where Luke and Obi-Wan have to try and escape Mos Eisley with the Millennium Falcon

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  • / Game Cheats Game Files Game Fixes Game Info Misc.Files News Advertisement H O T D O W N L O A D S & F E A T U R E S Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will offer gamers the chance to give the Strogg a crash course on human kick-ass history and send them back to their home planet once and for all

  • The game also has a twi Activision has released some brand new in-game footage of Tony Hawk's Project 8 Check the latest cheat additions..

  • Tuesday August 8, 2006 » - Wii Launch Information Leaked - The Rock Spy Hunter QnA - Guess When Emergence Day is - Ubisoft Commits To Wii Success - Wii Games To Cost USD 49.99 - Midway has released a new patch for Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War

  • Tuesday August 8, 2006 » - Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War: v1.13 Patch US CD - Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War: v1.13 Patch US DVD - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Patch v1.21 [Mappack] - Age of Empires III v1.08 patch - QUAKE 4 1.3 Full Point Release - In Dark Messiah of Might and Magic® players will discover the world of Ashan, the new universe that will be present in all future Might & Magic® games

  • The game is the sequel to the award-winning, LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game published in 2005

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  • SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · · · » » » Halo 2 Also known as: Halo II The defeat of the Covenant in the first Halo game was only a temporary victory, as the alien attackers have renewed their mission to wipe out all of humanity

  • Halo 2 features an immense and epic single player mode, as the story picks up where it ended in the first game

  • While the first game limited players to LAN connectivity, Halo 2 takes multiplayer missions online by way of Xbox Live

  • Game Help Reviews - November 7, 2004 Get ready for the ride of your life, the greatest Xbox game of all time has arrived

  • - September 1, 2004 Same level, new game type at Game Stars Live

  • - May 24, 2004 The story you didn't hear: Fran the GameCube fanboy, and how Bungie changed him for good

  • - May 19, 2004 What exactly made us love this game so? After a few days off, here's our fresh perspective

  • - May 18, 2006 How have myth and seminal writers of horror, science fiction, and fantasy shaped today's videogame landscape? IGN taps the literary roots of the industry for answers

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  • The long awaited game from Bungie was finally annouced at E3 this week that it was being created

  • Of course the game won't look as good or feel as good but still good for the guys that can't live without Halo

  • Monday, February 27th 2006 Posted: 8:02 am by Seiya - Bungie Alex Seropian announced that his next project is a massively multiplayer online game that's being developed alongside a TV show

  • The Vista version of Halo 2 will combine the original game with the multiplayer map pack

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