United States Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  • | Four cadet squadrons reactivated Some old friends returned to the Academy Aug

  • 'We have brought back a part of Academy history, ' said Maj

  • It is a rare opportunity to be able to create a culture and atmosphere literally from the ground up.' 11 August 2006 Class of 2010 accepted into cadet wing Members of the Class of 2010 pinned on their first military rank and uttered the Academy Honor Oath at their Acceptance Parade, Aug

  • 11 August 2006 Big Bad Basic, Sweepstakes cap valley stay No one has ever matched the Academy record-setting 1, 404 sit ups Basic Cadet Stephanie Davison did during Tuesday's Sweepstakes and Big Bad Basic competitions in Jacks Valley

  • 10 August 2006 Conference gives grads state of the Academy More than 150 graduates attended a fast-paced Graduate Leadership Conference July 23-25 for updates at the Academy

  • ROVER made its first visit to the Academy July 28 when basic cadets saw the Remote Operated Video Enhanced Receiver in action during the basic cadets' first field problem

  • 7 August 2006 < > Board of Visitors to Meet at USAFA; See Basic Training The Academy's Board of Visitors meets here Friday and Saturday to discuss items of interest, including Academy manpower and budget and airfield encroachment issues; and to receive updates from the Association of Graduates and the athletic department

    Homeschoolers and the United States Military Academy
    United States Military Academy Admissions Field Force shows you how to go forward
    with the West Point Admissions process.

  • Homeschoolers and the United States Military Academy Homeschoolers and the United States Military Academy are a

  • Many Graduates of the United States Military Academy homeschool their children

  • One of our homeschooled children is a Mountaineer and Diesel Technician and two are Cadets at the United States Military Academy (USMA, also known as West Point)

  • The Academy is our nation’s first and still preeminent undergraduate Engineering School and the world’s finest and most prestigious Military Academy

    United States Coast Guard Academy
    A top-notch education with a Bachelor of Science Degree in one of eight engineering
    or professional majors. A commission as an Ensign in the Coast Guard.

  • Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut

  • The Academy offers all of these qualities and much more

  • To meet the professional needs of the United States Coast Guard of educating fleet-ready officers, the program at the Academy is more demanding than non-military colleges

  • Join CGA as we reach for the stars with NASA mission specialist   Celebrating the 30th Year Anniversary of Women at the Coast Guard Academy: Leadership and Service Athletics provide the physical fitness cornerstone to a cadets experience

  • A rigorous academic program positions Academy graduates for acceptance into the nations most prestigious graduate schools

  • Coast Guard Academy it is more than just a slogan, it is the core of everyday life

  • Coast Guard Academy · 31 Mohegan Avenue · New London CT 06320-8103 1.860.444.8444 - 1.800.883.USCG (8724) Powered by, Software by

    United States Marine Corps - Marines.mil
    Official site that offers an information portal to headquarters (HQMC), major
    commands, and expeditionary units, along with recruiting and career resources, ...


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    The United States Army Home Page
    News, career information, publications, photographs, and links to other Army and
    Department of Defense sites.

    Military Schools: Missouri Military Academy
    All boy boarding school for grades 4-12. "An Exemplary Military School" US
    Department of Education. MMA is located in Mexico, Missouri.

  • Accreditation and Affiliations Missouri Military Academy is a member of and fully accredited by the , the and the

  • Missouri Military Academy is an active member of the: AMCSUS: Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States College Entrance Examination Board ISSL: Independent Schools of St

  • Louis Missouri Military Academy hosts Boy Scouts of America Troop 39 MSHSAA: Missouri State High School Activities Association MWBS: Midwest Boarding Schools Association NAIS: National Association of Independent Schools NHS: National Honor Society TABS: The Association of Boarding Schools U.S

  • Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Missouri Military Academy’s motto – “Look like a Soldier, Act like a Gentleman, Study like a Scholar” - reflects its mission to train young men to become productive citizens of the world with an ethical compass

  • The mission of the Academy is to prepare young men for college and life by: • cultivating good citizenship, manners, and respect for different races and creeds; • bolstering literacy in reading, writing, and speaking English and foreign languages; • emphasizing mathematical competency and critical thinking; • teaching study/organizational skills, and the principles of leadership and selfless service; • fostering an appreciation for physical fitness, and the fine and performing arts

    USMA Admissions: Home
    List of critical application dates, overview of admissions process, FAQs, and
    points of contact.

  • ARMY The Soldier's Creed: , 20MB RECEPTION DAY Brief/ bussing: | Inprocessing: | Haircuts: | Central Area: | Oath: | CADET BASIC TRAINING (First summer) Rifle Drill: | Leader Reaction: | 6K March: | Warrior Comp.: | Morning Run: | ITT Training: | Rifle Range: | Rappeling: | Warrior Forge: | Nuc., Bio., Chem: | Marchback: | CADET FIELD TRAINING (Second summer) Recondo: | Fire Support: | Close combat: | Pugle sticks: | OPHW Raid: | OPHW Night: | OPHW Combat: | Bayonet Training: | Bayonet Assault: | Mounted Mvmnt: | Land Navigation: | Grenade: | Air Assault: | Join the "Long Gray Line" USMA is renowned as an historic and distinguished military academy, and a leading, progressive institution of higher education

  • Made legendary in books and movies, the Academy's "Long Gray Line" includes some of our nation's most famous leaders: Ulysses S

    Campus Activism : Tools for Student Activists
    An extensive database of tools for student activists, groups, resources, and events.

  • Benefits

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    Medill - On the Docket
    Includes a current listing of pending cases, dates for scheduled oral arguments,
    the questions presented to the Court and citations for the lower court opinions ...

    South Carolina State Symbols, Emblems, Flag and Seal - The United ...
    Complete list and information on emblems, including the state tree, flag and seal.

  • || || || SYMBOLS || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || State symbols and emblems NETSTATE SYMBOL ALERT Designation Symbol / Emblem 1994 ( Ambystoma maculatum ) 1999 ( Odocoileus virginianus ) 1972 Milk 1984 ( Thryothorus ludovicianus ) 1948 Botanical Garden of Clemson University 1992 ( Pterourus glaucus ) 1994 1984 1985 ( Morone saxatilis ) 1972 1776 ( Gelsemium sempervirens ) 1924 Folk Art and Crafts Center South Carolina Artisans Center, Walterboro 2000 1984 Grass ( Sorghastrum nutans ) 2001 Gem Stone 1969 Great Seal 1776 Hall of Fame , Myrtle Beach Convention Center 2001 Hospitality Beverage 1995 ( Stagmomantis carolina Johannson) or Praying Mantis 1988 Language English 1987 Lowcountry handcraft Sweet grass basket 2006 Military Academy 2001 Music 1999 Opera '' 2001 Pledge to State Flag 'I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith.' 1966 Poet Laureate (Mrs

    Vice President of the United States - Richard B. Cheney
    The White House web site includes a home page for the Vice President of the United
    States, who also serves as President of the Senate.

    US Universities, by State
    A list of regionally-accredited US universities organized by state.


    Historical Map Web Sites - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT ...
    University of Texas-Austin Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. 200+ links to
    other map collections; emphasis on 19th century America maps.

    Overview and history of the facilities in the Annapolis Area Complex.

  • :: :: :: :: Military Units US Naval Academy Naval Station Annapolis Official Homepage Annapolis The Annapolis Area Complex is composed of the US Naval Academy, the Annapolis Naval Station, and tenant commands

  • Population Assigned-Served: Active Duty Officer: 560 Active Duty Enlisted: 850 Family Members: Unknown Retirees: 8000 + Civilian Employees: 1800 + The US Naval Academy [USNA] at Annapolis was founded in 1850 as the undergraduate college of the U.S

  • The Academy is a 338-acre complex with a Brigade of 4, 000 midshipmen, and 580 faculty members (military and civilian)

  • The Academy is set on 338 acres between the south bank of the Severn River and historic downtown Annapolis, the state capital of Maryland

  • The Bancroft Hall dormitory complex, the Naval Academy Chapel and other 90-year-old buildings make the Academy a National Historic Site

  • Facilities such as the multi-purpose Alumni Hall for brigade activities, Nimitz Library with more than 500, 000 volumes, Rickover Hall engineering complex and Hendrix Oceanography Laboratory give the Academy ultra-modern educational resources

  • The City is located on the Severn River, and the United States Naval Academy is located on its northeastern border

    TABS: The Association of Boarding Schools
    Information and resources on over one thousand K-12, junior and secondary day
    schools, and boarding schools. A searchable database makes finding schools you're ...

    New York State Hudson River School Collection Locations
    Location and descriptions of 14 significant Hudson River School collections in
    New York from the state tourism website.

  • ; 212/535-7710 National Academy of Design

  • There is always a display of academy founders and leaders of the Hudson River School movement, including Thomas Cole, Asher B

  • 845/265-4010 United States Military Academy at West Point

  • Military Academy, were popular vantage points for Hudson River School artists

  • Robert Walter Weir, a Hudson River School artist, was the Academy's drawing instructor for 42 years

    Facts About Lt. Flipper
    Gain insight into Lt. Flipper's military service and transition into engineering
    in this biographical sketch of the first black West Point graduate.

  • Military Academy - West Point by Rep

  • Shortly after his graduation from the academy, Lt

  • He also wrote 'The Colored Cadet at West Point' an account of his military academy experiences

  • The Henry Ossian Flipper Memorial award, established in 1981 by the Association of Graduates, United States Military Academy, West Point: A Pewter Tray awarded in the names of the late Mrs

  • Military Academy, West Point and Lt

  • Military Academy, West Point , West Point Library – Special Collections

    IMA Hero: Robert E. Lee HH
    Provides biography and timeline of the General's life.

  • United States Military Academy at West Point In 1825, Robert received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point

    The Citadel - The Military College of South Carolina
    A public, coeducational college established as the Military College of South
    Carolina in 1842. Offers degree programs in the humanities, social and natural ...

    State Police
    Employment application and information for potential Louisiana State Troopers.

  • The State Police Academy is the starting point for all new Troopers

  • Step 2: Availability/Personal Data Questionnaire Packet After passing the written test, and when the department schedules an academy class, applicants are mailed a packet, including an Availability/ Personal Data Questionnaire to be returned within two weeks

  • This process can take several months for completion, depending on when an academy class is scheduled

  • Step 10: Start of Academy All candidates who accept the Final Offer of Employment will receive information regarding the Academy reporting date and time as well as a list of required items to bring with them

  • * The entire Applicant Process can take approximately 9-12 months or longer, depending on budget issues and when the Academy Class is scheduled to begin

  • Successfully complete the required State Police Training Academy program

  • Beginning salary of $2608 per month while attending the Academy After one year, a salary of $3050 per month Monthly expense account for uniform maintenance and footwear purchases Uniforms, weapons, and equipment are provided by the Department

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