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  • No not that kind, the other one Apparently out of things to legislate, Massachusetts town wants to ban lawnmower use on Sunday mornings Thieves in California steal six U-Haul trucks for an impromptu game of desert demolition derby Group of consumers sue grocery stores to force inclusion of lactose warnings on milk cartons

    Dark Cults Review
    Review by Peter Sarrett.

  • Dark Cults Cost: $7.00 From: Dark House, Box 140-A, Theilman MN, 55978 Players : 2+ Playing Time: 30 minutes Type of game : Card Complexity : 7 Skill level : 5 Reviewed by : Peter Sarrett, Issue 2.2, Winter 1993 A decade before appeared, Dark House published a storytelling card game of its own

  • To begin the game, the Pace cards are separated and shuffled together to form a separate deck, while the remainder of the cards form the Story deck

  • The game ends when the deck is exhausted, and the team with the highest total wins

  • They're a pleasure to look at-- a perfect accompaniment to a game of horror

  • But although the cards deserve praise, the game itself does not.

  • Dark Cults is fun to look at but frankly, the rules don't make for a very interesting game

  • The winner is determined almost entirely by the luck of the draw, not by storytelling or game-playing skill

  • When playing a game like this you want to be immersed in the tale

  • The game should facilitate that

  • The mechanics of the game intrude over the storytelling

  • The rules for Atlas Games' fantasy storytelling game can easily be used instead of the Dark Cults rules

    MacGamer - Get In The Game
    Color version rated 7.1/10 by Michael Dixon. "Wholesome game play with a spark
    of humor without the gore and realistic violence of today's arcade games."

  • Shareware Center Gamma Brothers Shareware Center Ultratron and Titan Attacks View From Here Dances With Blizzard Don't miss these trailers of the hottest Mac games

  • One of the first memorable Mac games for the 9-inch Mac systems, its black-and-white original stole many hours away from this college student in the late 1980's

  • It required you to boot up the application disk (which contained a 'minifinder'...anyone remember these?) in order to run the game from your hard drive (if you had one)

  • says the game runs quite fast on a Macintosh LC and is PowerPC native...although they say a PowerPC's native code 'just has the Mac twiddling its thumbs behind the scenes more often.' My PowerMac 9500/120 ran Dark Castle efficiently even with multiple applications on (I tried it, although it is never recommended)

  • Aldus acquired Silicon Beach for its graphics, not its games

  • There were no more Dark Castle games following the acquisition

  • Game Synopsis: For those who were born after Dark Castle's original release (sigh) or who need a refresher on the game, the goal of Dark Castle is to defeat the Black Knight

    IGN: Perfect Dark Zero
    Offers a series of news and articles and game information.

  • | Search (Beerfest, Konami, Brothers in Arms), then explore these playlists: SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · · · » » » Perfect Dark Zero Also known as: Perfect Dark 0 , PDZ The Xbox 360 prequel to Rare's Nintendo 64 hit, Perfect Dark

  • Set in the year 2020, three years before the original hit game Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark Zero features a gripping story, multiple game scenarios for endless replayability, a massive arsenal of weapons and combat-enabled vehicles

  • Game Help Reviews - November 23, 2005 Joanna's been gone for almost 6 years, does her latest prequel adventure hold up? Our review

  • Previews - November 20, 2005 Before diving into the game's extensive multiplayer aspect, we report on what it was like to play through PDZ's missons

  • - January 5, 2006 A sibling battle to the death: which launch reigns supreme in the annals of video games? - December 14, 2005 Which game kicks all others in their respective midsections? - December 8, 2005 Breaking down the three musical categories and telling you who we would have chosen versus the actual winners


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    Dark Fall II: Lights Out review
    Reviewed by Jenny100. [B+] "Recommended for fans of the first Dark Fall game and
    anyone who enjoys exploring a spooky and atmospheric gameworld in first person ...

  • Dark Fall II: Lights Out Genre: Adventure Developer: XXv Productions Publisher: The Adventure Games Company Released: 2004 PC Requirements: win98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium III 450 MHz or better, 128 MB system RAM (256 MB recommended), 24x CDROM Drive (or PC DVD Drive), SVGA graphics card or better with 32-bit color (32-bit color at 800x600), DirectX 9 compatible sound card by Jenny100 Dark Fall 2: Lights Out Dark Fall 2: Lights Out is the second game from independent developer Jonathan Boakes

  • The Adventure Company's original box design for the game had the title "Dark Fall: Lights Out, " but the final design says "Lights Out" and in much smaller letters, "Prepare For What Happens After Dark Fall." I'll be referring to the game as "Lights Out" for the rest of this review, though outside of North America it may be published as "Dark Fall 2" or "Dark Fall: Lights Out." The year is 1912 and your character, Benjamin Parker, has accepted a job mapping the coastline near the harbor town of Trewarthan

  • One of the characters from the earlier game, Polly White the ghost hunter, makes a brief appearance

    Dark Age Games
    Producers of a miniatures game based on the art and themes of Brom's Dark Age
    world that uses the popular D20 system.

  • Saturday, 9 September Painting Mayhem at Comic Quest! Outcast Dragonlady will be holding a paint and play demo of Dark Age miniatures at: Comic Quest 23811 Bridger Rd Ste 100 Lake Forest, CA 92630 949-951-9668 Sunday, September 24th Noon till 3pm Come bring your brushes, your paints, your figurines and your questions! Events | Posted by: Shepherd-BJ on 2006-09-09 19:51:10 Friday, 8 September Dark Age Welcomes Game Kastle! We would like to welcome Game Kastle as our latest Full line Dark Age outpost! Located in Santa Clara, California, Shaw and his expert staff will be more than happy to assist you with all your Dark Age needs! The SF Bay area Outcasts: Wayne and Spawn will be giving demos of Dark Age at Game Kastle, on Saturday, September 16th at 2:00pm

  • Come by the store and learn the game!! Game Kastle 19 Washington St

  • Their phone number is (408)243-GAME News | Posted by: DA_Grafter on 2006-09-08 22:09:17 Wednesday, 30 August Call To Arms Desert Rumble Tournament in Boise All About Games in Boise, Idaho is sponsoring the first Call To Arms Desert Rumble Tournament

  • Where - All About Games When - 9 September/06 12:00 noon - 4:00pm Format - 350 pv Forces With the success of Dark Age at Gen Con we are bringing it to Boise, ID

    A-life Links - part of Lachlan Cranswick's Personal Homepage in ...
    An extensive list of alife resources compiled by Lachlan Cranswick.

  • [] Web A-life Resources spe┬Ěcies for Mac At Artificial Life Online 2.0 At Artificial Intelligence Tutorial Review At Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources At Top: Computers: Artificial Life At Life Drop At Virtual A-life Library List of A-life Resources - Two Levels Deep At Richard Dawkins Homepage - Unofficial At A-life Game - Project Von Neuman Arcade Style Space Shootem Game Using Artificial Life Algorithms At Ecolab - evolution software Includes mini Tierra and other references

  • At Vitorino Ramos, Filipe Almeida - 'Artificial Ant Colonies in Digital Image Habitats - A Mass Behaviour Effect Study on Pattern Recognition' At Artificial Life used for Artificial Intelligence - by Charles Ofria Good summary At PC (DOS-Windows) A-life Software A-life Game - Project Von Neuman Arcade Style Space Shootem Game Using Artificial Life Algorithms At Ant for DOS 1.1 - DOS At Ants - DOS Emmergent behaviour using simple rules - Your Premier Computer Games Entertainment News ...
    News, reviews, interviews, and discussion forums.

  • News & Community Messageboards · · · · · · · · · MGE Web Database Mindless Games News Saturday, September 9, 2006 Instinct Revealed Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 6:59 AM Category: First Person Digital Spray Studios has revealed that they're working on a FPS called Instinct

  • The for the game is online but the English version is still under construction

  • Players will take up arms in the resistance, and fight a guerrilla war with what has become the most evergreen of video game enemies

  • Thursday, September 7, 2006 Digging Up Some News Stuffage Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 1:37 PM Category: General Here is some links to various game and entertainment news items on

  • Green Monster Games Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 12:35 PM Category: Developer Over on they reported that Curt Schilling, Todd McFarlane and R.A

  • Salvatore are teaming up to make a new video game company that's called Green Monster Games

  • Thus far, no specifics on the games Green Monster might create have been revealed, other than technical requirements that indicate Emergent's GameBryo engine (used in Bethesda's recently released RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) may be the firm's game engine of choice

  • Benefits

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    Dark Cults game review
    Review by Steffan O'Sullivan.

  • Dark Cults A card game by Kenneth Rahman, published 1983 by Dark House These comments copyright 2002 by Steffan O'Sullivan This page last updated February 13, 2002 'This night, upon leaving the old ...' '..

  • Dark Cults is a storytelling game - specifically a horror story

  • The latter game improves on Dark Cults in some ways, but in other ways Dark Cults can be the better game

  • The game consists of 108 cards and the rules needed to play

  • The Basic Game The 15 Pace cards are removed from the deck and shuffled into their own stack

  • Life starts the game by drawing one card and adding it to his hand

  • Scoring is done throughout the game, and a running total is kept

  • The game continues with another Start card, and a new protagonist if an End card had been played

  • The game ends when the draw pile is empty and neither player has a legal play from their hand

  • Pros and Cons Dark Cults has a major advantage over its chief rival in storytelling games, Once Upon a Time ( OUAT ): players alternate turns

  • In OUAT , it's possible for a player to run away with the game - keep playing cards, one per sentence, while his/her opponents can do nothing to stop them

    Christine Feehan Home Page
    The author of the bestselling paranormal romance novel, Dark Prince.

  • Test your knowledge! See special never-before-seen footage while you play Christine Feehan's interactive online game PC Games - Video Games - Cheats
    News, reviews, previews, interviews, features, screen shots, and discussion forums.

    Review: Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360 on
    Reviewed by Major Mike, [4/5]. "Overall, Perfect Dark Zero is a solid first-person
    shooter, but the nagging flaws push it a few notches below the greatness of ...

  • What kind of music do you listen to most often? Pop (Fergie, All-American Rejects, Gwen etc.) Alternative (Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, AFI etc.) Rock (NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, Audioslave etc.) Urban (50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, The Game, etc.) Other THE GAMEPROS FREE NEWSLETTERS Sign up now to receive weekly or daily updates on your favorite games, stories, and more! GamePro Weekly ProNews (daily) Cheats (weekly) Xbox 360 (weekly) PS3 (weekly) Wii (weekly) GameCube (weekly) PC/Online (weekly) Xbox (weekly) PS2 (weekly) PSP (weekly) DS (weekly) Sports (weekly) | Features Buy Now Publisher : Developer : Release Date : Genre : Number of Players : 32 ESRB Rating : 84 screen shots GRAPHICS: 4.50 SOUND: 4.00 CONTROL: 4.00 FUN FACTOR AVG USER SCORE AVG CRITIC SCORE Review: Perfect Dark Zero Review by MAJORMIKE | 06/16/2006 | 15:00:22 PM PST | Johanna Dark returns to the gaming scene after five years, but it's a lukewarm welcome

  • Released in the wake of GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark hit the Nintendo 64 with plenty of momentum from its pedigree, wowing gamers with a clever mix of first-person shooting and challenging game play

  • Now, five years after the original game appeared, Johanna Dark gets a second adventure--a prequel


    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth - Wikipedia, the free ...
    Offers game information and overview.

  • The game takes particular references to '' and '' as the main influences of the story

  • Characters featuring in Escape From Innsmouth make an appearance in the game, and several scenarios taken from Escape From Innsmouth are utilized (such as a raid on the Innsmouth gold refinery)

  • [] Gameplay The game is notable for featuring no - instead of an overlaid health meter, the character's condition is relayed through the sound cues of his heartbeat and breathing, which become more pronounced when wounded

  • The character loses when he looks directly at upsetting aspects of the game world, such as mutilated bodies or precipitous drops

  • The game's health system is more realistic than other games of its genre, in that different forms of injury will require different remedies, such as a splint for a broken leg

  • Gameplay mostly comprises of unarmed escape and evasion, together with investigative exploration, although weapons and combat are introduced later on

  • As with most survival horror games, ammunition is limited and must be conserved carefully for situations when it will really be indispensable, occasionally requiring the player to avoid combat even when armed

    Eco Lodge South Africa, Eco Lodge, accommodation in the Madikwe ...
    Situated in Madikwe game reserve.

  • | Eco Lodge Accommodation in Madikwe Game Reserve This is how Africa is meant to be ..

  • It does strange things to you, the Marico moon, and in your heart are wild and fragrant fancies, and your thoughts go very far away." Herman Charles Bosman Madikwe is South Africa's fourth largest game reserve at 75 000 hectares

  • This community involvement thinking was something of breakthrough in the early 1990's when Madikwe was formed, and has served as a template for other game reserves to work from

  • Today Madikwe is regarded as one of the finest conservation areas in Africa and has taken its place as South Africa's top wildlife and game viewing destination

  • A multitude of plains game includes giraffe, zebra, kudu, gemsbok, springbok and sable (the first scientific discover y of which was in 1836 in this very area)

  • (Have a look at our Gallery for more photos of incredible sightings taken by our Guests.) Authentic Bush Camp and Mosetlha is family owned and run, a rustic and intimate, unfenced bush camp nestling at the very heart of the magnificent Madikwe Game Reserve

  • Th at afternoon you'll be taken on your first game drive

    RPGnet Columns
    James Maliszewski discusses the game with its lead developer, Kraig Blackwelder.

  • SF Interviews Interview with Kraig Blackwelder by October 12, 1999 With the success of its Trinity roleplaying game, White Wolf has decided to produce another game set in that universe

  • Called Aberrant , the game takes place over a hundred years before Trinity during the time when superpowered beings called "novas" were viewed as the saviors of humanity

  • Aberrant 's developer, Kraig Blackwelder, consented to answer a few questions about the game, set for a July release

  • In as concise a wording as you can, how would you describe Aberrant ? What is its subject matter? Aberrant is, at its core, a wacky post-modern game about people who suddenly find that they have an amazing amount of power

  • White Wolf seems to have planned Aberrant as a separate game from Trinity quite early

  • This suggests that White Wolf knew they wanted to produce this game from the beginning

  • Why was that? What sparked the decision to produce a second game in the "Trinityverse?" The World of Darkness was made of five games that worked together, and the sum effect worked pretty well, so White Wolf wanted to put together another world for people to play in

    Manchester Nightclubs, Bars & Gigs - Manchester After Dark
    A site which lists bars, clubs and gigs in the area, with reviews of each.
    Listing over 200 clubs and 150 bars.

    The Armchair Empire - PC Reviews: Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
    Review by Omni, [8.8/10]. "Polishes the turn-based fantasy genre to a brilliant sheen."

    Game Review - Maul of America by Jim Dietz
    Dan Becker's review of Maul of America by Jim Dietz. Published by Jolly Roger Games.

  • Players: 2-6 Duration: 60 minutes Ages: 10+ years Categories: board, strategy, zombies Courtesy of Maul of America is a board game by Jim Dietz released by

  • Unfortunately the game and the contents of the box do not live up to the $35 list price of the game

  • I expected the game to be a campy, simple 'beer and pretzels' game, with simple rules and approximately one hour playing time

  • The game consists of three paper boards that abut in a variety of configurations

  • However, the game falls apart in its implementation

  • First of all, I consider the quality of the components entirely inappropriate for a $35 game

  • And for a 'beer and pretzel' game, the card stock is not laminated and certainly not beer-proof

  • Luckily the Jolly Roger Games website contained this bit of eratta

  • Finally, aside from our own zombie groaning during the game, we just did not find the game to be that much fun

  • Even for the zombie enthusiast, I do not recommend this game

  • I've seen better art, components, and rules in most of the $8 Cheap Ass Games

  • I expect more from a $35 game in an oversized box

    Discworld Noir Review by Quandary
    "Not a crushingly difficult game if you take care to exploit all the functions
    of the interface and explore every conversation thoroughly, but even experienced ...

  • Site Menu Buying This Game? See for a geographical listing of game stores

  • You can also trade with others for this game at

  • www Quandary Quandary is affiliated with the following game rating sites: Quandary: Making our reviews count! Quandary Review Discworld Noir Developer: Perfect Entertainment Publisher: GT Interactive Year Released: 1999 Review by Gordon Aplin (August, 1999) When it comes to people tampering with things I love or with which I am comfortable I immediately fear the worst

  • How could they make a Discworld game without Rincewind? How could they tamper with the Ankh-Morpork I have come to know and love? I immediately feared the worst! ..

  • In keeping with the 'Noir' theme the bright, colourful, cheerful, friendly and fondly-remembered graphics of the first two games have been replaced by dark, brooding scenes in a shadowy night-time world where it is constantly raining

  • Though this game is dark it is never mean

  • As well as these movies the game roams far and wide for its humorous material and pokes fun at other computer games such as Tomb Raider

  • Discworld Noir is a third-person perspective adventure game and you must direct Lewton in his investigations

    Another Day ::: Home
    Puzzle and platform games, many featuring Fatman.

  • This time you meet him in our new arcade game Shoot-n-Roll

  • The only thing remained is the captivating game process bringing an ocean of fun and inspiration

  • Top games Join PC gamers worldwide and help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure

  • The game puts you in control of really cute creature named Fatman who is, to say, not that fat and definitely far from being lazy

  • Fatman! He is bound to outsmart crafty monsters, solve all the puzzles and get the cherished treasure! On Christmas and New Year's Eve our company released a brand new boardpack for this admirable game - This time Fatman renders a good service to Santa Claus himself and prevents evil monsters from spoiling a Celebration! 50 fresh levels, cool festive design and 5 graphical themes are waiting for you! Moreover, we have added new fairy soundtracks! Hurry to our new boardpack for $14.95 only..

  • It is our pleasure and honor to present New Episode of this brilliant game: Fatman Adventures 5: Space Odyssey

  • Will you take the risk of this incredible adventure? Go ahead, Space Odyssey is waiting for you! We have put the best game ingredients ever found and got the most enjoyable mixture: captivating idea, bright design and unusual combination of block building scheme

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