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  • Sally Ross (1980) ...

    Laura Linney

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  • In chapter ten, we move back to Fife in Scotland, where Lauren Ross tries to persuade her partner that the man he discovered on the Burma Star website is not his father, a man who was listed as having lost his life in World War Two

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  • Jones” and “When A Man Loves a Woman.” On television she recently had a recurring role as Ross’ girlfriend, Julie, on “Friends.” Lauren’s writing credits include “Tiger on the Right” for which she won a DramaLogue Award in 1991

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  • John Ross, my husband

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  • Starring Greg Germann, Marc Raymond, Adam Hicks, Robert Costanzo, Deborah Ashton, Perry Anzilotti, Ross Brockley

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  • 2 doubles tandem of senior Joellen Keaney (Oak Bluffs, MA/Martha's Vineyard Regional), pictured, and sophomore Jacquelynn Ross (Millburn, NJ/Mondeor) won 8-4

  • Keaney/Jacquelynn Ross (CC) def

  • Jacquelynn Ross, 6-0, 6-0 6

    Friends Finale Finale DVD
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  • MATTHEW PERRY as Chandler Bing LISA KUDROW as Phoebe Buffay MATT LeBLANC as Joey Tribbiani JENNIFER ANISTON as Rachel Green DAVID SCHWIMMER as Ross Geller COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE as Monica Geller Bing Own it now on DVD and Video Now on DVD and Video Relive the Laughs, the Tears, the Memories FRIENDS: THE COMPLETE EIGHTH SEASON All 23 Episodes of Season Eight coming to DVD Season Eight of the Emmy Award-winning Friends starts with Monica and Chandler’s post wedding bliss but quickly rolls into Rachel’s all-too-chaotic pregnancy

  • From the red sweater mix up, to the hilarious videotape reveal of who seduced whom, Ross and Rachel’s on-again-off-again relationship is further complicated by Joey’s increasing attraction for his female friend

    Salon Entertainment | Exile in "Pleasantville"
    By Charles Taylor. [Salon] "Director Gary Ross fetishizes the '50s in this
    high-concept parable about the dangers of conformity."

  •     Pleasantville Written and directed by Gary Ross Starring Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, Joan Allen, William H

  •   _ Director Gary Ross fetishizes the '50s in this _ high-concept parable about the dangers of conformity

  • This first feature written and directed by Gary Ross (who co-wrote 'Big') starts out as a satirical fantasy about a teenage brother and sister (Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon) projected into a black-and-white '50s sitcom and winds up as a somewhat heavy-handed parable of totalitarianism and racial discrimination, with deliberate echoes of '1984, ' 'Fahrenheit 451' and Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery.' Both ambitious and simple-minded, 'Pleasantville' combines technical sophistication with a rather limited imagination

  • Ross wants to process everything of the '50s and early '60s -- from 'Father Knows Best' to rock 'n' roll to the brutalization of civil rights marchers -- into a package as neatly wrapped as a slice of American cheese

  • Ross wants to tell us that the rigid controls that religious and political authority figures try to put on us run contrary to both our natures and the meanings of democracy

    They're Dining on Quail And Whining About Life - New York Times
    Review by Stephen Holden.

  • These sniping, kvetching dinner companions come across as an insufferable collection of overprivileged, feckless whiners

  • Brad (Dan Futterman), an arrogant young heart surgeon with a serious case of satyriasis, has brought a date named Kiki (Tracee Ellis Ross) but is available to others as well

  • WITH: Edward Atterton (Frick), Jennifer Connelly (Ellie), Dan Futterman (Brad), Marcia Gay Harden (Arabella), Andrew Lauren (Trey), George Newbern (Jordan), Tracee Ellis Ross (Kiki) and Jim True (Ryland)


    DVD Savant Review: All That Heaven Allows & Written on the Wind
    Reviews by Glenn Erickson.

  • With fast cars, mad alcoholics, and secretaries shanghaied for romantic plane trips across the country, this is pure soap to which later scandalous wannabes can trace their roots

  • the cutting and crosscutting between her gyrations and her father's heart attack is particularly powerful

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  • – The Presbyterian College volleyball squad returned to the win column on Wednesday night as the Blue Hose handed the visiting Jaguars of Augusta State University their first loss of the 2006 campaign with a 3-0 (30-28, 31-29, 30-27) setback in Ross E

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  • With team mates Rebecca Squire, Emily Gale, Amy Reed, George Fearnley, Ross Wreford and Alistair Stone they clean-swept every relay

  • There were a pair of individual wins each for: Rhianne Wreford, Liam Spruce, Sally Whybra, Rachel Irvine, Ross Wreford and Connie Fearnley

    Author of Nobody Does It Better, Reckless, The Cat's Fancy, Aphrodite's Kiss,
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  • Researching the story was as much fun as writing it, and unfortunately with a novella, there’s a limited amount of space for all the fun tidbits I ran across about radio, the silent film era, Flapper fashions, and, of course, the lingo of the twenties, which you’ll find scattered through the novella

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    Examines the evolution from Ross Macdonald's pulp character to William Goldman's
    film one.

  • 23 Ron Miller Exit Lew Archer; Enter Lew Harper? When Hollywood filmed Ross Macdonald's 'The Moving Target' in 1966, something strange happened to the best American private eye character since Chandler's Philip Marlowe THE MYSTERY CLASSICS: BOOK & FILM This is No

  • Still, the fans of mystery writer Ross Macdonald were pretty enthused when they learned that Lew Archer, his private eye character in a long string of best-selling novels, was going to be played by one of Hollywood's most adored leading men--Paul Newman--in a big budget, all-star version of the first Archer novel, "The Moving Target, " in 1966

  • That's why the first Ross Macdonald screen project seemed to have nothing but promising signs

  • It now seems to be the book in which the baton as most respected mystery writer in America was passed from the former king, Raymond Chandler, to the heir apparent, Ross Macdonald

  • Ross Macdonald was the heir to Raymond Chandler's status as America's premier detective novelist

  • His real name was Ross Millar and he was attracted to the mystery genre as a young man, especially the novels of Raymond Chandler

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  • Cross Country - at Maple Leaf Festival Sept

  • Kevin Arnhold and Ross Hougland were both named honorable mention by a vote of the league coaches

  • The MIAA Men's Tennis Athlete of the Week Ross Hougland picked up the Hornets only win in the men's action

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