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    Download AIM for Mac
    Official AOL chat client for the AIM protocol.

  • Once you've created a Friendly Name for an ICQ or Mobile user, you will see their Friendly Name, when they're online, in your Buddy List, Instant Messages with them, and other places in AIM

    News - Gaim
    A multi-protocol instant messaging client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows.
    It is compatible with AIM (Oscar and TOC protocols), ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, ...

    Windows Downloads - AOL Downloads
    Download the AOL software.


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    MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Trillian, Google Talk, Skype and ...
    Instant messaging tutorials, reference, news and forums for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ,
    Trillian and other products.

  • ChatPatrol is available for download Posted by - Today, a new online radio station will be making it's first broadcast ever

  • Posted by - More Instant Messaging News Big deals Did you know that you can use online coupon codes to save money on pretty much anything? It's true! Before you buy anything, anywhere online, at

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    AIM, service de messagerie instantanée gratuit
    Service de messagerie instantanée gratuit qui permet de discuter en direct et à
    plusieurs sur Internet. Téléchargement du logiciel, icônes, Chat. - AIM Buddy Icons for AOL Instant Messenger
    High quality icons for AOL Instant Messanger.

    IM Frame for AOL Instant Messenger - AIM Addon by BPS SoftWare
    Shareware enhancement to AOL Instant Messenger allows users to log Instant Messages
    and adds features to the basic AIM interface.

  • AIM and CSIM allow you to see when your friends are online and talk with them anytime, whether you (or they) are on America Online, CompuServe or the Internet! | Products | Updates | Contact Us | Site Map | Copyright © 1994 -2005 BPS SoftWare

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    BPS Products
    Powerful tools and utilities for using America Online's interactive service more
    productively and enjoyably.

  • PowerTools Professional for AOL is a set of powerful tools and utilities for using America Online's interactive service more productively and enjoyably

  • Watch Right is a simple inexpensive parental monitoring system that empowers the concerned parent with the ability to 'keep an eye' on their child's online activities

  • Log your child's instant messages, chatroom conversations, email messages, message board postings, and web sites they visit while online

  • Or you may choose to use Watch Right as a warning to your child to carefully consider what actions they take while online

  • AOL and its logo are registered trademarks of America Online, Inc

    Total Power Add-On Programs for America Online and AOL Instant ...
    Add-on software for America Online and Compuserve 2000.

  • T otal P ower A dd-Ons @ Welcome to TPA Software! Add-On Software for America Online and Windows Thank you for your interest in our products

  • if you're hooked on chat or have an appreciation for audio files, you should take a look." - | Buddy Plus Version 2.0.12 updated January 21, 2003 Buddy Plus has been updated (finally) and adds compatibility for AOL 9.0! | Version 1.8.2 updated November 22, 2004 This Terminator maintenance release addresses compatibility for the new "AOL 9.0 Security Edition." " Don't you hate it when America Online logs you off because you haven't responded to its idle warning messages? Terminator: T-32 gets rid of that aggravation fast

  • " - ZDNet | Version 1.5.7 updated November 22, 2004 This maintenance release of Fade-It fixes adds compatibility for the new "AOL 9.0 Security Edition." " This fine tool is a snap to use and integrates seamlessly into the America Online environment" - ZDNet | Internet | © Copyright 1995 - 2005 C

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    Instant Messenger to Internet Relay Chat (IMIRC)
    A gateway between AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
    Requires an IRCd installation.

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  • This site is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, America Online, Inc AIM Buddy Icons, for AOL Instant Messenger, aim ...
    Buddy icons and away messages that you can add to your AOL Instant Messenger window.

  • 36 Users Online 31106 Icons 10684 Aways 1560 Smilies Find out how to become one here! Go to the forums!! Hey Guys I found the coolest new site, I've been playing like crazy - Its an online game where you can be a Mobster, Ninja, Thug, Cop, or Hooker - You get more powerful by referring your friends


    Products - imov Messenger for Microsoft Smartphones
    A Windows CE client for the Jabber instant messaging system.

  • Search for Universal Instant Messaging for Windows Mobile Devices Communicate with ™ , AOL ™ , ICQ ™ , MSN ™ , Yahoo! Messenger ™ and Jabber ™ users! Easy setup and use Wireless capable Encrypted communications (SSL) support Support for most Windows CE devices-including the PocketPC and ! Automatic new version notifications Offline message queuing SOCKS5 proxy server support Seamless offline/online operation Free! · Additional Enterprise features available from Interested in Enterprise Strength Universal Instant Messaging? Get imov Messenger Enterprise Edition for the PocketPC! Get imov Messenger Enterprise Edition for your HandheldPC! View the imov Messenger Users Manual What is imov Messenger? imov Messenger is a Windows Mobile client for the (XMPP) instant messaging system

    Apple - Mac OS X - iChat AV
    Text and video messaging program for Mac OSX. - community, people search and messaging service!
    Official site for the instant-messaging and chat software.

    CNN - AOL blocks AT&T instant messaging - December 9, 1999

  • EST (2128 GMT) by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (IDG) -- America Online apparently doesn't want to be buddies with AT&T WorldNet

  • All they're doing by blocking traffic is encouraging people to have their own instant messaging clients.' With more than 37 million users, AOL Instant Messenger is the leading software for communicating in real time with individuals who are also online

  • AOL Instant Messenger users can perceive when people on their buddy lists are online and can chat with them instantaneously

  • 'The Internet should allow open, easy and instant online communication among everyone, ' says Ed Chatlos, AT&T WorldNet Service vice president and general manager

  • RELATED STORIES: December 6, 1999 November 12, 1999 October 28, 1999 October 15, 1999 October 4, 1999 October 1, 1999 RELATED STORIES: ( Network World Fusion ) ( Network World Fusion ) ( Network World Fusion ) ( Network World Fusion ) ( Network World Fusion ) ( PC World Online ) ( Computerworld ) ( Computerworld ) Note: Pages will open in a new browser window External sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive

    Ignite Software: Add-Ons and Enhancements for AOL and AIM
    Add-ons and enhancements for AOL and AIM.

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    SHAPE Services - Software for PDA and mobiles: MSN, Yahoo!, AOL ...
    Offers software for symbian, J2ME, and windows for mobile phones. - Welcome
    Home of DeadAIM, a plugin for AIM that removes ads, logs messages, and clones AIM.

    Encryption and security products - crypto for MSN Messenger, Yahoo ...
    Simp (Secway's Instant Messenger Privacy) is a tool developed by Secway to encrypt
    and secure your online MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger ...

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