WORLD BOCCE: Bocce Ball Rules, Official Bocce Rules
How to play bocce ball, rules and regulations. How to build a bocce ball court.
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  • First Video Of Its Kind! -- How to Play Bocce My Way -- by Phil Ferrari, Former United States Singles Champion Buy your official bocce ball rules online

  • Complete bocce rule rule book with how to play bocce ball and the rules of bocce

  • Rule Book Bocce Ball Rules - Official Bocce Rules WBL has compiled a comprehensive set of Open Rules that are officially sanctioned throughout the U.S

  • Bocce • Official rules of open bocce • Stratagies on the court • Court Management • Improve pointing and hitting • Hitting the ball on the fly Techniques on proper path adjustment • Psyching out your opponent $19.95 Promotional Tape A 45 minute videotape explaining the WBL and the state of Bocce as well as the future of Bocce in the United States

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  • [] Rules [] Playing Field The pitch is of grass and rectangular, stretching 130-150 metres long and 80–90 metres wide

  • Catching the ball three times in a row without it touching the ground (touching the hurley does not count) Putting the ball from one hand to the other Handpassing a goal or point Dropping or throwing the hurley Square ball, an often controversial rule: If, at the moment the ball enters the small rectangle, there is already an attacking player inside the small rectangle, a free out is awarded

  • The referee can over-rule any decision by a linesman or umpire

  • It and the team have played for many years with modified match rules(as with and )


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  • After Broekhuysen returned to the Nederlands, he replaced the ring by a basket and simplified the rules

  • The rules follow this principle and prevent physical strength from dominating the game

  • Another rule that makes this a largely tactical game is that a player may not attempt to score when defended

  • [] External links includes rules, Belgian clubs and competition results

  • includes rules, Dutch clubs and competition results

  • includes rules, national associations and competition results

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  •   At the same time, island chief, outstanding host (and somewhat stern looking judge!) Karen watches carefully for any rule infraction!

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