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  • Adenocarcinoma Of The Lung Adenocarcinoma of the lung is a type of lung cancer

  • Like other cancers, adenocarcinoma is the growth of abnormal cells

  • These cancerous cells multiply out of control, and form a tumor

  • Adenocarcinoma is more likely than other types of lung cancer to be contained in one area of the body

  • It also responds better than other lung cancers to treatment

  • Adenocarcinoma is the most common form of lung cancer

  • Most of this type of cancer is found in smokers

  • However, it also is the most frequent type of lung cancer seen in nonsmokers

  • It is the most common form of lung cancer seen in women and people younger than 45

  • As with other forms of lung cancer, you are more likely to get adenocarcinoma if you: Smoke cigarettes — Smokers have 13 times more risk of developing lung cancer than nonsmokers

  • Smoking is by far the leading risk factor for lung cancer, substantially more significant than all the following risk factors combined

  • Breathe cigarette smoke — Nonsmokers who inhale the cigarette fumes of smokers have an increased risk of lung cancer

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  • Malignant Mesothelioma Malignant mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is diagnosed in approximately 3, 000 people each year

  • More men than women get this cancer, probably because men are more likely to have worked in the industries that use asbestos

  • These symptoms can be caused either by the cancer itself, which irritates nerve cells in nearby tissues, or by a collection of fluid between the two layers of the pleura in the chest

  • Once your doctor is certain you have malignant mesothelioma, the next step is to determine how far the tumor has spread, which will classify the cancer into one of four stages

  • Once it develops, this type of cancer will continue to grow and spread until it is treated

  • The cancer can spread easily to nearby organs

  • Tests are done to make sure the cancer has not spread to distant sites and to evaluate how well your lungs and heart are functioning

  • Surgery for malignant mesothelioma can be aimed at long-term control of the cancer (aggressive surgery) or relief of symptoms (palliative procedures)

  • Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is the use of medications to treat cancer

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  • offers general legal advice and medical information for people affected by malignant mesothelioma, asbestos cancer, or asbestos disease

  • Besides mesothelioma, there are other medical conditions associated with asbestos exposure, such as asbestos-related pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and asbestosis

  • Most cases of asbestosis or lung cancer occure 10 years or more after the first exposure to asbestos dust

  • Asbestos claims for malignant mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer, and pulmonary asbestosis are usually made by an asbestos attorney filing a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit, or by negotiating an asbestos settlement

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  • For this reason, those workers have increased chances of acquiring two principal types of cancer: cancer of the lung tissue itself and mesothelioma, a cancer of the thin membrane that surrounds the lung and other internal organs

  • 'Asbestos exposure dramatically increases the likelihood of lung cancer among smokers, ' he says


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  • When inhaled, the fibers remain in the body for years, and are proven to cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases

  • One recent high-profile death occurred in 2003, when 56-year-old rock singer and songwriter Warren Zevon succumbed to mesothelioma, a deadly type of asbestos-related cancer that affects the lining of the chest

  • The fourth complication seems to be if you smoke, the exposure to asbestos greatly increases the likelihood of getting lung cancer

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  • Mesothelioma Information This site is sponsored by , which supports representation of mesothelioma victims in all 50 states accross the USA Mesothelioma Law A term used to describe a cancerous tumor which involves the malignant cancerous cells of an organ, usually the lungs or abdominal organs

  • Thus, a pleural mesothelioma is often referred to as a 'lung' cancer

  • Lung cancer, or bronchial carcinoma, occurs in several forms

  • The most common causes of lung cancer are smoking and asbestos

  • Not every asbestos-related lung cancer, however, is a mesothelioma

  • Choosing whether or not to take part in a clinical trial can be one of the toughest decisions facing a person with cancer

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    that make or use asbestos. Asbestos is also found in the air of buildings ...

  • Asbestos exposure can cause serious lung problems and cancer

  • It is known that breathing asbestos can increase the risk of cancer in people

  • There are two types of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos: lung cancer and mesothelioma

  • Mesothelioma is a cancer of the thin lining surrounding the lung (pleural membrane) or abdominal cavity (the peritoneum)

  • Cancer from asbestos does not develop immediately, but shows up after a number of years

  • Studies of workers also suggest that breathing asbestos can increase chances of getting cancer in other parts of the body (stomach, intestines, esophagus, pancreas, and kidneys), but this is less certain

  • Early identification and treatment of any cancer can increase an individual's quality of life and survival

  • Cigarette smoke and asbestos together significantly increase your chances of getting lung cancer

  • This may be the most important action that you can take to improve your health and decrease your risk of cancer

    ATSDR - CSEM - Asbestos Toxicity: Environmental Alert
    Asbestos exposure is associated with asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer,
    and might cause cancer at extrathoracic sites.

  • Asbestos exposure is associated with asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, and might cause cancer at extrathoracic sites

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  • Mesothelioma Information, Support, and Resources Mesothelioma is a cancer of the linings of the lungs, chest, abdomen, and the organs contained in those areas, rather than a cancer that forms in the lungs

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  • Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lining of the lungs, lining of the abdomen, or heart caused by exposure to asbestos

  • Why Choose as your Advocate? Since 1995, RGW, PC has helped mesothelioma and lung cancer claimants obtain over in compensation

  • (12/6/05) - Survey of Asbestos in the News Billable Hours? RGW (12/17/03) : Solve the Problem, Cure the Cancer RGW (3/31/03) - From the Evidence Archives What industry knew, and when they knew it

  • October 13th in Woodburn, OR for details to Read Punch's Medical Profile of the Punch Worthington Cancer Research Lab at UCLA Medical School! May 27, 2005 Pacific Heart Lung & Blood Institute Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation for full-size In 1969, Dr

  • Worthington has contributed more than $2, 509, 000 to cancer research and science since 2000 Commitment Roger Worthington, Esq

  • Harvey Pass (2nd from left), who along with attorney Roger Worthington (far left), founded MARF in 1999 in an effort to unite all parties against asbestos cancer., a mesothelioma survivor (2nd from right), spoke about the need to focus less on blame and more on fixing a public health crisis

  • Founding Director Roger Worthington Retires (8/9/06) for Asbestos-Cancer Research (8/15/06) : “We urge your commitment to mesothelioma research

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  • Small Cell Lung Cancer (PDQ®): Treatment Last Modified: 08/19/2004 General Information About Small Cell Lung Cancer Page Options Quick Links NCI Highlights General Information About Small Cell Lung Cancer Key Points for This Section Small cell lung cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the lung

  • There are two types of lung cancer: and

  • This summary provides information on small cell lung cancer

  • (Refer to the PDQ summary on for more information.) There are three types of small cell lung cancer

  • The cancer cells of each type grow and spread in different ways

  • The types of small cell lung cancer are named for the kinds of cells found in the cancer and how the cells look when viewed under a microscope: Small cell carcinoma ()

  • Smoking tobacco is the major risk factor for developing small cell lung cancer

  • Cigarette smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer

  • for small cell lung cancer include: Smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes now or in the past

  • Possible signs of small cell lung cancer include coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath

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  • The suggestion comes in the latest annual report from the government’s Chief Medical Officer, noting the “striking difference” between the proportion of women to men in Plymouth falling victim to the asbestos cancer mesothelioma compared with other shipyard areas

  • Risks 265, 15 July 2006 A new study has confirmed a substantially increased risk of thyroid cancer among people exposed to radiation during childhood and adolescence after the Chernobyl disaster


    Information about building materials containing asbestos and legislation regarding
    asbestos, from organization in Bethesda, MD.

  • Asbestos fibers have been shown to cause asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma

  • Especially at risk are 1) occupationally exposed workers (mainly in the construction industry), 2) children, who will retain any inhaled fibers for decades, and 3) occupationally exposed smokers, who experience a greatly enhanced risk of lung cancer

  • Mesothelioma : cancer of the lining of the lung or intestines

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  • My father-in-law has lung cancer and just had his first round of chemo

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  • 1/3/05 Unique Products & Services for Patients & Professionals CancerWire: Cancer Monthly's FREE E-Newsletter 2005 Archives If You are Diagnosed with Mesothelioma, You Should Know: That Goldberg Persky & White’s 35 attorneys have represented thousands of mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis victims

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  • Last, Ed.) 1980, Appleton-Century-Crofts - links to other websites and resources - homepage of Lorraine Kember, author of Lean on Me , a true story about her husband's battle with mesothelioma lung cancer and her emotional journey as she supports him throughout his ordeal

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  • Features Insulators and Other Construction Workers : Many Options; Difficult Choices Asbestos at the Asbestosis, Cancer or Mesothelioma Claims For a free evaluation of your asbestos case, or call our toll–free number: 1–800–361–0315 We represent clients in all 50 states and have offices located in: California: 222 Rush Landing Novato, CA 94945 Oregon: 621 SW Morrison Suite 950 Portland, OR 97205 Utah: 215 South St

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  • | Lung cancer ARTICLE SECTIONS Introduction Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, among both men and women

  • It claims more lives than colon, prostate, lymph and breast cancer combined

  • Yet most of these lung cancer deaths could have been prevented

  • That's because smoking accounts for nearly 90 percent of lung cancer cases

  • Although your risk of lung cancer increases with the length of time and number of cigarettes you smoke, quitting smoking, even after many years, can significantly reduce your chances of developing the disease

  • Protecting yourself from exposure to other leading causes of lung cancer, such as asbestos, radon and secondhand smoke, also decreases your risk

  • Prevention is critical because lung cancer usually isn't discovered until it's at an advanced stage when the outlook for recovery is poor

  • Although the survival rates for lung cancer have improved, they remain much lower than those of many other types of cancer

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  • "Asbestos Exposure: Questions and Answers" is redistributed by Asbestos Exposure: Questions and Answers CancerMail from the National Cancer Institute

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