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Facts and methods related to making and using ethanol as fuel.

  • I first got interested in alcohol as an alternative to petroleum in 1978, after reading an article in Mother Earth News, about someone making ethanol from corn

  • What really interested me about this was that grain alcohol (ethanol) is a renewable fuel, and also, it is pretty much pollution free, since the by-products of combustion are only water and CO2

  • Furthermore, it is economical to make, and your car will run cooler, faster, and better on ethanol

  • The reason I call it 'sunlight in a bottle' is because ethanol is a liquid solar fuel which can be used in internal combustion engines

  • Now, in 2004, (25 years after I started building stills and promoting ethanol), you can buy a car that is factory ready for alcohol fuel

  • In some states (mostly in the Midwest) you can buy E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline)

  • Experts in the ethanol industry predict 20% of the cars will be fueled by ethanol in just 6 to 8 years (and with ethanol production increasing by 12%/yr., we have the capacity to do this.) E85 is 102 octane

    E85 Vehicles
    Information on vehicles designed to run on 85% ethanol fuel (E85). Also lists
    stations where ethanol fuel can be found.

  • E85 E85 Cars E85 Trucks E85 Vehicles E85 Cars , Trucks and SUV's E85 is 85% Ethanol and only 15% Gasoline

  • But that's all about to change as laws are being enacted at State and Federal levels that will require a certain amount of ethanol to be produced each year and offer incentives for gas stations (big rebates) to install E85 Tanks and pumps

  • As a flexible fuel vehicle, it could run on ethanol, gasoline, or a combination of the two

  • Our Data fields will include the City, the Ethanol Production levels whether the plant is farmer owned and contact information for each Ethanol plant

  • Sleeping With the Enemy - Ethanol and Oil consummate relationship E85 was a true pricing alternative to gasoline 2 years ago, at that time you could buy E85 for as much as $1 less a gallon

  • As has discovered, the reason has nothing to do with increased demand, nothing to do with an insatiable appetite for ethanol but everything to do with the the Ethanol Industry and Oil coming together giving birth to collusive agreements to keep ethanol pegged to the price of Gasoline

  • This revelation comes directly form the Renewable Fuels Association : " Most ethanol is sold under long-term contract

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  • This article is about ethanol used as a fuel

  • Ethanol can be blended with gasoline in varying quantities to reduce the consumption of petroleum fuels, as well as to reduce

  • Two common mixtures in the United States are and which contain 10% and 85% ethanol, respectively, while the common mixtures in Brazil are gasoline type C and its high octane variants, which contain 20% to 25% ethanol (also the only kind of gasoline legally sold in fuel stations)

  • Ethanol is also increasingly used as an additive for standard gasoline, as a replacement for, the latter chemical being responsible for considerable groundwater and soil contamination

  • Ethanol derived from ( bio-ethanol ) is a potentially energy resource that may offer environmental and long-term economic advantages over (gasoline)

  • Ethanol made from maize, however, was found to use a significant amount of energy compared to the energy value of the produced fuel

  • On the other hand, sugarcane has enough energy not only for completely sustained ethanol production, but also for generating surplus (currently at 108 MJ/tonne), that may be sold to

  • of ethanol production is not only a matter of, but of availability of land area and soil and

    Alternative Fuel Station Locator
    Contains a searchable listing of retailers of biodiesel, CNG, propane, ethanol,
    hydrogen, and LNG in the United States.

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    E85 | Ethanol Gasoline Blend
    Explains why E85 should be used, the history of ethanol in the US, the various
    blends available, and FAQs.

  • While most familiar as the form of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages (C2H5OH), The largest single use of ethanol is as a motor fuel and fuel additive

  • Ethanol is a versatile solvent, and is miscible with water and most organic liquids

  • Most new cars sold in Brazil are flexible-fuel vehicles that can run on ethanol, gasoline, or any blend of the two

  • In the United States, ethanol is most commonly blended with gasoline as a blend of up to 10% ethanol, nicknamed

  • E85 is a blend of 15% gasoline and 85% Ethanol

  • Humans have consumed ethanol for at least several thousand years

  • Ethanol is a clean-burning, high-octane fuel that is produced from renewable sources

  • Ethanol is domestically produced from corn, and helps reduce America's dependence upon foreign sources of energy

  • American-made, renewable ethanol directly displaces crude oil we would need to import, offering our country critically needed independence and security from foreign sources of energy

  • Ethanol reduces harmful tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide, particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, and other ozone-forming pollutants

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  • Friction - 12.6 % Wear No measurable wear indicated Horsepower + 15.6 % Fuel Economy + 17.5 % ( from 25mpg to 27.7 mpg ) Our FlexTek Bi-fuel Converter enables your existing vehicle’s fuel system to burn ethanol (E85), gasoline, or any blend of the two fuels

  • The E85 Engine Protection, E85 Fuel Conditioner and E85 Motor Oil (available soon!) TO LEARN MORE ABOUT E85 PRODUCTS AND FLEXTEK , please visit our site at site search powered by best by test Permanent Engine Protection Kit Protects: from oil loss, acids Removes:  rust and corrosion Improves: fuel economy Reduces: oil consumption e85 products Ethanol Compatible Engine Plating Treatment This technology helps reduce & eliminate problems commonly associated with E85 fuel, such as cold starting, corrosion, and fuel economy

    American Coalition for Ethanol
    A non-profit membership association devoted to promoting the increased production
    and use of ethanol.

  • www ethanol.org welcome Welcome to ethanol.org, the official website of the American Coalition for Ethanol

  • ACE is the grassroots voice of the ethanol industry, a membership-based association dedicated to the use and production of ethanol

  • Ethanol's production drives economic development, adds value to agriculture, and moves our nation toward energy independence

  • ethanol industry will grow to provide more than 5 billion gallons of clean burning, renewable fuel to our country's supply

  • Please use this site to learn more about ethanol and its many benefits

    Ethanol gas, e85 fuel Information
    Providwa safety and conversion information on ethanol fuel.

  • 2006 Posted by at 12:18 Compact cars from brazil that can run on 100% ethanol, e100, may soon be arriving in the U.S.Automotoveiculos S.A says it is "close to securing medium and long-term project financing" to build 50, 000 Obvio compacts every year

  • In the United States, one out of every eight gallons of gasoline sold contains ethanol

  • Most of this ethanol is purchased as blends of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline , known as gasohol or E10 , and is used as an octane enhancer to improve air quality

  • If you are driving a flexible fuel vehicle, you have the opportunity to fuel with E85 , a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline

  • For more information on E10 and other low-level ethanol blends, read on

  • Ethanol is a colorless liquid that is distilled from agricultural crops — usually corn

  • Most ethanol is produced in the grain-growing states of the midwestern United States

  • Department of Energy is also exploring ways to make ethanol from crop wastes like corn stover and switchgrass

  • At the time, the primary oxygenates were ethanol and MTBE

  • Subsequently, MTBE has been found to contaminate ground water supplies, and the demand for ethanol has increased significantly

  • Benefits

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    Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition
    A voluntary, public/private partnership that works to advance the region's
    environmental and public health, energy security and economic development by ...

  • In other ethanol news, Iogen’s plans for a plant in Idaho are

  • One provision of the resolution is that the US Congress should institute a sustained research, development and demonstration program for cellulosic ethanol over the next six years

  • Two Representatives have introduced a bill to make the federal for biodiesel and ethanol permanent

  • Al ternative Fuel Industry Updates – Chevron has with Georgia Tech to research cellulosic ethanol and hydrogen

  • The companies see butanol as a better gasoline substitute than ethanol

  • VeraSun Energy , an ethanol producer, raised over $400 million with its IPO

  • The venture capital firm led by Vinod Khosla, a founder of Sun Microsystems and now venture capitalist who has been traveling the country touting the benefits of ethanol, has formed an ethanol producing company with California’s largest grain milling company

  • The company is the largest ethanol producer in the US and plans to spend the money on ethanol and biodiesel expansion and biodegradable plastics among other things

    Ethanol: A Tragedy in 3 Acts
    A BusinessWeek article that explains three main aspects of ethanol use that
    illustrate why it is not a good substitute for gasoline.

  • SEARCH SITE APRIL 27, 2006 Insight By Ed Wallace Ethanol: A Tragedy in 3 Acts Amid the current panic about gas prices many people are embracing ethanol

  • But that's not such a good idea STORY TOOLS SPECIAL REPORT ETHANOL • • • • • • During the comment period for the RFG (reformulated gas) program, supporters of ethanol had argued that the volatile organic compound (VOC) emission standards in the program -- 42 U

  • 7545 (k) (3) (B) (i) -- would preclude the use of ethanol in RFG because adding ethanol to gasoline increases its volatility and raises VOC emissions, especially in the summertime

  • Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and decided on April 28, 1995)] If there were ever a time when the truth in advertising standards should be put back into place, it's now -- during the current (third) attempt to convince the public that the massive use of corn-derived ethanol in our gasoline supply will alleviate our need for foreign oil

  • Ultimately, the answer to just one question determines ethanol's actual usefulness as a gasoline extender: 'If the government hadn't mandated this product, would it survive in a free market?' Doubtful -- but the misinformation superhighway has been rerouted to convince the public its energy salvation is at hand

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    ALTERNATIVE ENERGY BLOG - Solar-Energy-Wind-Power.com
    News, views and strong opinions on alternative energy sources including wind
    power, solar power, wave power, biofuels and other renewable energy sources.

  • ALTERNATIVE ENERGY BLOG - Solar-Energy-Wind-Power.com alternative energy blog - news, views and strong opinions on alternate energy resources including solar energy, wind power, wave energy, geothermal & other renewable energy sources + news on other energy issues including the end of cheap gas & oil, plug-in hybrid cars, rising fuel prices, 'clean' coal & nuclear power Wednesday, July 26, 2006 Is Ethanol / E85 Fuel the Solution? I've recently received a number of emails calling for me to by supporting E85 which is a liquid fuel made up of 85% ethanol and 15% regular gasoline

  • Here's why, in a nutshell:All US vehicles can burn 10% ethanol (E10), but the US does not even produce half as much ethanol as universal E10 would require

  • We make about 5 billion gallons of ethanol, but use 140 billion gallons of gas.E85 and 'flex fuel' is a loophole for the automakers to sell guzzlers without having to pay CAFE penalties

  • Ending the loophole probably means ending E85, because there is no other reason for it to exist.Since the best estimate is that every gallon-equivalent of ethanol takes about 4/5 of a gallon-equivalent of other fossil fuel to make it, each gallon of E85 really represents about 0.6 gallons-equivalent of various fossil fuels

  • E85 ETHANOL ?

    CFDC: Clean Fuels Development Coalition
    A not-for-profit organization that actively supports the development and production
    of fuels that can reduce air pollution and lessen dependence on imported ...

  • "All of the 8 billion gallons of ethanol anticipated to be on line by the end of 2008 will be from agricultural products." USDA studies indicate significantly more of the corn crop could be devoted to ethanol, without affecting food or feed supplies or cost

  • (Reprinted with permission of PGP, Pioneer Hybrid International, Inc.) The Clean Fuels Development Coalition in cooperation with the Nebraska Ethanol Board and the U.S

  • The Guide contains information on everything from community relations to the myriad of permits that are necessary in building an ethanol plant

  • The Economic Impact of Ethanol Production Facilities

  • It includes an introduction by Ethanol Across America Board Member U.S

  • It contains an introduction by Ethanol Across America Board member Senator Richard Lugar who points out that increasing the development and production of renewable fuels such as ethanol will help ensure our national and economic security

  • Look for future Issue Briefs on subjects including Opportunities for Ethanol from Cellulose, and the Environmental Impact of Ethanol Facilities

  • Ethanol Marketing Conference A Huge Success

    Iowa RFA
    Fosters the development and growth of the state's renewable fuels industry through
    education, promotion and infrastructure development.

  • The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) brings together Iowa ethanol and biodiesel producers to foster the development and growth of the state’s renewable fuels industry through education, promotion and infrastructure development

  • Financial Assistance Available for Renewable Fuels Retailers 25% Iowa RFS Values Fund Infrastructure Program offers financial assistance for 85% ethanol blend retail sites and biodiesel storage facilities

  • Beat your competition - be the first in your area to offer 85% ethanol blends and biodiesel

  • Under the bill, HF 2754, Iowa retailers will be incentivized to replace 25% of gasoline sales with ethanol and biodiesel by 2019

    Welcome to the South Carolina Department of Agriculture
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    B100 Fuel, living on BioDiesel
    Blog that discusses news releases concerning the biodiesel industry in the United

    ETCFC ~ 2004 National AFV Day Odyssey
    The East Tennessee Clean Cities Coalition presents over 20 Alternative Fuel
    Vehicles in a one-day, event in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)

  • In addition, there will be tours that will start about every half hour leading groups around to the vehicle areas ( Biodiesel Boulevard , Electric Avenue , Ethanol Expressway , Hybrid Highway , CNG Circle and Propane Parkway ) where a speaker will introduce those vehicles and tell how these AFV owners are using alternative fuels in this community

  • A sample of some of the vehicles that will be in attendance are: Biodiesel - B100 Volvo and other vehicles Electricity - Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) from Fun Buggies of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Ethanol - UTK Mechanical Engineering Department's 'Evolution' hybird-electric E85-fueled Ford Explorer Hybrids - Brand new Prius and a Honda Civic Hybrid Natural gas - CNG Crown Victoria police cruiser from Gatlinburg Propane - Hybrid-electric propane-fired trolley from KAT 9 am-sunset Carriage Rides! - The original alternative fuel ! Take a horse-drawn carriage ride with ! For the majority of the day, carriage rides will leave every thirty minutes and will take a tour around World's Fair Park

  • 10 am-sunset Fair Event #2 -- 'Renewable Fuel Hoops' - Try your hand at hitting some free throws in the name of renewable fuels like biodiesel and ethanol

    Leonard For Iowa
    Mark W. Leonard, Republican Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture and Land
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    Farm Industry News
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  • By Peg Zenk IF IT seems like nearly everyone is jumping on the ethanol bandwagon lately, that's because they are

  • They want the public to buy flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) and run them on ethanol

  • By Lora Berg ETHANOL PRODUCTION has the potential to make a huge impact on what and how we feed our country's livestock

  • If ethanol production continues to ramp up..

    Kansas Corn Growers Association
    This is the Kansas Corn Growers Association's web site. Find all sorts of
    information about Kansas Corn Growers. Includes the popular "Cornhead University"

  • KANSAS CORN GROWERS ASSOCIATION Conestoga Energy LLC President Nick Hatcher speaks at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Arkalon Energy ethanol plant to be built east of Liberal on August 3

  • Corn is used to make ethanol, a clean-burning automobile fuel

  • The state now boasts seven ethanol plants with a capacity of 170 million gallons of ethanol per year

  • Whether it's used to make corn dogs, corn oil or corn-based biodegradable plastics--corn is America's #1 crop! CURRENT NEWS & INFORMATION Visit our renowned Website for updated information on ethanol! Get With It Kansas! Fill It Up with E10 Unleaded! Looking for E10 UNLEADED? Find a station near you with our (pdf file) Kansas Corn Headlines Site maintained by

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