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Star Wars: Databank | Yoda
Wise master of the Force and teacher of Jedi. Official Star Wars page.

  • His once loyal officer, tried to open fire on Yoda, but the Jedi Master sprung into action and quickly decapitated Gree and his accomplice with his lightsaber

    Star Wars: Databank | Skywalker, Luke
    Tatooine farmboy turned hero of the Rebel Alliance. Official Star Wars page.

  • Luke confronted Vader in Bespin's, and was bested by him in a lightsaber duel

  • Luke returned to Tatooine to construct his new lightsaber in the abandoned hut of Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Sound Design of Star Wars
    Discusses the creation of the sounds for weapons, vehicles, characters, and
    backgrounds, by sound designer Ben Burtt.

  • With a Wookie, you might end up with five or six tracks, sometimes, to get the flow of the sentence' (Ben Burtt in Film Sound Today) Laser blasts The sound of a hammer on an antenna tower guy wire Lightsaber Burtt blended the sounds of his TV set and an old 35 mm projector to create the hum of a light saber

  • Ben Burtt Sources: , Marc Mancini: ' Sound Designer ' in and Articles: Ben Burtt talks about Darth Vader and lightsaber sound If this sound-producing object really existed, what would it sound like? The restoration of the Star Wars films The story behind told by Ben Burtt's father (28.8 Real Audio) interviewed by John Papageorge, Silicon Valley Radio Ben Burtt: 'In Star Wars, I wanted to come up with a very massive rumble for a spaceship flying overhead .


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    Prop Replicas: Movie Prop Replica Collectibles from Master Replicas
    Sells prop replicas and movie collectibles of Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek and
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    JediKnight.Net - Star Wars Games - Complete Coverage
    News, game information, and articles. - Xbox - Star Wars Obi-Wan
    Includes review, hints, and cheats.

    Star Wars Marketplace
    The official online store for Star Wars merchandise, including videos, games,
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (Xbox)
    News, previews, cheats, screenshots, and a review.

    Review by Kristopher Abel, 44%. "There's definitely nothing here worth writing
    home to Mom Kenobi about."

  • + Good droids, good lightsaber action

  • The droids, on the other hand, look and move just like their movie counterparts, while Obi-Wan himself is a convincing Jedi (albeit one that could easily pass for Luke Skywalker) offering a very enthusiastic flurry of lightsaber dicing that makes up for the drab scenery

    Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith Review (DVD Movie/Film)
    Review by Michelle Thomas.

  • All the fanboy checkboxes can safely be ticked, as pretty much everything ties up neatly with the original trilogy; there are fantastic lightsaber battles, the best CGI ever committed to film and we finally see the final, dark days of intergalactic democracy as the Jedi are wiped out and the Emperor reveals himself in all his hammy glory

    SWNZ - Star Wars New Zealand
    Club and membership information, news, and classifieds.

  • That's a win-win situation for everybody! Matt G 13 Jul 2006 :: Affiliate Update - This report just in from SWNZ affiliate : We have over 50 different Star Wars Collectible items in stock right now, not action figures or toys, but high end Collectibles and 19 of those are limited numbered items! A selection of what we have in stock right now: - 5 different models of FX lightsabers

  • - 4 different Sideshow Collectibles 1/4 scale Limited edition premium format statues, including Darth Vader and General Grievous is on the way! - Darth Sidious 1:1 scale Limited Edition lightsaber prop replica

  • - Standard lightsaber, 20% off...was $19.99, now $15.99


    Jedi Academy Review
    Full review by Bret Todd with 30 screenshots.

  • Both Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast didn't really get going until the lightsabers went kashoom and Kyle Katarn gained the ability to Force Push stormtroopers off ledges

  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy finally lets players wield a lightsaber from the get-go and take part in every step of Jedi training from neophyte to padawan to knight

  • You take on the role of Jaden Korr, a training-wheels Jedi with great promise who's somehow been able to craft his own lightsaber without guidance

    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    A pre-release report on the record-breaking hopes for The Phantom Menace.

    Star Wars at Galactic Voyage-"You've taken your first step into a ...
    News, prequel information, pictures, ships, characters, links and merchandise.

  • Five generations after Luke Skywalker took up his father's lightsaber, the galaxy is once again imperiled and hope rests on the shoulders of a young man and his connection to the Force

  • Explosive action, white-hot lightsaber battles, evil schemes, and heroic sacrifices -- it's all here in this fast-paced volume jam-packed with four wickedly awesome all-ages adventures set in the most exciting era of Star Wars! The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, the Republic and Confederacy taking their fight from the cold reaches of space to exotic alien worlds - Raven Games
    The original home on the web for the fans of Raven Software's Games, featuring
    news, info and downloads for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

  • In addition, players can create a custom lightsaber, selecting from hilt design and blade color

  • As apprentices progress in their training, different lightsabers will become available, such as the double-bladed lightsaber or dual lightsabers

  • While players are able to accomplish more by using the lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy , they also will have a variety of weapons - new and old - at their disposal including a blaster, blaster rifle, Wookiee bowcaster, Imperial repeater, and a Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse gun

    Star Wars: Masters Of Teras Kasi cheats, codes, hints, FAQs: Sony ...
    Offers level selection hint, hidden characters, modes, invisible lightsaber, hint
    on moves, and audio track list.

  • Invisible lightsaber: This trick is best when used in two player mode

  • Hint: Darth Vader: Use Force move: With a full gold power bar, put away your lightsaber, sweep from Back to Forward then press Triangle

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords for Xbox ...
    Review, previews, news, downloads, screenshots, movies, and links.

  • In addition to the rebel, clone, and droid warriors from the original game, you can play as a Jedi, complete with lightsaber attacks and force powers

    Star Wars games - Ferrago
    Review, news, and screen shots for many Star Wars games.

    The Armchair Empire - PC Reviews: Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
    Written by Lee Cieniawa, includes screenshots.

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