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  • Performing Politik with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, they picked up awards for 'Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal' for In My Place , and 'Best Alternative Music Album' for A Rush Of Blood To The Head for the second year running, beating the likes of U2 in New York

  • M O R E A W A R D S : Triumph at the Brit Awards! Coldplay were named best British Group and their successful A Rush Of Blood To The Head took best British album award

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  • [] Plateutgivelser () () () [] Kjente lÃ¥ter [] Fra Parachutes «Shiver» «Yellow» «Don't Panic» «Trouble» [] Fra A Rush of Blood to the Head «In My Place» «Politik» «God Put a Smile Upon Your Face» «Clocks» «The Scientist» [] Fra X&Y «Fix You» «Talk» «Speed of Sound» «The Hardest Part» [] Eksterne lenker Hentet fra «» : |


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  • The Figurehead 20

  • RADIOHEAD - Hail To The Thief [Parlophone: 584543] 05

  • COLDPLAY - Clocks [A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Parlophone 540504)] 02

  • RADIOHEAD - Where I End And You Begin [Hail To The Thief (Parlophone: 584543)] 03

  • RADIOHEAD - Hail To The Thief [Parlophone: 584543] 04

  • COLDPLAY - A Rush Of Blood To The Head [Parlophone 540504] 11

  • COLDPLAY - Politik [2002: A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Parlophone 540504)] 07

  • COLDPLAY - Politik [A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Parlophone 540504)] Alben 2002: 01

  • COLDPLAY - A Rush Of Blood To The Head [Parlophone 540504] 09

  • ZEPHYRS - When The Sky Comes Down It Comes Down On Your Head [Southpaw

  • BASEMENT JAXX - Where's Your Head At? [Rooty] 10

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  • Your Price $16.95 online store Your Price $3.95 COLDPLAY A rush of blood to the head (L) Only $6.59 COLDPLAY Set of 2 badges Only $1.65 © XGuitar.com, 2002-2004

    The experience of a person who had a hole drilled through his skull. Includes photos
    of the procedure.

  • I made the blood rush up to my head by choking myself so we could see the veins, and using a sterile pen we marked the major veins so they would be more noticeable and avoidable

  • This was done to numb my skin and nerves for the incision (the Lidocaine) and to constrict all the blood vessels in the area to decrease bleeding since head wounds bleed a lot (the Epinephrine)

  • The person drilling for me was sitting Indian style on the floor with my head in his lap for more control (plastic over everything including his lap, and wiped with medical hard-surface disinfectant wipes from the medical supply stores)

  • All went smoothly though, and I was successfully trepanned! I went to bed about 5 hours later with a bandage on my head

  • I paid very close attention to the sensations of the veins in my head and neck

  • It is the oldest surgery known to man and has been used to treat head injuries, brain tumors, chronic headaches, insanity, and most recently, touted as a cure for chronic depression and/or chronic fatigue syndrome

  • The idea is that by re-opening the skull you would allow more blood to flow to the brain, on a permanent basis, and that you would restore the brain pulsation level to that of infancy, when the skull had not yet sealed itself shut and forced much of the brain blood out of the head

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  • Brothers & Sisters (2003) Parachutes (2000) A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002) X & Y (2005 ) Miscellaneous Songs | All lyrics are the property and copyright of their respective owners

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  • Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 July 2006 ) Written by Martin Williams Wednesday, 21 June 2006 The northeast New Territories encompasses some of Hong Kong's wildest landscapes, with hills cut by a myriad valleys, and inlets and headlands facing towards Double Haven, Mirs Bay

  • But, after a wild rush of blood to the head, also added ascent of the area's highest peak, Tiu Tang Lung


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  • They perform over 90 minutes of live music from 'Parachutes' 'A Rush of Blood to The Head' and 'X&Y'

    Gold Rush Players: Joaquin Murieta
    Tries to answer the questions... Who was Joaquin Murieta, the man? And who was
    Joaquin Murieta, the legend?

  • The rangers lopped off the head of one and stuck it in a jar of alcohol for preservation, claiming it to be the head of Joaquin Murieta

  • The severed “Head of Murieta” and “Hand of Jack” then hit the road, becoming a main attraction for many years at different locations throughout the western states

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  • Ze groeiden via hun melancholische opvolger A Rush of Blood to the Head echter door naar een megastatus

  • Stonehead | 08 juni 2005 - 00:42 Relaxede melodieën, deuntjes om bij te chillen

  • Pim | 14 juni 2005 - 14:36 X&Y vind ik echt niet veel slechter dan Parachutes en A Rush Of Blood To The Head

  • Zo zie je maar: zoveel mensen zoveel meningen, nietwaar? André | 10 juli 2005 - 18:59 Ik vind het een degelijk album, maar echt de magie van Parachutes en voor mij dan ook A rush of blood to the head..

    CNN.com - Jones sweeps major Grammys - Feb. 24, 2003

  • Coldplay won two, for alternative music album ('A Rush of Blood to the Head') and rock performance by a duo or group with vocal ('In My Place')

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  • Trophies will be awarded here as at this stage it looks like Horsham will not be going ahead due to a few technical problems with the Field days people there

  • Building Projects Tim Morland's 1-26 : soon Barry De Kuyper : John Copeland : Martin Simons : A Riverina Update - October 2005 by Wayne Hadkins Byam Wight from Canberra recently rolled out the replacement for his after it's unfortunate demise at Lockhart earlier this year (the result of a rush of blood to the head)

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