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Features information about workshops and support groups, profiles of families
hoping to adopt (from specific agencies) and resources.

  • How To Use This Open Adoption Web Site is an informational web site for people seeking a basic knowledge of domestic open adoption

  • Even though open adoption has been taking place in the United States for over 25 years, to the majority of the population, it is a form of adoption that many know little about

  • Please read through and enjoy the different categories on our site, keep in mind though that we at are not open adoption specialist

  • If you are a birthmother and are considering placing your baby through open adoption or a family who is considering open adoption as a way to build your family, it is essential that you acquire the services of an adoption professional that you can trust to guide you through the adoption process

  • Enjoy the site, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at, Thank You!, Founder of, and co-founder of

  • Make sure to visit our new Open Adoption Gift Shop with gifts for all members of the adoption triad, apparel celebrating open adotive families, birthmother gifts and baby gifts

  • just click here, What is Open Adoption? on our site was provided by, The National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect

    Open Adoption Agency for Birthmothers seeking open adoption with ...
    Open adoption information, resources, and services for birthparents and adopting

  • A licensed non-profit open adoption agency - Over 200 adoptions in 2005 Welcome! All of us at the are glad you are considering an open adoption

  • With over 20 years of experience and nearly 4, 000 successful adoptions, the IAC assures the rights of and to decide on the best future for the child and themselves

  • You will be choosing each other and deciding on the level of openness you both are comfortable with in your open adoption relationship

  • Our counselors believe wholeheartedly in being an advocate for you and providing you with the option of open adoption

  • Our open adoption process provides a respectful option for birthparents and adoptive parents to find each other

  • Your child will know their open adoption is a joyful story because you created it with their birthparents

  • To assist you with your adoption costs there is a now available for you

  • What's New At The IAC Up-to-date information about what's happening at the IAC, grant opportunities, and the IAC open adoption newsletter

  • Donate to the Independent Adoption Center For over 23 years the Independent Adoption Center has counseled, educated and advocated for nearly 4, 000 loving families through open adoption

    Open Adoption and Family Services - Adoption Agency - Washington ...
    Private, nonprofit adoption agency with a focus on child-centered open adoptions.

  • | Open Adoption and Family Services Creating Lifelong Connections We are a private, non-profit adoption agency with a progressive approach to building healthy families

  • Our agency is committed to facilitating child-centered open adoptions in which birthparents and adoptive families create healthy long-term relationships that address the ongoing needs of children

  • It is our hope that every adoption through OA&FS exceeds the child’s need for information, validation, acceptance and support

  • Whether you are a birthparent looking for options counseling or a prospective adoptive parent, we welcome you to explore open adoption as an option

  • With extensive online resources and more than 20 years of experience, Open Adoption and Family Services can help you explore your options

  • Raise money for OA&FS each time you search the Internet! Birthparent Highlights Adoptive Parent Highlights The premier northwest adoption agency completing the most domestic, infant adoptions in Oregon and Washington

    Open Adoption Services
    Brings mothers with an unexpected pregnancy together with qualified adoption families.

  • Adoption Agency Alternative The site is currently down


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    ABOLISH ADOPTION - A Petition by Americans For Open Records
    Criticizes adoption as practiced in the United States as unconstitutional.
    Includes petition and position articles.

  • Americans For Open Records FREE Adoption-Related AmFOR E-Books & Services More AmFOR Pages Personal Pages (FREE 200-page Italian cookbook download - gift from Lori & Italian Chefs worldwide!) 'Adoption is a form of domestic terrorism.' -Reverend Ruth Peterson This website is about the reported problems with, and alternatives to, adoption practice in the U.S

  • Abolish Adoption! A Petition & 'Adoption Alternatives' Public Service Mega-site Adoption Today: 1 White Newborn = $60, 000-$80, 000 US Only 16% of adopted children are placed in 2-parent homes, compared to 25% of non-adopted children in the general population." -2001 Release of 1996 US Census Study report by Jason Fields titled 'Living Arrangements of Children.' Want PROOF that adoption is a form of American terrorism? Click on these Links: o Read about President to international trafficking of children via Gladney Center -- Bush's 'Other battle with the United Nations'; read on latest Corporate Funding of Gladney

  • legal opinion condoning legalizing illegal kidnapping of foreign children 'in child's best interests' for adoption under state sealed records laws in the U.S

    Coalition for Open Adoption Records (Ontario)
    Includes news, Bill 108 and a petition.

    Adoption in Alberta,open adoptions,adoption search,Canada
    A licensed not-for-profit adoption agency and a registered charitable organization.
    Among other services, provides counseling to adopted persons and to birth ...

  • Adoption Options is Alberta's Leading Licensed Adoption and Search Agency

  • Our professionally trained staff offer comprehensive and caring services in the following areas: working with birthparents who are considering placing their children for adoption

  • providing post adoption counseling to adopted children and adults, adoptive families and birthfamily members

  • Did You Know? Adoption Options is the longest established agency in Alberta, providing services since 1985

  • Adoption Options is often referred to as the pioneer of Open Adoption in Canada

  • Adoption Options is a not-for-profit agency and a registered charity

  • Adoption Options received a service award from the Premier's Council in Support of Alberta's Families in February 1992

  • Since licensing in 1989, Adoption Options has placed the most children per year of all the adoption agencies in Alberta

  • Adoption Options is the first agency to recognize and bring Birthmother's Day to Canada

  • Adoption Options produces the newsletter, Adoption Matters and has a bookstore and a lending library in both offices

    Welcome to FIA: Open Adoption Agencies in New York NY New Jersey ...
    Non-profit, licensed open adoption agency working with pregnant women and couples
    in placing their babies with prospective straight, gay, or lesbian adoptive ...

  • The Home of Compassionate Adoption Friends In Adoption is a non-profit, licensed open/compassionate agency whose goal is to help people make informed decisions about adoption

  • | Friends In Adoption 44 South Street P.O

  • Box 1228 Middletown Springs, VT 05757-1228 phone - (802)-235-2373 The Friends in Adoption Website recommends these terms in categorizing this page: non-profit licensed new hampshire open adoption agencies, vermont open adoption agencies, maine open adoption agencies, new york open adoption agencies, rhode island open adoption agencies, massachusetts open adoption agencies, maryland open adoption agencies, new jersey open adoption agencies, connecticut open adoption agencies, american adoption agencies, new england non-profit licensed adoption agencies, north american adoption agencies, adoption agencies in the united states

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  • Benefits

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    Lifetime Adoption - 1-800-923-6784 - Free Adoption Services for ...
    Helping birth parents find qualified adopting families, with guidance and
    encouragement during and after the pregnancy.

  • Call right now! Please click on the photo above that best fits your situation in order to access our online material regarding adoption and our services

  • Website Updated Last on , 2006 Free Adoption Informational Meeting Learn more about our adoption meetings and seminars, helping adoptive families learn more about how they too can welcome home the baby of their dreams

  • Looking for Adoption Grants, Loans, or Other Information About Financing Your Adoption? Proud member of the

  • Learn How and Where to Start Your Adoption Plan Today! Read below for more information about our adoption services to find the area of our website that will help you learn all about adoption

  • If you are a birthparent, please call our 24 hour adoption hotline at 1-800-923-6784

  • Adoption services are free to birthparents

  • Please click play to hear a special message: If you are looking for a safe, successful adoption, we can help! We are a Nationwide Adoption Center, #1 in adoption services

  • Our personalized adoption program and qualified staff can help you adopt too! Start your journey - complete our

  • Need adoption loans or grants to help finance your adoption? If you are interested in adopting, please click play to hear a message : Read profiles and see photos of waiting families from across the nation - Information on International, Domestic, Child ...
    Information on international, special needs, independent, and private adoptions.
    Includes message boards, news, and a directory of adoption professionals.

  • (301, 010) (1, 604) More ( 4, 052 ) photolisting of US & international waiting children ( 291 ) The #1 listing of hopeful parents Adoption Profiles, LLC or ( 164 people online now) , recent discussions ( 16, 345 ) , (123, 791 recipients) | (sponsor) © Adoption Media, LLC 1995-2006 - Internet Adoption Resources
    Listing of adoption resources on the Internet, organized in topical categories.

  • Here you will find everything prospective adoptive parents need to know about adopting: &nbsp How to get started &nbsp Links to hundreds of adoption agencies, facilitators and attorneys &nbsp Letters to birthparents from families looking to adopt a newborn &nbsp Support groups &nbsp Information on adoptees' rights, perspectives and more &nbsp Emailing lists, newsgroups, bulletin boards and chat &nbsp Waiting child photolistings Everything you need to know to help you choose the path to adopting that's right for you can be found on the internet, and if it's out there, it can be accessed from

  • (Disclaimer: Inclusion in this listing does not imply an endorsement of that organization or individual by (Please see below for general listings) World Partners Adoption URL: Email: WPA is a non profit agency specializing in adoptions in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, China, and Guatemala

  • Visit our photolisting! Independent Adoption Center URL: Email: Nationwide Open Adoption Agency

  • Nearly 4, 000 adoptions completed

  • Affordable with $10, 000 adoption tax credit Letters to Birthparents
    Directory of letters from prospective adoptive parents hoping to connect with

  • The following are letters from prospective adoptive parents hoping to connect with birthparents who are looking to make an adoption plan for their child

  • Marti and Jim's Open Adoption Website URL: Email: Greetings from sunny Mountain View in Northern California! We are Jim and Marti McGuirk, and we are so excited to build a family together through Open Adoption

  • Thank you for considering an open adoption for your child

  • It is our dream to love a child that comes into our family through open adoption

  • Open adoption feels right for us because we not only want our child to know where he or she came from, we really want the opportunity for an ongoing relationship with their birth family

  • California Couple Seeking Open Adoption URL: Email: Hi! We're Christine and Erik Zwerling from Oakland, California

  • We are very excited about building our family through open adoption

  • Should you choose us as parents, you will always know your child's growth and progress through open adoption

  • Alana and Dale's Open Adoption Web Site URL: Email: Hello from sunny San Jose, California! We believe that expanding our family through open adoption is meant to be, just as a chance meeting started our life together, despite living 500 miles apart in different countries! We will be thrilled to share our love, adventures, curiosity, and the open arms of our gigantic family with our children


    Let's Talk Adoption -- A Weekly Radio Show For Adoptive Parents ...
    Weekly radio show available on the Internet. Show schedule, brief host profile,
    and archives are presented.

  • Welcome to a radio show serving the adoption community, available anywhere in the world via the internet

  • Your host, Mardie Caldwell, is an author, a Certified Open Adoption Practitioner, and the founder of

  • Let's Talk Adoption..

  • Listen anytime! Hoping to get a show on CD? Many shows are available now! Let's Talk Adoption airs Sundays at 3:00pm Pacific Time

  • It's easy to tune in, just click the play button, then sit back and listen to Let's Talk Adoption

  • Each week Mardie will discuss different adoption related topics

  • Listen from coast to coast as her morning radio show reaches thousands of people interested in adoption

  • Radio Talk Show is underwritten by a with a focus on positive adoption education

  • Lets Talk Adoption strives to help build better adoption awareness for the future of adoptees and their birth and adoptive parents

  • Consider making a donation to help keep Lets Talk Adoption on the air, helping others learn more about adoption

  • From Nevada City, California, Mardie Caldwell shares updated news on adoption for free

  • Learn more about adoption from guests such as adoption attorneys, social workers, adoption agencies, family counselors, and other adoption professionals

    Foster Child Adoption Information - Infant Adoption Agency - A ...
    Services to birthparents and families considering adoption.

  • 09/15/06 Child Adoption Agency A Child's Waiting Adoption Program is a family-operated Akron, Ohio adoption agency serving the entire US

  • We are here to help with placing a child or infant for adoption or becoming an adoptive parent

  • We take a pro active approach in the education, adoption information, and adoption support offered throughout the entire process! A Child's Waiting is a licensed adoption agency

  • For more foster child adoption information and infant adoption information , please visit the links below

  • Foster Child Adoption Agencies, Infant Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals only

  • A Child's Waiting's comments regarding the show, and more Child Adoption information

  • - - - - - - - Copyright © 2005 A Child's Waiting Adoption Agency

    Adoption Information Line-, The Adoption Web Site
    Comprehensive information about the adoption of children within the UK.

    Saskatchewan Social Services - Adoption
    Government information on a wide range of adoption issues and topics. Includes links
    to regional offices.

  • Common Questions | © 2006 Government of Saskatchewan Last updated June 01, 2006 Adoption Who can adopt in Saskatchewan? You must be a Saskatchewan resident, unless the court has waived residency requirements

  • Married adults jointly; an unmarried adult; or any other person or persons that the court may allow, having regard to the best interests of the child, may make application to the court for an order of adoption

  • What adoption programs does the Department of Community Resources Offer? Domestic Adoption Domestic adoption refers to the adoption of a child who is permanently in the care of the Minister of Community Resources

  • Children who are permanently committed to the care of the Minister of Community Resources may be adopted if they are legally free for adoption and adoption is considered the best lifeplan for them

  • Processing the adoption through court is done by Community Resources

  • Assisted Adoption The Assisted Adoption Program may provide assistance to adoptive families who are interested in the challenge of parenting children who have special needs and are in the care of the Minister of Community Resources prior to adoption

    "birth-" Mothers Exploited By Adoption - Homepage
    Presenting information about the adverse effects of adoption from mothers who
    feel they lost their babies through coerced or forced surrender.

  • “Adoption is not about unwanted babies — it is about unwanted mothers.” Open Adoption, Closed Adoption, Domestic Adoption * || || || || {BOTTO M Note: The terms 'unwed' mother, 'birthmother', "birthfather" 'biological' parents make a parent appear to be less than the mother or father they are

  • Using the honest terms "mother", "single mother" or "natural mother" help the public to understand that real family members are being separated to obtain babies for adoption

  • Announcing! "SHEDDING LIGHT ON THE ADOPTION EXPERIENCE V , An Educational Conference About Realities: The Lifelong Effects of Adoption and the Need for Family Preservation" September 15-16, 2006 New York City Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus For more information, click on

  • Adoption: Mothers In Exile We are mothers who lost our babies to the in both closed adoptions and "open" adoptions

  • DARE to explore this website and learn the TRUTH about adoption: what the adoption industry doesn't want you to know

    Birth Mother Information, Support, Help, Search. Birthmother ...
    Contains support resources for birthparents as they go through the pregnancy,
    birth, and post adoption.

  • The word "birthmother" is becoming more frequently understood to mean a woman whose child has been placed for adoption; however, it is still widely used by many to mean a woman who is making an adoption plan, and has not yet relinquished her parental rights

  • Information on these pages is provided for both groups: women who are considering placing a child for adoption (pre-placement), and those who have placed (post-placement)

  • are hoping to adopt | A Service of Adoption Profiles, LLC SPONSOR AdoptionShop Our price: $2.75 waiting children (3, 787) photolisting of US & international waiting children '>email page to a friend | (sponsor) © Adoption Media, LLC 1995-2006

    An Open Door Adoption Agency
    Helping Christian families find loving children and children find parents.

  • :: :: “Adoption is a loving choice” An Open Door Adoption Agency is a Christian not-for-profit adoption agency founded in 1987

  • The adoption agency offers domestic adoptions of Caucasian and African American children as well as international adoptions from Eastern Europe, China and Latin America

  • An Open Door has well established adoption programs in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America

  • These adoption programs help children find parents and adoptive parents complete their families with a child

  • Jackson Street Thomasville, GA 31799 © 1998-2005, An Open Door Adoption Agency Inc

    Focused on equal access for adoptees to their original birth certificates, adoptee
    dignity, combating negative stereotypes of adoptees, and providing a forum ...

  • Hill's Initiative turned into a civil rights battle that caused a sea of change in adoption laws across the country

  • 'Measurable Rights 'is inspiring and an essential teaching tool for all adoptee rights activists! Watch the trailer, interact with the reformers, and order your DVD copy TODAY! UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION is a compelling film created by birthmother and Bastard Nation member Sheila Ganz, which has been selected for airing on public television

  • The right to know one's identity is primarily a political issue directly affected by the practice of sealed records adoptions

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