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  • You can search for places, counties or MCDs by entering the name and state abbreviation (optional), or 5-digit zip code

  • Note: ZIP code boundaries do not necessarily match place boundries

  • S earch for a P lace in the US Name: State (optional): or a 5-digit zip code: *Note: This dataset is derived from the Census GICS and does not contain unincorporated place names

    Welcome to The Weather Underground : Weather Underground
    Weather forecasts for the US and the world with a fast, easy to use interface.
    Includes weather maps, graphics and radar images.

  • Find the Weather for any City , State or ZIP Code , or Airport Code or Country Features: Email: Password: Maps United States Health Maps International Information Vacation Deals Condos and Vacations Singles Bodybuilding Supplements Online deals! Internet Mall Internet Shopping Internet Canadian Pharmacy College Students Google Search Search the Net! o7 Aug 7 2006 16:45:28 Current US Fronts Fronts Health Maps Click on the map for current conditions and forecasts

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    Find area code by city and state, Find City and State by area code.

  • Area Code Lookup Match an area code to a region OR find area codes for a particular city

  • Enter Area Code to find City and State: Area Code* OR Enter City and State to find Area Code: City State* * Required Zip Code Lookup Match a ZIP code to a region OR find ZIP codes for a particular city

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    PC(USA) - Congregational Directory
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    and links to web sites when available.

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    Photo by - Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada
    Local, real-time gasoline prices. Canada and USA only.

    National Address and ZIP+4 Browser
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    Community Information by Zip Code
    A guide to statistics and other data available by zip code, including population,
    education, health, environment, business and politics; from California State ...

  • | Select a section: Community Information by Zip Code Contents: Some links are to files in PDF format, i.e

  • Zip Code Basics (U.S

  • Search by address, city, or business name to find zip codes

  • If found, the appropriate ZIP+4 Code will be returned

  • Can also find city name by zip code

  • Includes a link to the Postal Service's Zip Code FAQ s

  • --Relate U.S.Counties, Zip Codes, Census Tracts, Congressional Districts, etc

  • To obtain a list of all Zip Codes within a state, county, or place (i.e

  • Examples include and, which offer free searches to find the distance between Zip Codes and/or Zip Codes within a certain radius of another Zip Code

  • (Census Bureau) includes downloadable boundary files for the 2000 Census and Zip Code Tabulation Areas

  • lists other tools and includes a discussion about problems encountered when using Zip Codes to represent geographic areas

  • Information about People and Households by Zip Code Sources covering the entire United States Census of Population and Housing and related demographic sources (Census Bureau) provides official Census of Population and Housing 2000 data online

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  • Yahoo! Search Search: New User? - Search Yahoo! Movies: Get Showtimes and Tickets Browse by Location (ZIP Code or City, State) Browse by Title Now in Theaters Only on Yahoo! Movies Today's Features Armed and Dangerous See WWE superstar John Cena in the trailer


    ZipCenter adds ZIP Code lookups and GIS searches to any 4D database. ZipCenter is
    fast, easy to use, and simple to install.

  • > > ZipCenter ZipCenter Overview ZipCenter adds USPS ZIP Code lookups and distance searches to any 4D database

  • About the Data ZipCenter includes 5-digit ZIP Code data in a special quick lookup file and as a text file for import

  • This table summarizes what data is included in each version: Field Description Basic Enhanced ZIP Code 5-digit ZIP Code Yes Yes Latitude Latitude used in distance calculations

  • Yes Yes Last modified Date ZIP Code data was last modified in ZipCenter

  • This field allows you to update your ZIP Code data selectively if you receive data subscriptions

  • Yes Yes Primary city Name of primary city the ZIP Code is in

  • (Sometimes there are several cities, alternative spellings, or alternative names.) Yes Yes State 2-character state abbreviation for the state the ZIP Code is in

  • Yes Yes City sequence Unique number for city name amongst all city names associated with a particular ZIP Code

  • No Yes County name Name of the county the ZIP Code is in

  • No Yes Area code Area code for this ZIP Code

  • No Yes Time Zone Time zone offset from Greenwich Mean Time for this ZIP Code - Weather
    Features weather news and 5-day forecasts for cities or countries around the world.

  • HURRICANE WATCH FIND WEATHER AROUND THE WORLD Enter city or ZIP code: Or WATCH FREE VIDEO (2:04) (1:32) • (1:32) • (2:59) • (:48) NORTH AMERICA • • • • EUROPE • • • AFRICA • • • ASIA • • • AUSTRALIA • • • CENTRAL AMERICA/ CARRIBEAN • • MIDDLE EAST • • • SOUTH AMERICA • • • SPECIAL REPORT • • Gallery: • Gallery: • sponsored by: YOUR WEATHER E-MAIL ALERTS Hurricanes Forecasts (Weather) Tornado National Weather Service or EXTREME WEATHER • • • sponsored by: RESOURCES • • • • • Also see © 2006 Cable News Network LP, LLLP

    Tracks gasoline prices at local stations from reports provided by consumers.

    Zip & Area Code Directory
    Look up US postal zip codes, telephone area codes, and associated city names.

  • Zip & Area Code Directories Find City, State and Area Code When Zip Code is Known: Enter 5-Digit Zip Code: Find Zips or Telephone Area Codes When City is Known: Enter Full or Partial City Name: Enter State (Optional): 'morris', would find 'Morristown'

  • Omission of state would return Zips and Area Codes for all 'MorrisXXXXX' in U.S

  • Find Cities, State and Zips When Telephone Area Code is Known: Enter 3-Digit Area Code: Home

    MapQuest.Com: Maps, Directions and More
    Provides online maps, driving directions and trip planning. The toolbar provides
    the map functionality in your browser.

  • Use our new Multi-stop Route Builder to add up to 10 locations! or ! - Enter as much as you know Place Name (optional) e.g., Food or Schools Look up or Address or Intersection City ZIP Code - Enter as much as you know Starting Location Place Name (optional) e.g., Airport or Park Look up or Address or Intersection City ZIP Code Ending Location Place Name (optional) e.g., Hilton or Hotel Look up or Address or Intersection City ZIP Code Shortest Time Shortest Distance Avoid Highways Avoid Tolls Avoid Seasonally-Closed Roads Visit the Coldwell Banker® Homequest and buy, sell or improve your home with leading tools

    Zip Code Database List - US Zip Code Data Map - US Postal Code ...
    United States. Includes some statistics and histories of the post office and of
    the development of the ZIP (zone improvement plan).

  • Zip Code List & Demographics Database Download: Digital Zip Code Database & Maps Free Zip Code Finder Zip Code: AreaCode: State: County: Town/City: Only ONE field is required for your database search

  • Free Radius Search Find all zip codes Within And of this ZIP Code: Free Distance Calc Calculate the distance between two U.S

  • ZIP codes

  • ZIP Code Database List with Demographics & ZIP Code Map Data Free ZIP Code Database Finder or Download the Data United States ZIP Code Listings & Data Base Information Our ZIP code database with demographics Our ZIP code maps are the most precise and user friendly on the internet

  • We are a licensed distributor of the United States Postal Service ZIP code data

  • Find ZIP codes using our free ZIP code finder

  • We update our ZIP codes EVERY month with current U.S

  • Our Deluxe database includes the following data fields: ZIP Codes Area Codes City Name Alias City Names Two digit State Code City Type County Name State FIPS County FIPS Time Zone Daylight Savings Indicator Primary Record Indicator Latitude Longitude County Elevation Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA codes) ZIP to MSA MSA Name Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) PMSA Name CSA Code U.S

    AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages ...
    Phone numbers and addresses for persons and businesses in the United States.
    Includes links to directories for other countries.

  • Business Category OR Name Required City, ZIP or Area Code State Last Name Required First Name TIP: Try just the 1st 4 letters TIP: Use the 1st letter City State Zip | Business Listings provided by ©2006 YELLOWPAGES.COM LLC

    Steve Jackson Games Gamer and Store Finder
    Searchable database, with entries from all over the world. Contains information
    on games played (board games and roleplaying games, from SJ Games only).

  • If we have a street address for the store, a map link is included! (Maps only available for US and Canada addresses.) Gamers Retailers Find Gamers or Stores You can search based on location in several ways: city, state, first three digits of a US zip code, and/or country

  • If a 'city' search doesn't do the job, try it again with 'state' or the zip code, and see how that works out

  • City: State (US only): First 3 digits of ZIP or Postal Code: Country: Show: stores gamers gamers and stores Store Feature(s): Gamer Interest(s): Game area Accepts special orders Deals in out-of-print games Awful Green Things Burn In Hell Car Wars Chez Dork Chez Geek Crime Lords Dino Hunt Dork Tower Frag Greed Quest GURPS GURPS Traveller Hacker Illuminati In Nomine INWO Killer Knightmare Chess Munchkin Card Games Munchkin Roleplaying Ninja Burger Ogre Ogre Miniatures Silicon Valley Tarot Snits! Strange Synergy Tile Chess Toon Transhuman Space Tribes |

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