The CD Data Base (formely CDDB). Enabled CD players can query for playlists.

Music Database
Industrial and gothic music index including full discographies and related links.

  • Music Database The web's largest Industrial/Gothic music index

  • Artist Index Last updated: March 16, 2002 Artists in database: 4137 Releases in database: 6824 Compilations: 651 Compilation tracks: 8045 Artist URLs: 1722
    Audio CD database using GPL software.

  • Search the freedb database for artists or CDs: Search the news: Main Menu Who's Online There are currently, 697 guest(s) and 3 member(s) that are online

  • The program can download audio track data (author, album, date, genre etc.) from the FreeDB online database

  • I am trying to find an organisation that takes the domain and ensures the following: they have to provide the freedb service, not only take the domain the service must remain free of charge for users and developers, regardless of the application database updates will be available on a regular schedule and will be free of charge the licence of the data and the software will remain under the GPL The people I am talking to have to prove me that there is enough skill to operate the freedb service as smooth as possible

  • I started off creating database archives for download and finding ftp mirrors to host it in 2000 and ended up being responsible for basically every aspect of freedb

  • I would like to thank the freedb community who made this service what it is today by helping out in various ways and submitting lots and lots of new database entries to us

  • We started with less than 200.000 database entries - today we have more than 2.000.000

    Web Music Database
    Fan based music database includes recordings, artists, trivia and reviews.

  • Search Login Email or Nickname Password [ ] New Users Contribute Data Tell A Friend Share the Web Music Database with a friend! Friends & Sponsors Tip We got rid of the kids

  • Have You Entered A Recording Today? [] What is webmusicdb? Welcome to the world's first fan-built music information database! Until now, the only information about music has been from the record companies

  • Enter your music collection into the database and include anything else that matters to you, stories, rumors, trivia, whatever! The more people help, the faster webmusicdb will become the best music resource

  • Thanks Thank you for making this possible! With your help, we will soon have the most complete and up-to-date music database

  • · (Kaliponi786 - 2005-08-24 03:51:11) Database Totals · Entries: 130, 059 · Recordings: 3628 · Registered users: 2445 How can I help? You can help in one of two ways: (CDs, Tapes, Records, Whatever) in the database

  • about the database! Remember: The more people we have entering recordings, the sooner we get a complete database for you to use! How Do I Enter a Recording? Very soon we will have a full tutorial (we've got all our special typing monkeys workin' on it full-time!)


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    Music DB Discontinued
    Part of a user-edited database of music information. Includes discography and
    user ratings of albums.

  • Music DB Discontinued The Music database has been discontinued

    The Music Index - pop and rock music database with CD album ...
    Resource for all Independent musicians, record labels and music-related business.
    Access to bands, labels, data and online commerce.

    Commercial Breaks and Beats :: The UK TV Advert Music Database
    The UK Television Advert Music Database. Comprehensive online directory of
    television advertisement soundtracks.

    User built music database. Store and organise personal music collection listings
    for free. Includes cross-referenced discographies of artists and labels, ...

  • Benefits

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    CDDB(tm) music organizer software for your DJ music database or DJ ...
    For cataloging the song titles on CD, LP, 45 music collections for disc jockeys,
    music collectors and hobbists. Shareware. Windows NT 4.5 or later, ...

  • DJ - isc Jockey and Music Database Software Great software to organize your music collection or music library! For DJ's, Music Collectors, Radio Stations, Entertainers, Musicians, Churches, Record Stores Great Search Functions-Find songs in just seconds

  • Great for organizing almost any inventory of products and information where you need fast lookup and easy data entry The Easiest Way to Organize Your music on CD - LP - Vinyl Collection- 45s - and more! Order Here | Order Here Free Trial! Most popular feature is that it uses CDDB (TM) Database to look up all the song titles/artists for you so you don't have to type them manually! CDDB (TM) Database Statistics CD's: Over 2.5 Million - Songs: Over 30 Million - Unique Monthly Users: +30 Million It can lookup song tracks on an album without needing the CD or if you want to use the audio CD

  • This program will save you a lot of time in putting your music collection into a database

  • For example: If you have a dial-up modem and you put your CD in the drive to get the track listings into your database, in many cases it only takes 3-5 seconds to get the data! Cable-Modem = 1 second in most cases! Requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and XP PROF or Win NT 4.5 or higher for fast 32 bit database access Minimum 16 RAM and 25 Meg Hard Disk Space Used by thousands of radio stations, DJs, and music collectors world-wide! New! download our software from local sites in these countries Australia - Austria - Austria - Canada - Czech Republic - England - England - Finland - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Italy - Poland - Russia - Spain - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - USA (Virginia) - USA (New Jersey) Listen to a recent customer comment on the software | Features 2 (TM) Internet Database Access JUST insert your audio CD in the CD-ROM drive and it will go out on the internet and get the track listings! SAVES TON'S OF TIME

    CD Database Software for Windows and Mac OS X, catalog your music
    Insert CD into computer or scan barcode and program will add it to your database.
    Shareware. Windows 9x/NT4/ME/2000/XP.

  • CD Database Software for Windows and Mac OS X, catalog your music Catalog your CDs automatically (for Windows/Mac OS X) All products: Organize your music collection in a database and finally know exactly which CDs you own

  • (Looking to catalog your audio files? Check out our ) Use Music Collector to: Catalog CDs automatically Just insert a CD in your CD-ROM drive, type artist/title or to add it to your database Download all CD data Including cover image, artist, title, track titles, year, label, etc..

  • Search your music database E.g

  • Catalog your music collection Adding items to the music database is quick and easy, adding CDs can even be done without any typing

  • The information is retrieved from various music database sites on the internet (like the freedb and the Amazon )

  • View and search the music database Once you have added a number of CDs to the inventory, you can view it on the main screen

  • A special export feature is included to export your database for use in the on your PDA (PocketPC or Palm)

    Collection Database Software for Windows and Mac OS X: catalog ...
    Series of programs for cataloging collections of CDs, DVDs, books, comic books
    and MP3 files. [NA]

  • Collection Database Software for Windows and Mac OS X: catalog your inventory of CDs, DVDs, books, games, etc.

  • Cataloger Software for Windows and Mac OS X All products: Catalog your media collection with our database software provides a series of database programs for cataloging your personal collection of music, movies, books, comics, video games, audio files (MP3/WMA/OGG etc..) and digital photo files

  • Add CDs to your database using your CD-ROM drive, typing/scanning their barcodes or typing artist and title

  • Add DVDs to your database by just typing the movie titles or typing/scanning the DVD barcodes

  • Add books to your database by typing/scanning the ISBN code or by typing author and title

  • Add comics to your database by typing the series name and selecting the issues you own

  • Add games to the database by typing the title and platform, or by typing/scanning barcodes

  • Available for Windows [ ] [ ] [ ] Catalog, tag and rename your audio files in a database

    Piero Scaruffi's Music Database
    An independent database of rock musicians, record reviews, and discographies.

  • Choose a language: | Album reviews: | Best of: | Albums are rated on this website as follows: 10=best ever; 9=a masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan Recipient of an NMC AWARD FOR MUSIC TASTE Editor: | 1974: First version of Piero Scaruffi's History of Rock Music 1986: Piero Scaruffi's online database on the Internet 1989: First volume of Piero Scaruffi's six-volume History of Rock Music published 1995: Piero Scaruffi's online database becomes a website hosted by Stanford University 1998: is born 2003: 'A History of Rock Music' is published in the USA Please do not use Internet Explorer to view this website


    The Mudcat Cafe
    The Mudcat Cafe and The Digital Tradition are dedicated to the preservation and
    appreciation of blues and folk music.

  • Lyrics & Knowledge Search DT Forum Sort (Forum) by:relevance date DT Lyrics: With about 9000 songs in the Digital Tradition Database, you're sure to find what you're looking for

    Digital Tradition Folk Song Database
    Mudcat discussion forums and information about how to download your own copy of
    the database.

    .: Musica International Database of choral music :.
    Project of the International Federation for Choral Music. 83000 titles comprehensively
    described. Also: Favourite piece of the month, anniversaries of composers ...

    Yet Another Digital Tradition Page
    A mirror of the Digital Tradition folk music database which includes scores in
    GIF and whistle tablature formats.

  • Yet Another Digital Tradition Page Here's yet another index of the Digital Tradition Folk Music Database ; you can read about the Digital Tradition at their main site at

  • This version is currently using the Spring '02 version of the database

  • Anyway, this is a copy of the Digital Tradition database of folk songs and I'm letting you search it

    Welcome to tunedb
    Search 16000+ traditional tunes by name or by entering a fragment of the music.

  • the traditional music database | Other stuff Sponsors Statistics TUNEdb contains ..

  • 16243 ABCs 1534 Artists Welcome to Richard Moon's TUNEdb This is TUNEdb, the traditional music database, where you can search our database of traditional tunes and store your tune information for the benefit of all

  • Subscribe to TUNEdb_discuss What is TUNEdb ? TUNEdb is a database of s from many different parts of the world

  • The information on the database is put here by contributors (see for details)

  • However you do not have to be a contributor to use the database - UK Top 40 Chart Archive, British Singles & Album Charts
    Searchable database. Facts, trivia and archive.

  • | Search the UK Top 40 Hit Database Name of artist You may leave the artist and title boxes empty if you are searching purely by date

  • Earliest date to show Latest date to show Order results by Email this site to a friend: Join the mailing list: Copyright © 2000-2006 This is a database of UK charts

  • Our database covers fifty years ; 1952 to the present day

  • An award-winning UK Music Database that truly is top of the pops! home for songwriters, composers, & publishers
    Broadcast Music, Inc. was founded 60 years ago on the idea that all songwriters,
    composers and publishers have the right to be paid for the use of their ...

    CMDB - The Christian Music Database for Consumers
    Comprehensive database on christian and gospel music on the web. The site doesn't
    sell music, but provides links on each title to locations where you can buy ...

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