Illustrated discussion of mandalas, their creation and their place within Buddhist
Tantric practice.

  • They are constructed at the beginning of the initiation, out of grains of colored sand carefully placed on a specially prepared platform

  • But while the mud-bricks of altars are simply abandoned after the ritual sacrifice, mandalas are deliberately destroyed, their sand swept up upon completion of the initiation and and poured into a nearby stream or river

  • The learning process is two-fold, including the memorization of texts that specify the names, lengths, and positions of the primary lines that define the basic structure of mandalas, as well as the manual techniques of drawing and pouring sand

  • These guide-lines are traditionally drawn with chalk, and serve as a base for the final rendering of the mandala with colored sand

  • In the completed mandala , the colored sand completely covers the construction lines, resulting in the following form: Details of the Guhyasamaja mandala..

  • Just as the Vedic altar is abandoned after the completion of the sacrificial ritual, the sand of the mandala is swept away after the completion of the tantric ritual, and then poured into a nearby stream or river

  • Questions: What are the geometric implications of rendering mandalas with sand? (Use the concepts of 'accuracy' and 'precision'.) What is the relationship between the scale of a mandala and the type of iconographic representation that it contains? What are the primary differences between the Guhyasamaja mandala illustrated above and those given by Dagyab? If the mandalas shown above are two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects, what might those objects look like? Patrick A

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    Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
    Includes brief description, fees, maps, photo, and contact information.

  • DISCOVER UTAH'S STATE PARKS AND MUSEUMS Contact Us: Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park P.O

  • Box 146001 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6001 (801) 538-7220 Rippling arcs of rust-colored sand welcome you as you enter Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

  • Contrasted by blue skies, juniper and pinion pines, and steep red cliffs, the park is a wonderful place for camping, photography, off-highway vehicle riding, and playing in the sand

  • As the only major sand dune field on the Colorado Plateau, this park is a unique geologic feature that should not be missed

  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

    Bienal - Universalis - Yukinori Yanagi
    Profile, chronology, and examples of his work.

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    Exploring the Mandala
    Brief description of mandalas, including a computer model developed at Cornell

  • Sand Paintings Mandalas are usually displayed in two dimension, and are commonly made from paper, textiles, and colored sand

  • In a sand painting the sand is dyed and then carefully placed on a large, flat table

  • These two images show sand paintings of the Vajrabhairava mandala

  • Pema Losang Chogyen is shown constructing a sand painting at Cornell University's Johnson Museum of Art in March of 1991

  • The sand mandala ritual ends with a

  • The model contains tens of thousands of objects, and was used to create these still images: A six minute animation of this computer model, 'Exploring the Mandala, ' is available from

    Early Childhood - educational preschool and kindergarten teaching ...
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  • Chalk and Sand Paper: Draw a picture on fine sand paper with colored chalk.

  • Cinnamon Rubbings: Cut sandpaper into square pieces or desired shape

  • Let each child draw on the sandpaper with a cinnamon stick

  • Then help the child punch a hole near the top of the sandpaper shape, thread a piece of yarn through it, and tie the yarn around his or her neck

  • They can smell the spicy scented sandpaper while wearing the necklace

  • Colored Sand Painting: Pour sand on paper plates or pie pans

  • Have the children rub the sand with chalk to color it (dry tempera can also be used)

  • After each pan of sand has been colored, use a funnel and pour the sand into a small container or salt shaker

  • Put the colored glue, sand, and paper on the table

  • Let the children drizzle a glue design on their paper and then sprinkle the sand over the design by shaking the sand over the design or picking it up with their fingers and slowly dropping it along the glue line

  • Let dry and shake off the excess sand into a large container

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    The Mandala - Sacred Geometry and Art
    An article on the sacred symbol of Buddhism. Construction of Mandalas by monks
    from Buddhist monasteries is described.

  • Once in a desolate Indian landscape the Mahasiddha Tilopa requested a mandala offering from his disciple Naropa, and there being no readily available materials with which to construct a mandala, Naropa urinated on the sand and formed an offering of a wet-sand mandala

  • - Kala Hillery this article loved the article and the pics, i was fortunate enough to watch buddist monks creating a sand mandala once and it was the most spellbinding experience of my existance (except meditating while they chanted!!)...i went back every day for two weeks just to be in silence with them...thankyou for making me and light to all - julia this article Thank you for this informative article

  • Although I know about sand mandalas and watch them being created often, I am still fascinated by each grain of sand and found your article very informative

  • But I have strongly suspected since that time that this vision is the same one that at times appears to meditating buddhist monks who portray a single 'frame' of this vision in their colored sand artworks

  • Regards - Sandra this article | Copyright © 2006, Best viewed at 800 x 600 screen size Site Maintained by

    Drying Flowers
    Details various processes of drying and preserving fresh flowers and foliages.

  • These include sawdust, washing powder, talcum powder, alcohol, cornstarch, silica gel, cornmeal, borax, sand, antifreeze and even kitty litter! No one material can be considered the best because what may prove best for one flower may be an inferior material for another flower

  • A Couple of "Borax Methods": This involves burying the flowers in a mixture of borax and white cornmeal (2:1) or borax and sand (2:1)

  • Also, in some cases, the sand, because of its rough edges, may produce small holes in the petals

  • About 10 days is the average if cornmeal is used, and about 16 days of drying is needed if sand is used

  • Silica Gel: This may be used with sand alone or with the borax methods just described

  • Oolitic sand: Most connoisseurs of the art of preserving flowers agree that the best material available for achieving excellent results is oolitic sand , a material found along the Great Salt Lake in Utah

  • Oolitic sand is heavy, which puts steady pressure on the flower while it’s drying; it is smooth therefore, it doesn’t injure the flower; it is hollow, which enhances its ability to absorb water; and it has a relative high pH, which helps to preserve the flowers color

    Jackson Pollock - Biography and Links
    Provides a biography and images of selected paintings.

  • Instead of using the traditional easel he affixed his canvas to the floor or the wall and poured and dripped his paint from a can; instead of using brushes he manipulated it with `sticks, trowels or knives' (to use his own words), sometimes obtaining a heavy impasto by an admixture of `sand, broken glass or other foreign matter'

  • It has been suggested that Pollock was influenced by Native American sand paintings, made by trickling thin lines of colored sand onto a horizontal surface

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    Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, UT (DesertUSA)
    Includes map, color photos, camping information, mileage guides and links.

  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park encompasses 3, 730 acres of southwestern Utah where a stunning, coral-colored dunefield is surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, blue skies and juniper/pinyon forests

  • Highway 89 near Kanab, Utah, this park provides a fantastic setting for camping, hiking, off-highway vehicle riding, taking photographs or just playing in the sand

  • The park's sand dunes are created because a notch between the Moquith and Moccasin mountains funnels the prevailing winds, increasing their velocity to a point where they can carry sand grains in what is called the Venturi Effect

  • Eroding Navajo Sandstone formations surrounding the park account for the unique color of these dunes

  • OHV / 4WD Touring Coral Pink Sand Dunes includes 1, 200 acres of play area for off-highway vehicles (OHV)

  • Hiking Hiking the sand dunes is an interesting and colorful experience

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  • Basic Playdough uses ingredients available in any country Bubbles Colored Rice Colored Sand Dryer Lint Modeling Compound (similar to Paper Mache) Face Paint Finger Paint 'Flubber' Glitter Glue Kool-Aid Play Dough Modeling Clay (hardening) Paper Mache Perfect Play Dough Puffy Paint Salt Glitter Silly Putty Soap Foam Texturized Finger Paint

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  • Some species cement tiny sand grains together to form a pattern consistent for that particular species

  • Some species are less fussy and will incorporate sand grains, diatoms, desmids, and bits of debris into the shell construction

  • Testate amoeba, Arcella vulgaris Image © Jan Parmentier 1998 For a first venture, I suggest looking at some samples of marine beach sand

  • Place a small quantity of the sand in a small plastic Petri dish

  • Using a dissecting needle, one can sort the sand and separate out any foram shells

  • Some sand samples will prove to have virtually no forams, while others will provide a rich variety

  • Whenever you hear about friends traveling, if only a few miles up the coast or to some exotic location halfway across the world, ask them to bring you a couple of small vials of sand

  • Often such sand samples, even if they don't provide forams, do contain small jewels from other organisms

    Nazca Lines (Morgana's Observatory)
    Description of these mysterious lines in Peru and further links and resources.

  • The pampa was originally covered with black, wind-smoothed rock -- the lines were created by removing these black-colored rock fragments and topsoil to reveal the light-colored sand underneath

  • Ceramic data actually places the biomorphic figures about a thousand years before the dates of the lines

    Jackson Pollock -- and True and False Ambition: The Urgent Difference
    Artist and aesthetic realism consultant Dorothy Koppelman explains Jackson
    Pollock's torment and why his work is beautiful.

  • It was in Arizona that Pollock saw Indian sand paintings

  • The method of drawing on the land itself--having colored sand run through one's fingers--affected him and his method of doing large works right on the floor and using tools, trowels, sticks rather than brushes

    Information about the Deity and legend of this temple at the southern tip of the
    Indian subcontinent.

  • The disappointed Goddess decided to spend her life in Kanyakumari as a virgin, and that all the food prepared for the wedding was laid waste and that it turned into the colored sand seen on the southern shores of the subcontinent

  • The Kalabham (sandal) festival in the month of Aadi is also of importance here, when the image is covered with sandal paste, and on the 13th day, ie

    07-07-02 Lavender
    Factsheet on how to select a variety, fertilize, mulch, water, and prune the plants.

  • A two-inch mulch of light colored sand will moderate the soil temperature and reflect heat and light up to the plant

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