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  • , the , the , The Incredible, ...and more! Post in our Forum Search Comic Book Movie Actresses in spandex! Virtual girls of vid-games! Animation & Cartoon News Anime & Manga News [Fantastic Four 2] What will the Thing look like in the sequel? Plus, Doug Jones confirms he's the Silver Surfer

  • Bob Gough - 8/22/2006 [Transformers] Take a look at the toys inspired by the upcoming live action/CGI movie

  • Bob Gough - 8/22/2006 [Transformers] What Autobots and Decepticons will appear in the Transformer movie? And what will they look like

  • Bob Gough - 8/15/2006 [Ultimate Avengers] Veteran super-hero scripter Zak Penn is at work on bringing the Earth's Mightiest Heroes to a movie theater near you

  • Jones' fan-favored series is next in line for movie development

  • Bob Gough - 8/10/2006 [Superman Returns] Despite a less-than-expected domestic box office take, you can expect a second Superman movie, the director assures

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    DVD Times - Sin City #1: The Hard Goodbye (Review)
    Review of the graphic novel and first volume of the series, by DJ Nock.

  • I was thinking about buying this and plan to see the movie

  • I was thinking about buying this and plan to see the movie

  • info: SIN CITY MOVIE

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    Closer Movie - Clive Owen on Closer, James Bond, and Sin City
    Interview with Clive Owen about the movie Closer, the James Bond rumors and Sin City.

  • You are here: >>> > > > FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Hollywood Movies newsletter! Clive Owen stars in "Closer" © Sony Pictures "Closer" Cast Interviews "Closer" Movie Resources Clive Owen Resources Most Popular Related Topics Clive Owen Talks About "Closer" From, Your Guide to

  • Clive Owen on "Closer" the Movie vs

  • Owen appeared in the original London stage production of "Closer, " though during that run, he actually played the character Jude Law plays in the movie

  • Citing his love of playwright Patrick Marber's material, Clive Owen considers being able to be involved in the movie version of "Closer" 'a real treat.' And getting to take on a different character from the play was like being handed a special present

  • It’s not in the movie, I don't know

  • And Jude [Law] was already cast as Dan in the movie, so I was thrilled

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  • July 12th, 2005 Well, Frank Miller has returned to Batman comics, there’s a new Batman movie out inspired by his “Year One” and of course the fabolous Sin City movie (thank you Rodriguez!)… So what better way to celebrate than to get the Frank Miller Library back online? Please do not make any links to this site - as I will get a new domain for it, and proper permalinks… Aswell, there seems to be some incompabilities between IE and FireFox so the design layout is not 100% yet

  • Seems “cult” director managed to convince Frank Miller to let him make a movie out of

    BBC Radio 4 - The Film Programme - Clive Owen
    In this audio interview, the actor talks about his role in "Sin City", depictions
    of violence, script adaptation and the film noir genre.

  • BBC Radio 4's programme for movie enthusiasts This week Saturday 28 May 2005 Clive Owen on Sin City, new British film Millions and a tribute to the producer Ismail Merchant

  • Francine also meets the British actor Clive Owen who plays Dwight in the movie, an ultra-cool ex-con caught up in the lawless metropolis

    BBC - Movies - interview - Clive Owen
    The British thespian discusses performing against a green screen, working with
    creative people and the opportunities that have been offered to him during his ...

  • 26 August 2006 MOVIES Cinema Search Film Reviews Watch & Listen News and Views Interviews Film 2006 DVD Reviews Film Fun The Foyer Like this page? Clive Owen Sin City Interviewed by I thought about it for about half a second and then jumped at it It was as TV's Chancer that Clive Owen made his mark with British audiences, but the Americans have only just discovered him in recent big-budget epic and as a lover spurned in Mike Nichols'

  • How do you feel about the end result? The astonishing thing when you do a film like this is that you do your thing for however long and Robert is telling you this is going to be here and it's going to look like this, and then three days before the American premiere I go to see the movie and I'm completely blown away

  • It's like I had no idea I was in that movie! The stuff that happened after we did what we did is, to me, nothing but completely baffling

  • But I don't love it as much as movies" Useless Fact: He appeared in a series of short films advertising a certain German car manufacturer What we really want to know: Is he going to be shaken or stirred in the near future? MOVIES Links |

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  • Telephone You can easily buy online or call us on: 0114 2569604 This is where you'll find some of the great new movie, scifi & comics merchandise to - keep checking back as items are added regularly

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  • He saw something in her as did Spike Lee when he cast her a few years later in his movie He Got Game starring Denzel Washington & former Milwaukee Buck, now Seattle Supersonic Star Ray Allen

  • She also had the lead as Valerie Brown in the movie Josie & the Pussycats

  • She also has many new roles in new movies such as 'The Rundown' co-starring with the WWE's 'The Rock' Duane Johnson

    ICv2 News - '300' Movie Nears Completion
    Information on shooting schedules, possible release date, and director Zach
    Snyder's vision of bringing the Frank Miller comic book to the big screen.

  • Click below to visit one of our sponsors '300' Movie Nears Completion Four Weeks of Shooting Left December 28, 2005 Zack Snyder, director of the film adaptation of Frank Miller's 300 graphic novel, has completed nine weeks of filming and expects to have wrapped up principal photography on the movie before the end of January

  • Miller Art Although the 300 movie is still slated for 2006, no firm date for its release is available yet, but given the nearly half a million copies of Miller's Sin City graphic novels sold in the wake of the Sin City film, retailers should definitely keep abreast of the developments regarding 300

  • Movie Version Warner Bros., the studio producing the film, has created a Website for the movie that includes several examples of the way in which the filmmakers have transformed Miller's graphic novel from page to screen, and although the horizontal aspect ratio of widescreen movies is often at odds with the shapes of the panels created for the 300 graphic novel (published by Dark Horse), there is little doubt of the attempt to come as close as possible to the look of Miller's work

    MTV Announces '06 Movie Award Nominees -
    Christian Bale is nominated for Best Hero for his role in Batman Begins.

  • MTV Announces '06 Movie Award Nominees Source: MTV Networks April 24, 2006 More than an award show, but a film unto itself, MTV: Music Television today announced the cast, or nominees, of the '2006 MTV Movie Awards.' Up for starring roles are the The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers , each receiving five nominations

  • Filming June 3rd at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, CA, the '2006 MTV Movie Awards' will premiere to audiences nationwide on Thursday, June 8th at 9pm ET/PT on MTV

  • And in another Movie Awards first, all of this year's categories, including 'Best Performance, ' will make no distinction between male and female

  • Fans can vote for the entire nominated cast of the '2006 MTV Movie Awards' by visiting before May 19th

  • Fans can also vote from their mobile phone by texting 'movieawards' to 91757 to receive a ballot

  • 'This year's Movie Awards will be more than an awards show -- it's an experience completely inspired by the movies, and everything we love about them, ' said Christina Norman, President, MTV

  • 'This year's cast of movies and stars are all deserving nominees, and there is no doubt this year's Movie Awards will in itself, be a movie to remember.' Starring Hollywood's hottest actors and celebrities, the '2006 MTV Movie Awards' promises to be one of the summer's biggest blockbusters


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  • NEW MOVIES.TOP MOVIES 2004-2005.MOVIE RELEASES.TOP 10-TEN MOVIES.TOP GROSSING MOVIES.DOWNLOAD NEW MOVIES NEW MOVIES (2004-2005) Movie Info The Interpreter The Amityville Horror Kidman stars as African-born U.N

  • In this movie, we follow three stories..


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  • Need help choosing DVDs or movies? or Selectby TITLE | IN THIS SECTION: · · · · IN THIS SECTION: · · IN THIS SECTION: · · · IN THIS SECTION: · · · · IN THIS SECTION: · · · · IN THIS SECTION: · · · IN THIS SECTION: · · (Wide) Its title is self-explanatory, and it's the most heavily hyped movie of the year

  • But will Sam's reptile-fest live up to all the brouhaha?(Critics' Grade: A) (Wide) Hey, that Mac kid is in a movie! Justin Long plays a high-school senior who finds himself rejected by every college

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  • In 1999 she appeared in two of that year's hottest movies, Never Been Kissed opposited Drew Barrymore, and the quirkly comedy Idle Hands

    Chicago Film Critics Association - Welcome!
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  • 1 movie of 2005, beating out tough contenders 'Brokeback Mountain, ' 'Good Night, and Good Luck, ' 'A History of Violence, ' and 'King Kong.' 'Crash, ' Paul Haggis’ ensemble drama examining the destructive effects of racism in America, took one other award, best screenplay by Haggis and Bobby Moresco

  • No single movie dominated the 2005 awards, however, four films tied with two wins each: 'Capote, ' 'A History of Violence, ' 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Crash.' Philip Seymour Hoffman took the best actor prize from the Windy City critics for his virtuoso interpretation of novelist Truman Capote in 'Capote.' He bested a top crop of competitors including Terrence Howard for 'Hustle & Flow, ' Heath Ledger in 'Brokeback Mountain, ' Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash in 'Walk the Line' and David Strathairn as Edward R

    Sin City Sounds-Guide to Las Vegas music entertainment, nightlife ...
    Guide to local music and cultural events, with emphasis on non-casino activities.

  • Friday, June 23 I just mailed off a cashier's check for $800 to Damien Echol Defense Fund; thanks again to everyone for their support of ! Frida y, June 2 Thanks to everyone who came to for West Memphis Three Movie Night on Sunday > Find Music from TV Commercials, Film Trailer Music ...
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  • Advertisements Blog Ads Advertise on other and News Welcome to ! Our weblog and forums are about music used in television commercials, film trailers, movie soundtracks, tv shows, video games and more

  • Responding to the many to release their music to the public, the stock music company is releasing an album based on their trailer music library, under the name of : 'Every time we write a new score for a trailer we are inundated by movie fans wanting to know if it is commercially available

  • Doubt the 'life changing moments' musical aura created by the use of 'Solsbury Hill'? The track can even turn the horror movie thriller The Shining into a

  • January 09, 2006 Age of Consent In the new movie trailer for Sofia Coppola's, we learn that 18th century rich kids (even the 'let them eat cake' Queen of France played by Kirsten Dunst) are just like modern rich kids -- at least when backed by a slice of 80s

  • Each year, at least one particular piece of movie trailer music grabs them without letting go

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