US FDA/CFSAN Dietary Supplements: Ephedrine Alkaloids
US drug regulatory agency warnings, information, and analysis on the safety of
this group of compounds.

  • | D ietary S upplements Contents Dietary Supplements: Ephedrine Alkaloids Please Check Dates for Latest Information | Alerts and Related Information FDA Press Release: February 6, 2004 February 6, 2004 Federal Register, February 11, 2004 February 6, 2004 December 30, 2003 December 30, 2003 December 30, 2003 December 30, 2003 December 30, 2003 December 30, 2003 July 1, 2003 February 28, 2003 February 28, 2003 February 28, 2003 February 28, 2003 February 28, 2003 Rand Report: February 2003 March 31, 2000 Press release June 2, 1997 Press Release, April 10, 1996 February 22, 1995 FDA Medical Bulletin, September 1994 Testing Methodology March 2005 Public Meetings Food Advisory Committee Meeting on Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids

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    Federal Trade Commission tackles the problem of advertising what can or can not
    be delivered.

  • Panel members representing producers of protein supplement formulations for physician- supervised very-low-calorie diets expressed the view that collecting data on patient outcomes was not only possible economically, it was also good business

    Consumer Information - Diet, Health & Fitness
    A list of online fact sheets on selected topics for which the Federal Trade
    Commission has had to address consumer complaints regarding fraud.

    CNN.com - Health - Herb in weight-loss pill causes cancer, damages ...

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    CNN - FDA approves new weight loss drug - April 26, 1999

  • Xenical reduces absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, K and beta carotene, so users of the drug are advised to take dietary supplements

    Ma Huang In Diet Supplements - Any Harm?
    Focuses on the widespread use of the nutritional herb Ma huang and its possible
    dangers and side effects.

    An FDA Guide to Dietary Supplements
    Article explains requirements for labeling, what constitutes a supplement,
    monitoring for safety, understanding manufacturers claims, fraudulent and quality ...

  • An FDA Guide to Dietary Supplements by Paula Kurtzweil Set between a Chinese restaurant and a pizza and sub sandwich eatery, a Rockville health food store offers yet another brand of edible items: Bottled herbs like cat's claw, dandelion root, and blessed thistle

  • Herbal and nutrient concoctions whose labels carry claims about relieving pain, "energizing" and "detoxifying" the body, or providing "guaranteed results." This store sells dietary supplements, some of the hottest selling items on the market today

  • In 1996 alone, consumers spent more than $6.5 billion on dietary supplements, according to Packaged Facts Inc., a market research firm in New York City

  • But even with all the business they generate, consumers still ask questions about dietary supplements: Can their claims be trusted? Are they safe? Does the Food and Drug Administration approve them? Many of these questions come in the wake of the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, or DSHEA, which set up a new framework for FDA regulation of dietary supplements

  • It also created an office in the National Institutes of Health to coordinate research on dietary supplements, and it called on President Clinton to set up an independent dietary supplement commission to report on the use of claims in dietary supplement labeling

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  • Nutraceutical challenged the FDA's ban of Ephedra products arguing that Ephedra 'has been safely consumed' for hundreds of years and the judge agreed, sending the matter back to the FDA 'for further rulemaking consistent with the court's opinion.' This stops the FDA from taking enforcement action against companies selling ephedra supplements with 10 mg or less of Ephedra alkaloids

  • Despite this ruling many supplement manufacturers are too chicken to assert their rights to sell Ephedra supplements

  • This new system will make DrumLib.com an even better resource for determining what supplements really work and finding the best deals based on meaningful price comparisons like the cost of a standardized dose

  • Your Access To Vitamins Is In DANGER '....these products (dietary supplements) are never going to carry health claims because they are never going to exist in high enough potencies to merit them.' 'So where are we in the end? Engaged in a battle for global dietary supplement regulation, a battle that means life or death for some of us, a battle that we are losing, to a Europe that doesn’t really believe in supplementation except on doctor’s orders.' Read the and watch the ! People often talk about the deep political division between the Left and the Right but, as this health freedom issue illustrates, this is a false dichotomy: both Republicans and Democrats have been pushing for big, intrusive government because they are both statists


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    Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Vitamin B12
    Gives detailed content about basic functions, deficiency symptoms, good food
    sources, and RDA recommendations.

  • Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Vitamin B12 • • Table of Contents B 12 helps maintain healthy nerve and []

  • They should also discuss with their personal physician their own need for vitamin B 12 supplements

  • Individuals with or with disorders may benefit from or require a vitamin B 12 supplement

  • Older adults and vegetarians may benefit from a vitamin B 12 supplement or an increased intake of foods fortified with vitamin B 12

  • Vitamin B 12 body stores can then be managed by a daily supplement of vitamin B 12

  • Anyone who has had either of these surgeries usually requires lifelong vitamin B 12 supplements to prevent a deficiency

  • Vitamin supplements and fortified foods may be the best sources of vitamin B 12 for adults older than age 50 years []

  • In 142 individuals considered at for dementia, researchers found that a daily supplement providing 2 (mg) and 1 mg vitamin B 12 , taken for 12 weeks, lowered homocysteine levels by 30%

  • However, the decrease in homocysteine levels seen with the use of vitamin supplements did not improve []

  • Strict vegetarians and vegans who do not consume foods that come from plants that are fortified with vitamin B 12 need to consider taking a dietary supplement that contains vitamin B 12 and should discuss the need for vitamin B 12 supplements with their physician

    Hydroxycitrate as a Weight-Loss Ingredient
    Literature review by Quackwatch.

  • A review of this popular "health food" item is beyond the scope of this article, but a recent critical review [7] gave reasons to be skeptical of the value of chromium supplements

  • For one thing, it is difficult to determine whether anyone is chromium deficient, and people who aren't deficient will not benefit from supplements

  • The only new articles relevant to HCA supplements were three more by McCarty in Medical Hypotheses [8-10]

  • (1995) "Open Field, Physician Controlled, Clinical Evaluation of Botanical Weight Loss Formula Citrin." Presented at: Nutracon 1995: Nutriceuticals, Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods; July 11-13; Las Vegas, Nev

  • (1996) "Supplement Watch: Chromium." Nutrition Action Healthletter, May, 10-11 McCarty, M.F

  • "Reductions of Body Fat as a Function of Taking a Dietary Supplement Containing Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Chromium Picolinate and L-Carnitine - A Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study." (Abstract) Thom, E

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    Ephedra Side Effects Information - Ephedrine Lawsuit News
    Information about ephedrine injuries and side-effects.

  • nervousness dizziness tremor alternations in blood pressure or heart rate headache gastro- intestinal distress chest pain myocardial infarction hepatitis stroke seizures pyschosis death Recent Ephedrine Lawsuit News ° August 17, 2004, Ephedra Side Effects News September 13, 2006 Settlement Reached in Ephedra-Based Supplement Lawsuit Ephedra-based supplement manufacturer N.V.E

  • August 25, 2006 Ruling Upholds Ephedrine Ban Last week a federal appeals court upheld the ban on ephedrine, a weight loss supplement associated with serious and life threatening side effects

  • June 29 , 2006 Senate Votes on Diet-Pill Rules A Senate committee recently approved a bill that would require dietary-supplement manufacturers to report to the FDA any side effects or deaths associated with their medication

  • A Utah judge has lifted the ban on dietary supplements containing low doses of ephedrine, a substance known to cause serious side effects

  • Customs directors after a customs agent at Salt Lake City International Airport seized a shipment of ephedra dietary supplements in February 2006

  • March 28, 2006 Ephedra-Free Diet Pills May Pose Serious Side Effects A new study conducted by researchers at the University of California in San Francisco found that two common ephedra-free dietary supplements increase heart rate among healthy users, and could pose potentially harmful side effects in some people

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