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Reseller of LEDs, customized LEDs, halogen lamps, neon lamps, miniature lens-end
lamps, cold cathode lamps and customized technical lamp solutions.

  • | powered by Gilway Technical Lamp 10 Technology Drive Peabody, MA 01960-7976 Phone: 978-818-6177 Fax: 978-818-6178 Email: Gilway Technical Lamp provides you with light source solutions....it’s that simple

  • From spectral characteristics to output power levels, from lamp or LED size and shape to optical characteristics, from our vast in-stock inventory to custom made products, we can provide you with a solution to fit your needs and your cost objectives

  • Whether you are looking for the latest in high power LEDs, or precision lens end lamps....or halogen lamps, holders, and reflectors....or neon, miniature, UV, visible, and IR....we have it or we can make it for you

  • Gilway Technical Lamp unites specialized manufacturing techniques with assembly and testing, together with our broad product line, market experience, and unmatched customer service and support in an ISO 9001:2K environment....all to create your best source for technical lighting solutions

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    inova light Lightwave flashlight photon micro light LED flashlights
    Sells assortment of led flashlights such as photon micro light and keychain

  • ** Free shipping for USA, Canada Addresses Please email CFR Lights for a shipping quote on international orders CFR Lights The Best Source for Energy Efficient lighting Address: 1909 chowkeebin Court Tallahassee, FL 32301 | Phone: 850-942-2022| Toll Free: 866-253-8675| Email: | List of Products ** Free shipping for USA, Canada Addresses LEDs, Luxeon LEDs, LED bulbs, LED flashlights, LED lanterns, LED Safety Products, LED headlamps, Ultra-Violet LED, InfraRed LED flashlights, Night Vision 'Green' LED flashlights, LED Dive lights, LED controls and switches for motorcycles, LED flashlight replacement bulbs, Motorcycle LED lights, LED Key Chain Flashlights, Police and Military Tactical flashlights

  • -is the first flashlight to collect, concentrate and deliver +90% of the light generated by LED lamps

  • LED: Luxeon Star 1W Battery: 3V Cell Type 1 x CR2- lithium - included - This mini-pocket light features a high intensity long lasting white LED lamp

  • The 6-watt white LED lamp contained in the sunlight C4 eLED dive light is the most indestructable source of illumination for diving available today

  • Unlike the standard glass envelope lamps used since Edison, the LED will not break when dropped

    Online retailer which sells binoculars, monoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes,
    all-in-one digital camera/binocular/telescope units, and LED lights.

    Forge Europa > Designers and Manufacturers of LED Lamps, Displays ...
    Manufacture of visible and infrared optoelectronic components, custom LED
    interlocking displays, SMDs, dot matrix, bargraphs and high intensity discretes.

  • Welcome to Forge Europa Forge Europa, the innovative designers and Manufacturers of LED Lamps, Displays and Assemblies specialising in LED technology welcomes you to our website

  • XLamp Lighting LEDs Available in 0.5W, 1W, 3W

  • High Performance Lamps Extensive range of round, elliptical & square LED lamps

  • Test Facilities, Research and Development News Junction Temperature Test Equipment Life Testing LED Test & Measurement Laboratory Elevated Temperature Test Equipment Forge Europa will once again be present at the Munich based Electronica exhibition from 14 - 17th November 2006 Ranges of Blue LED Lamps and Displays dramatically expanded

  • info: LED LAMP

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    Cool Stuff Cheap, discounted lava lamps, plasma balls, bubble ...
    Lava lamps, leatherman tools, lite cubes, and flashlights.

    Waterproof rechargeable LED head torches
    Specialist supplier of caving lights and lighting equipment, based in the UK.

  • Speleo Technics set about researching the technology to produce the ideal personal caving head torch and in 1983 introduced the revolutionary FX2 cavers lamp

    LED Fluorescence
    LED Fluorescence as a low-cost replacement for traditional fluorescence microscopy.

  • The lamps are very bright and produce ample light for most work

  • There are substantial costs and some hazards involved in using mercury or xenon lamps

  • With standard fluorescence microscopy, the light source always requires a narrow-band exciter filter, as the lamp's output wavelengths are too broad

  • Standard mercury and xenon lamps last several hundred hours in normal operation

  • When mercury lamps die, they may go out with a bang! LEDs can work satisfactorily for well over 10, 000 hours

  • Unlike the high-pressure, gas-filled lamps, LEDs are available for use at a moment's notice

  • Seen here is a typical setup using one LED lamp and a light-coupling prism resting on the slide

  • For these photos, a stereoscopic microscope was used with a blue LED lamp and appropriate filters

    Project Design Asia Limited, an on-line store and wholesale expert ...
    Sells video games console, home video, mobile phones, computers and accessories.

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    Welcome to Plus Opto - white leds, led displays, graphics modules ...
    Distributor of LED light sources from worldwide manufacturing sites. From UK.

    Acnelamp is the Leader in consumer Red and Blue LED acne light ...
    A treatment using blue light therapy.

    Led Truck Lights, Led stop lights, Led clearance lights, led ...
    Retailer of LED lighting products for heavy duty and light duty trucks and trailers.

    LazerBrite LB2, the most versatile LED flashlight, LED lights, LED ...
    Sells a twin-head multi-function LED flashlight with glowtube.

    LED LAMP ?

    LED lamp, LED digit display, LED back light, LED light bar ...
    Manufacture of LED lamps and LED digit displays.

  • LED lamp, LED digit display, LED back light, LED light bar, infrared LED, taiwan 11F., No.126-1, Huasin St., CHUNG HO CITY , Taipei Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL : 886-2- 29429677 (REP) FAX : 886-2- 29417599 E-mail: ;

    LEDLight.com LED Light, LED Lights, LED Bulb, LED Bulbs, LED Lamp ...
    Sells lighting products for household, residential and commercial LED light bulbs.

  • LEDLight LEDLight.com LED Light, LED Lights, LED Bulb, LED Bulbs, LED Lamp, LED Lamps LEDLight.com LED Light, LED Lights, LED Bulb, LED Bulbs, LED Lamp, LED Lamps, Household, Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Motorcycle LED Lighting Products

    Cadillac LED replacement brake light, brake lights, brakelights ...
    Mail in LED brake light repair service for various Cadillac vehicles.

  • www.ledfix.com Cadillac LED, brake light, break light, brakelights, LED brakelight, LED brake light, neon, repair, escalade Cadillac brake light, Eldorado spoiler, tail light, taillight, stop light, Cadillac Seville sts, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, brake light, Deville led, DTS, SLS brake light, Cadillac STS brake light, Catera brake light, CTS brake light, EXT, Cadillac brake light parts, Cadillac dealers, cadillac blog, high mounted stop lamp, CHMSL, 3 rd brake light, 3rd, third brake light, acura nsx brake light, LED brake light repair, Cadillac parts, www.whatwouldmeldo.com, Cadillac used parts, http :// Logan Diagnostic offers rebuilt LED brake lights for Cadillac Seville, SLS, STS, Catera, CTS, Escalade, EXT and the Acura NSX

  • Current LED brake lights available: 1992-1997 Cadillac Seville / SLS / STS high mounted LED brake light 1997-2002 Cadillac Catera high mounted LED brake light 1997-2000 Cadillac Catera LED panel 2002 and newer Cadillac Escalade and EXT brake light 2 000 and newer Cadillac Deville DHS DTS LED tail lights 2 003 and newer Cadillac CTS 'neon' high mounted brake light Acura NSX LED brake light Since 1997, Logan Diagnostic has saved Cadillac owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in LED brake light repairs versus new lamp replacements

    Kingbright, an opto-electronic LED manufacturer products include ...
    Manufactures optoelectronic components, led displays, phototransistors, opto
    couplers, alphanumeric, light bar and bar graphs.

    LED caving lamps and mining cap lamps - rechargeable LED caving lights
    Suppliers of LED caving lamps to UK cavers and mine exploration enthusiasts.
    Technical specifications, product information, testimonials and online ordering.

  • LED Caving Lamps and Mining Lamps *** Visit our stand at from 22-24 September at Leek, Staffordshire *** NEW!! - read the gear review in Issue 191 (August/September 2006)

  • The best LED caving lamp yet? This revolutionary new LED caving lamp is ideal for caving (speleology/spelunking) and mine exploration

  • For user comments on this new LED caplamp please visit our

  • Special introductory offer For a limited period only, we are offering this new caving lamp for sale at a special promotional price that includes a FREE charger and FREE postage and packing* (*within the UK only) with every lamp ordered

  • (maximum of 4 lamps per order) to take advantage of this special offer price! Ideal for cave and mine exploration This LED light provides a bright, reliable source of lighting for caving (speleology/spelunking) and mine exploration

    Wavicle™ - LED lighting. LED light bulbs & lamps, LED neon, LED ...
    Sells personal lighting technology such as LED torches, lanterns, head lamps and

    cap lamps,LED safety lamp,mineral lamps,miner's lamps,safety cap ...
    Manufacturer of li-ion battery mineral lamps, carbides and mining lamps.
    Technical details, advice and trading information.

  • our li-ion battery is rechargeable for more than 1200 times! | NEW WISDOM INVESTMENT LIMITED Mirror Sites: NEW LED miner's lamp also call: Frequently Asked Questions: Sample policy: Samples fee is usd55 for one piece, it is prepaid in advance for lamp sample

  • ¡¡ Li-ion mineral lamp, also call Miners Lamps, Mining Lamps, LED safety lamps, safety lamps, etc (Enlarge and see more details by clicking the photo) LED miner's lamp (LED cap lamp, LED safety lamp) NEW We have successfully making the KL5M LED light Li-ion battery miner's lamp

  • The miner's lamp is made from the high bright, big power white light LED and high efficient Li-ion battery etc, the miner's lamp is high performance, KL5M safety lamp is special coal miner cap lamp and specially designed for the coal miners work in very bad environment

  • We have invention etc patents of this miner's lamp

  • Product features: Safety: in sealed design of the whole product, short-circuit protection, LED light head lamp and anti-static housing make the product has very good function of explosion-proof

  • The miner's lamp is reasonable tool for the coal miners.

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