DVD Verdict Review - The Edgar G. Ulmer Collection: Volume 1 Moon ...
Barrie Maxwell reviews "Moon Over Harlem" and "The Strange Woman."

  • After she has grown into a very attractive young woman, she is beaten by her drunken father for taking up with a visiting sailor

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    Movie review and DVD information.

    Destination Moon (1950)
    Plot summary, cast and crew information, and user comments.

    Man on the Moon (1999)
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    CD and DVD Autorun Authoring. Easy, powerful Autoplay creation
    DVD and CD autorun authoring program to make professional "autoplay" DVD, CD-ROM,
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    Autorun CD Authoring - Easy, powerful CD and DVD Autoplay creation
    Provides a DVD and CD autorun authoring program to make professional autoplay
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    Man on the Moon DVD Review
    4 star DVD review from a male perspective.

    Anime on DVD
    Resource for Japanese animation on DVD with news and reviews.


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    Dream Theater - The Official Site
    Official site for prog band Dream Theater and some of their side projects.
    Information includes tour dates, discography, album reviews, tablatures, sound clips, ...

    The Sailor Senshi Page: Sailor Moon (Sailormoon) Anime, Manga ...
    Season summaries and characters, seiyuu, musical information, anime and manga
    contrasts, manga character guide and powers. Items and objects encyclopedia, ...

  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Search Now: since 06/14/1996 Welcome to The Sailor Senshi Page, a site dedicated to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon in all its incarnations: the original manga by Takeuchi Naoko; the Japanese anime by Toei Animation; the live action Pretty Guardian Sailormoon TV series; the musicals (Seramyu); and world dubs

  • Thanks for visiting! 06/26/04: TOEI TO RELEASE REGION 2 SAILOR MOON R DVDS : Toei is finally getting around to releasing Region 2 DVDs (Japanese only) for Sailor Moon R , the second season

  • to share your opinion (and be sure to list Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as one of the shows you'd like to see!)

  • 04/27/04: MASSIVE VIDEO CLIPS UPDATE : here, I received my 2 DVDs of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon last Friday

  • 04/24/04: GENEON WILL LOSE SM MOVIE RIGHTS AT END OF 2004 : Geneon announced at the Anime Boston 2004 convention that it will lose the rights to the Sailor Moon movies at the end of this year

  • Although this does not include the Sailor Moon S or SuperS TV series, which are part of a different contract, it seems unlikely that their TV rights will last much longer

    Surf4VCDDVD.com: Best E-Shop To Buy Anime DVD, Korean Drama Series DVD
    Offers VCD and DVD titles. Specializes in imported Japanese anime.

    Welcome to Soleilmoon!
    Label and mailorder for noise, experimental, ambient, and weird.


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    Rent My Chest
    An unusual advertising system where you can hire ad space on the webmaster's torso.

    Moon Society: Welcome!
    Dedicated to human settlement in our natural satellite and affiliated with the
    Artemis Project. Presents its aims and its organization.

    Kung Fu | martial arts
    Kung Fu Movies.net is a specialty store online that specializes in martial arts
    or kung fu movies. This site was created to preserve the classic kung fu movies.

    SPACE.com -- More Moons Around Earth? Its Not So Loony
    Article describing the asteroid Cruithne, and orbital motions at gravitational
    balance points in space that temporarily pull asteroids into Earth orbits.

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