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  • The Harley and Honda have cruise control, the BMW doesn't

  • The BMW has a trick servomotor-controlled adjustable windshield, Honda's is manually adjustable, and the the Harley's shield offers one-time adjustment via a hack saw

  • We also found that the Ultra's new cruise control system worked much better than the Honda's, delivering smooth, steady performance without the Gold Wing's on-off jerkiness

  • Comfortable and responsive, the Ultra handles everyday commuting in urban confines better than either the Gold Wing or the Beemer, with all its controls well laid out, falling readily to hand and foot

  • It has a good sound system that was easy to control and increased in volume with speed and rpm

  • We found both the stereo and intercom/CB more convenient to operate than the Honda's since the hand controls are easier to reach and use

  • And the Harley was the only one equipped with radio/intercom controls for the passenger, a very nice touch on a long ride

  • Suspension action is about what you'd expect from a large, comfort-oriented touring mount: soft yet controlled on smooth level pavement, but we quickly overwhelmed it while trying to follow the Beemer heading down a mountain pass

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    BMW K-Bike Motorcycle Tech Page
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  • Our vehicular product liability experience includes brakes, wheels, tires, steering; air bags, seat belts, crash-worthiness; fuel tank and fuel system fires; electrical fires; engines, transmissions and drive trains; unexplained acceleration, cruise controls, computer controls; and vehicle and component structural failure

  • Typical Questions We Address in a Product Liability or Failure Analysis Case Did a brake defect contribute to this fatal tractor trailer truck accident? If so, was the brake poorly designed, was there a manufacturing problem, improper maintenance? Did the transmission function properly in this accident? Could the transmission manufacturer have used a better design? Was the vehicle properly maintained? Did the power steering fail on this car, causing the driver to lose control? If so, what specific mechanism failed, and why? Do the problems with this vehicle support litigation under the provisions of the state lemon law? We thoroughly investigate vehicle component design, materials, manufacturing processes, maintenance and performance

  • We have duplicated a vehicle with a defective engine mount that would allow the engine to physically lift and hold the throttle locked open, rendering the vehicle out of control

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    Gadget's Fixit Page For Kawasaki Nomad & Classic Modification ...
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    Goldwing Tips
    A page dealing with how to make Honda Goldwing motorcycle maintenance easier and
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  • Turns out his cruise control fuse had blown and when this fuse blows the battery won't charge

  • Backrest Audio Controls

  • I bought a J&M audio controller and instead of cutting holes in the pocket under the rear speaker - as per the instructions, I fitted it into the rear of my backrest

  • Pillion passengers can hook up their helmet cord and access the controls without shifting around so much and there is no loss of quality at all

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  • Add the fact that BMW’s forthcoming K1300RS probably will come to market with outlets and grip-warmers, plus cruise-control and GPS, and well it just seems inexcusable that our duo of touring bikes doesn’t have all this available.” Rider Magazine September 2002, page 34, writer Bill Stermer in a lengthy article Velvet Hammer, the 2003 Honda ST1300 ABS: “Conspicuous by their absence are an electric accessory plug, heated grips (Honda says they are coming)…” MotorCyclist Magazine September 2002, page 50 2003 Honda ST1300: “Nor are heated grips an official option as they are on the Yamaha FJR1300, the aftermarket should help ST pilots there.” PRODUCT REVIEWS July 2000 - MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS One of the things I've come to love over the years about BMWs is their use of electrically-heated handgrips

  • There is also a variable heat controller (thermostat) available for an additional $38.95

  • Since they have rather important duties like working the controls and steering around sharp objects, they must remain as mobile as possible

  • Instead of leaving us all to fumble around for the controls with numb fingers, Hi-Point Racing Products has found a way to deal with the elements

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  • 'This new version meets the objectives of the OEMs for a greater reduction in weight and installation space of every single unit' explains Klaus Meder, vice president development of the Bosch Division Chassis Systems Control.The main improvement with the new ABS 8.1 unit is a more efficient control loop for the return pump motor, the speed of which can now be adjusted according to the driving position

  • In its most compact version, the box volume of the hydraulic unit and add-on ECU now falls below the one litre mark and weighs only 1.4 kilograms.The variable speed control provides a further reduction in pedal vibrations and noise

  • The result is improvement in driver and passenger in-vehicle comfort and convenience.On wet, snow or icy road conditions ABS 8.1 reduces stopping distance even further and because the new pump unit consumes less power than previous units, the system will not drain the vehicle’s electrical systems.Bosch was the first supplier worldwide to offer an electronically controlled, mass-produced antilock braking system

  • Since its introduction, Bosch has produced and delivered over 130 million brake control systems with the ABS function to OEM’s all over the world.Research Material: The Bosch Group is a leading global manufacturer of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology

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  • Electronic Cruise Controls for bikes atv’s & quads utility vehicles If you ride a Bike for business or pleasure, a cruise control will make your experience more pleasurable

  • If you use an All Terrain or Utility Vehicle for agriculture, a cruise control will help you to be more productive

  • From the highways of North America to the vineyards of Australia the cruise control has proven itself many times over

  • The concept was originally developed for cars but the new generation of electronic cruise controls perform even better on Motorcycles and ATV’s

  • But safety, performance and reliability are the key principles that ensure the cruise controls live up to every expectation

  • MotorCycle Cruise and QuadCruise are Type Approved and “e” marked in accordance with the requirements of 97/24EC, 95/54/EC and 2000/2/EC top Why fit a motorcycle cruise control? Safety features of electronic cruise control for motorcycles

  • Look at what existing users of the motorcycle cruise control think about the product

  • Find out what makes the motorcycle cruise control work

  • See why an electronic cruise control is best for cruise control safety

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  • Some women who have worn the Ortho Evra birth control patch have suffered severe, debilitating and long-term side effects as a result, including blood clots, migraine headaches, and strokes

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  • I bought an '87 Vanagon; very cushy, quiet, power steer, AC, cruise-control, power mirrors, fold-down adjustable armrests, carries my 10' longboard entirely inside, 90 whole HP vs

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