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Manufacturer and exporter of scientific equipment.

  • The main products are: Student Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Hand Microtome, Double Beam Balance, Triple Beam Balance, Four Beam Balance, Educational and Industrial Optics and Opto-Mechanical Components

    Beam Engineers
    Microscopes Scientific educational supplies and balances for the lab.

  • Medical Microscope Binocular Microscope Inclined Microscope Stereo Microscope MX20 Stereo Microscope MX99 Stereo Zoom Microscope Two Storke Petrol Engine Force Table Male Reproductive System Magnet Kit Demonstration Motor/Generator Triple Beam Balance 2610G Horward Trip Balance Student Spectrometer - Junior Student Spectrometer - Senior 12V AC/DC Power Supply Resistance Box Spot Galvanometer Copyrigh © 2002 Beam Engineers - All Rights Reserved Site Design & Hosted By :

    Scales Now for a Digital scale - Ohaus Scale, Huge Selection of ...
    Distributor of several brands of scales and weighing equipment. Contains product
    listings. Based in San-Diego, California.

  • | SuperSale! $39.50 Rite Weight $59 sale MicroTech 120 $109 Ohaus CS-200+ $79 Tanita 1479v $104 GramPrecision 120 $99 Vector VX-120 $69 sale Ashiba MP200 small! Vector VX-500 $127 Ohaus Triple Beam $127 Handscale $4.75 New !! Hidden Safes FREE SHIPPING !! on all orders over $150 (FedEx Ground) Scales Now Discount Digital Scale and Balance Superstore Pocket scales and lab scale from all the top brand manufacturers

    Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers from India Scientific ...
    Suppliers of educational scientific and laboratory instruments, models and charts.


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    Ohaus Balances
    A line of Ohaus balances, scales and other weighing equipment for home or laboratory

  • D We carry OHAUS balances to satisfy virtually every user requirement

  • The selection of a balance is determined by two points - first, determine the sensitivity that you need (1 gram, 0.1 gram or .01 gram); second determine the total capacity that you need (100 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams, etc.)

  • The more sensitive the balance, the smaller the total capacity

  • Balances are highly sensitive instruments and require careful handling

  • Most balances have agate V-blocks for sensitivity

  • It is a good idea to check your balance for accuracy periodically

  • Our trained personnel can assist you in the proper selection of a balance to fit your specific need

  • Browse balances

    Lists necessary equipment, step-by-step instructions, and pictures of the process.

  • I use a triple beam balance available through Search the site for the keyword "balance"

  • However, if you are on a budget, you can get the Edmund Scientific "Carry-With-You Twin Beam Balance" (Stock Number: CR30360-28) which will weigh up to 4 grams Discount Ohaus Scales Ohaus Balances AND Scales ...
    All types of scales at industry leading prices.

    Bulk Density Determination
    Detailed description to determine the bulk density of soil.

  • Immerse the ped in water and weigh the beaker and ped on a triple beam balance using a ring stand to hold the beaker of water positioned just above the balance pan

  • Benefits

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    Basic Science Supplies provides lab equipment and supplies for ...
    We provide science supplies and equipment to home-schoolers, educational
    organizations and industry.

  • General Science & Math-science fair supplies; science toys; calculators; rulers; triple beam balance; electronic balance; spring scales; weight & mass sets; stopwatches; calipers; magnifiers

    Mastrad Quality and Test Systems <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT ...
    Manufacturer of quality control and test systems and for plastics, petroleum,
    concrete, and ceramics laboratories and for on-site use.

    Manufacturer and distributor of biological science education products. Provides
    catalog and product application information.

  • Only $39.95! TRIPLE BEAM BALANCE An ideal weighing instrument for the laboratory or classroom Bringing Canadian Gymnastics to the World
    Canadian gymnastics: news, athlete profiles, meet results and reports, photos
    and videos.


    American Weigh Scales - Digital Scales Wholesale
    Manufacture of various digital scales. Product listings, with images, and wholesale
    and distributor pricing detailed.

  • These are just some of the many types of scales we carry: , mini palm sized scales, weighing scales , weigh scale , specialty scales , balance scales , Tanita scales, body fat scales, travel scales, wholesale scales , and triple beam scales

    Capital Microscope Services, Inc. of Georgia is a full service ...
    Microscopes, balances and other products for school and home use.

    Boreal Laboratories - Science Education Products
    Science supplier for educational institutions in Canada, selling experiment kits,
    testing equipment and books.

    Dyes and Dyeing Glossary
    Comprehensive glossary of technical terms and definitions for materials and
    processes in textile dyeing.

    Video Engineering Primer
    Video Engineering Primer.

  • To record the white as white, the camera operator must use the camera's White Balance Control

    Delta Education: leader of inquiry-based, research driven, hands ...
    Serving K-8 educators by providing the best in hands-on life science, earth
    science, physical science and math materials and programs.

    Plasma Source as atom source, ion source and atom/ion hybrid ...
    Provides the Tectra Plasma Source, a multi-purpose source producing either atoms
    or ions and finds uses in a range of HV and UHV applications.

  • A selection of apertures and conductances allows the optimum balance between gas flow, working pressure and beam current to be achieved

    Tennis Racquet Reviews
    Includes reviews on racquets, shoes and strings.

  • Price: $179.95, The Tour offers great stability, spin and a head-light balance for advanced players who prefer a bit more heft and an open (16x19) string pattern

  • 6 offers traditional weight, balance, headsize and flex for players with full, fast swings

  • HL balance

  • inch headsize, 27.5 inch length, 9 points head light balance, 16/20 string pattern

  • Price: $119.99, Wilson Racquet Reviews Midplus 95sq.' and 105sq.' racquets offering some nice power, maneuverability and stability with an even balanced feel

  • Offers a solid dose of power, plenty of control and a maneuverable, head light balance

  • inch head, standard length frame, traditional head light balance, and open 16/19 string pattern

  • A classic head-light balance combines with a 95 square inch head for a racquet that's as happy at net as it is at the baseline

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