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  • Coming September 30th: Upcoming Events at The Museum: August 10th, 2006: Classic Film Series -- Giant The Museum at the George Bush Presidential Library presents Giant (1956), part of the Classic Film Series, at 7:00 p.m

  • August 24th, 2006: Classic Film Series -- Hell's Angels The Museum at the George Bush Presidential Library presents Hell's Angels(1930), part of the Classic Film Series, at 7:00 p.m

  • in the Bush Museum Orientation Theater*

  • *This film will be shown in the Bush Museum Orientation Theater instead of the Presidential Conference Center

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    The American President: George Bush
    Fact file and comprehensive biographical sketch based on a PBS series. Also includes
    gallery and quotations. From the Miller Center on Public Affairs.

  •    Ask a question Your name Email City State Question > > > Early Years search: George Herbert Walker Bush (1989-1993) 41st President of the United States Vice President : J

  • Bush (1946-), Robin Bush (1949-1953), John Ellis 'Jeb' Bush (1953-), Neil Bush (1955-), Marvin Bush (1956-), Dorothy Bush (1959-) Career : Businessman, public official Political Party : Republican Writings : Looking Forward (1987); A World Transformed (1998); Heartbeat (2001) : Biography: Early Years George Herbert Walker Bush was raised in privilege in suburban Connecticut in a family that cared deeply about international issues

  • 'People say I was a man of privilege and by that they mean money, ' Bush reflected

  • 'But I was privileged in the question of values -- a mother and father who were determined to help their kids be good people.' His mother, Dorothy Walker Bush, had a lifelong influence on him; he said she was still instructing him even when he was in the White House

  • His father, Prescott Bush, was a successful businessman who went on in later life to become a senator

  • Bush credited him with passing on his core values: 'Tell the truth, be honest, work hard, try to see the other guy's point of view while sticking to your own principles

    POTUS: George Herbert Walker Bush
    Includes portrait, biographical facts, cabinet details, and related links.

  • Jump to: | George Herbert Walker Bush 41st President of the United States (January 20, 1989 to January 20, 1993) Nickname: "Poppy" Born: June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts Father: Mother: Dorothy Walker Bush Married: , on January 6, 1945 Children: ; Robin Bush (1949-53); ; Neil Bush (1955- ); Marvin Bush (1956- ); Dorothy Bush (1959- ) Religion: Episcopalian Education: Graduated from Yale University (1948) Occupation: Businessman, public official Political Party: Republican Other Government Positions: Member of U.S

  • Ambassador to the United Nations, 1971-72 Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1976-77 Vice President, 1981-89 (under ) Presidential Salary: $200, 000/year + $50, 000 expense account Presidential Election Results: Year Popular Votes Electoral Votes George Bush 48, 881, 278 426 41, 805, 374 111 44, 909, 889 370 George Bush 39, 104, 545 168 19, 742, 267 Vice President: (1989-93) Cabinet: Secretary of State (1989-92) Lawrence S

  • -- from the Bush's biography with photographs

  • -- from From a PBS broadcast of the same name, this essay excerpt by discusses some of the issues and events that molded Bush

    George HW Bush - Wikiquote
    Offers a collection of quotes attributed to the first President Bush.

  • Sherman): Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists? Bush: No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots

  • Statement as Vice President (May 6, 1988) George Bush: 'I will never apologize for the United States, ever

  • Bush and ; also as an in Time Magazine in 1998

  • A statement to a reunion of Gulf War veterans (February 28, 1999) as quoted in 'Bush tells Gulf vets why Hussein left in Baghdad' by S.H

  • Voodoo economics Bush's description of Ronald Reagan's economic platform during the 1980 Republican presidental primary campaign

  • Bush addressing the American Legion in Louisville, Kentucky, on Sept 7, 1988 [] Quotes about Bush [He is] the sort of man who steps out of the shower to take a pee

  • info: GEORGE H W BUSH

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    George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
    Complete text of the work by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. Read each
    chapter online, or download entire book in .ZIP format.

  • George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G

    George HW Bush - MSN Encarta
    Provides an overview of Bush's life before the presidency, his administration,
    and his return to private life. Includes photographs.

  • Web Search: > > | Search Encarta Feedback Editors' Picks Great books about your topic, selected by Encarta editors Related Items Encarta Search Search Encarta about K-12 Success College-Grad Adult Learning Also on Encarta • • • Advertisement George Herbert Walker Bush Encyclopedia Article | Multimedia Article Outline ; ; ; ; I Introduction | George Herbert Walker Bush , born in 1924, 41st president of the United States (1989-1993), president at the end of the Cold War between the United States and the (USSR)

  • Bush also organized an unprecedented global alliance against Iraq during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, but he was less successful in dealing with U.S

  • II Early Life | Bush was born on June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts, but grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut

  • His father, Prescott Bush, a partner in a leading Wall Street law firm, was a Republican U.S

  • Senator Bush was a moderate Republican and a supporter of President

  • Senator Bush strongly opposed the party's far right wing, represented in the 1950s by U.S

  • Bush's mother, Dorothy Walker, the daughter of a Missouri industrialist, encouraged her children to play sports and learn humility and manners

    President George Bush: Health & Medical History
    Describes all of Bush's ails, from his thyroid to his abnormal heart rhythm to
    his vomiting on the Japanese Prime Minister.

  • > > > George Bush [] The Health and Medical History of President George Bush President #41

  • Timeline: <= 2006 |<= 1776 = · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·· ·· Maladies and Conditions [] staph infection As a high school senior Bush almost died from a staphylococcal infection in his right arm

  • forehead gash Bush's plane was downed twice during his service as a Naval Aviator in World War II

  • bleeding ulcers Bush had bleeding ulcers in the 1950s-1960s timeframe, the last apparently in 1960

  • fitness enthusiast Bush came from athletic parents and has participated in athletics and fitness activities most of his life

  • height Bush is 6 feet 2 inches tall []

  • During the 1988 Presidential debates against Michael Dukakis, Bush blinked an average of 67 times per minute, and Dukakis 75

  • Tough questions raised the rates: Bush blinked 89/min when asked about abortion, and Dukakis 92/min when asked about taxes

    LT(JG) George Bush, USNR
    Focuses on Bush's navel career and tells why he received the Distinguished Flying

  • Return to Return to DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY -- NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER 805 KIDDER BREESE SE -- WASHINGTON NAVY YARD WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060 Lieutenant Junior Grade George Bush, USNR Related resources: LTJG George Bush's citation for the Christman, Timothy J

  • George Bush in World War II: Upon hearing of the Pearl Harbor attack, while a student at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., George Bush decided he wanted to join the Navy to become an aviator

  • During the return of his aircraft from the mission, Ensign Bush's aircraft made a forced water landing

  • On 25 July, Ensign Bush and another pilot received credit for sinking a small cargo ship

  • After Bush was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on 1 August, San Jacinto commenced operations against the Japanese in the Bonin Islands

  • On 2 September 1944, Bush piloted one of four aircraft from VT-51 that attacked the Japanese installations on Chi Chi Jima

  • For this mission his crew included Radioman Second Class John Delaney, and Lieutenant Junior Grade William White, USNR, who substituted for Bush's regular gunner

  • While starting the attack, Bush's aircraft was hit and his engine caught on fire

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    Welcome to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Official Web Site
    Established by former presidents Bush and Clinton, this charitable fund collects
    cash and in-kind donations and work with the governors of the affected states ...

  • To help channel this outpouring of goodwill, President Bush asked us to join together to raise funds to assist the recovery effort

  • America’s response to this collaborative effort, the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, has been overwhelming

    George Bush: Inaugural Address. US Inaugural Addresses. 1989
    Complete text of the speech delivered Friday, January 20, 1989. Includes background

  • George Bush Inaugural Address Friday, January 20, 1989 The 200th anniversary of the Presidency was observed as George Bush took the executive oath on the same Bible George Washington used in 1789

  • Bush led the inaugural parade from the Capitol to the White House, walking along several blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue to greet the spectators

    TIME Magazine: Commemorative Issue: Ronald Reagan: 1911 - 2004
    Commemorative about the President's life includes commentary by Nancy Reagan and
    George HW Bush.

  • Bush on his friend Ronald Reagan Growing up and growing old with the Gipper by Richard Corliss His writings on love, marriage, politics—and how he beat the Soviets [9/29/2003] Clinton's budget signals a new course for America [4/16/1993] Indicates premium content Will Reagan's foreign policy become his legacy? Yes No Question of the Week: All wars, even the noblest, bring a reckoning of means and ends

    Character Above All: George Bush Essay
    Essay provides a brief look at the circumstances and events that molded the
    president's character.

  • Character Above All: George Bush Essay Excerpted from an essay by Michael R

  • Beschloss : More than any other leader portrayed in this book save Eisenhower, Bush based his three campaigns for the presidency less on issues and ideology than on his persona as a leader of experience and character

  • Born in Milton, Massachusetts, in 1924, Bush matured in Greenwich, Connecticut, a setting that gave him little inkling of the political culture in which he would spend his adulthood

  • As Bush's mother, Dorothy, admonished, one did not brag about oneself...

  • Had Bush in 1948 stayed in Connecticut after his heroism in the Pacific War and graduation from Yale, he would have been well poised to succeed his father in politics

  • As senator from Connecticut, George Bush would have been temperamentally and ideologically in tune with his state and party

  • Not Bush

  • During a speech near Houston, Bush was asked where he stood on the 'Liberty Amendments.' This referred to planks in the John Birch program such as 'get the U.S

  • out of the U.N.' and 'abolish the Federal Reserve.' Baffled, Bush turned to his wife, working on her needlepoint, who could offer no help


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    George W. Bush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  • George Walker Bush 43rd In office since , Vice President(s)   Preceded by Succeeded by Born , Political party Spouse Religion Signature George Walker Bush (born, ) is the 43rd and current of the, inaugurated on,

  • Bush was an entrepreneur in the oil industry in Texas and an unsuccessful candidate for the in 1978

  • As governor, Bush worked on education reform, school finance and and sponsored the largest program in Texas history

  • Bush won the as the Republican candidate in a close and controversial contest

  • As President, Bush pushed through a $1.3 trillion tax cut program and the, and has made efforts to and

  • Bush has also pushed for socially conservative efforts such as the, the and the proposed, which aims to define marriage as between one man and one woman, and thus prevent recognition of in the United States

  • Following the, Bush declared a global and ordered the to overthrow the, destroy and to capture

  • Following an unsuccessful attempt at convincing diplomatically to yield to further weapons inspections, Bush ordered an although the inspections that were in progress at the time had not yet concluded and the that the invaded to capture have never been found

    Biografías de Líderes Políticos CIDOB: George W. Bush (Estados Unidos)
    Breve biografía sobre este político del país.

  • Bush Estados Unidos George Walker Bush

  • Bush (1989-1993) y el mayor de cuatro hermanos y una hermana (otra hermana, Robin, falleció de leucemia a los tres años de edad en 1953), nació en el estado de Connecticut, en Nueva Inglaterra, donde su padre, recién licenciado como piloto de la aviación naval en la guerra contra Japón, había fijado su residencia mientras estudiaba en la Universidad de Yale

  • Los Bush eran una familia aristocrática de Massachusetts, en la tradición de los wasp (blancos, anglosajones y protestantes), que habían acrecentado su patrimonio con negocios afortunados en Wall Street; el fundador de la saga, Prescott Bush, comenzó también el hábito de combinar negocios y política y sirvió como senador del Partido Republicano (RP) por Connecticut

  • Cuando George Bush Jr

  • George Bush Jr

  • La familia primero vivió en Odessa y desde 1951 en la más populosa Houston, donde Bush padre fundó su primera empresa petrolera

  • Reincorporado en 1973 a la plena vida civil, en 1975 obtuvo un máster en Administración de Empresas por la Harvard Bussines School y comenzó a trabajar en la industria energética de la ciudad texana de Midland, como intermediario en el comercio de minerales e inversor en prospecciones petrolíferas, para lo que montó la sociedad Bush Explorations

    George W. Bush - Wikipedia
    Kurzbiographie mit Quellenangaben, Bild, Links und Literaturhinweisen - Wikipedia.

  • George Walker Bush [] / (*  in, ) ist ein Politiker

  • Bush ist der 43

  • Nach Unternehmertätigkeit in der Ölindustrie wurde Bush 1994 Gouverneur von und blieb dies auch noch eine zweite Amtszeit, bis er 2000 die Präsidentschaftswahlen gewann

  • Er ist Angehöriger der wohlhabenden und einflussreichen Bush-Familie, so war sein Vater der 41

  • Bushs Großvater war der Unternehmer und Senator

  • Bush Inhaltsverzeichnis Leben Geboren als Sohn von und George H

  • Bush wuchs George W

  • Bush besuchte von 1961 bis 1964 die, auf der auch sein Vater gewesen war, und studierte anschließend von September 1964 bis Mai 1968 Geschichte an der, wo er, ebenfalls wie sein Vater, Mitglied der und des Studentenbundes war, dessen Präsident er im Oktober 1965 wurde

  • Da die Nationalgarde vorwiegend im Inland eingesetzt wird, sah sich Bush später mit dem Vorwurf konfrontiert, einer Einberufung in die zuvorgekommen zu sein und sich damit einem Einsatz im entzogen zu haben - er wurde draft dodger gescholten (ein sich der Einberufung Entziehender; vergleiche die deutschen Begriffe:, ), bei patriotischen US-Amerikanern alles andere als ein Ehrentitel

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    The Presidents of the United States
    A collection of biographies and photographs from the official White House web site.

    Bush Jokes and George Bush Humor
    A collection and guide to jokes, cartoons, satire, parodies, and other humor
    about President Bush.

  • Bush Jokes and Humor Jokes, cartoons, satire, parodies, and other humor poking fun at President Bush

  • Subtopics Articles & Resources Sort By : Guide Picks | View a photo gallery featuring popular cartoons, parodies, and doctored photos poking fun at President Bush

  • Includes such classics as 'Bush Fishing in New Orleans, ' 'Gulf Wars Episode II: Clone of the Attack, ' 'One-Fingered Victory Salute, ' and 'Bush or Chimp?' View a huge, regularly updated collection of cartoons, doctored photos, and other funny pictures helping President Bush put his best face forward

  • Bush, or do you think he has been a miserable failure? Take this quiz and we'll gauge your level of support for the 43rd president

  • A hand-picked, regularly updated collection of the best Bush gaffes

  • Read a regularly updated collection of email jokes, funny forwards, and late-night jokes poking fun at President Bush

  • Watch funny videos and animations mocking President Bush, including 'Bush and Blair Sing Endless Love, ' 'Bush and the Yawning Boy, ' and 'The Apprentice Guest Starring George W

    Politics1 - President George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United ...
    Biographical facts, and links to sites for the 2004 campaign, including both
    positive and negative sites about the President.

  • BUSH of Texas GEORGE W

  • BUSH BIOGRAPHICAL FACTS: POLITICAL: GOP nominee for Congress, 1978 (47%)

  • Senior Advisor, George Bush for President Campaign, 1988

  • Founder & CEO, Bush Exploration Oil & Gas Company, 1975-86

  • Married to Laura Welch Bush

  • Grandson of the late US Senator Prescott Bush (R-CT)

  • Bush (R-TX)

  • Brother of Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL)

  • - Politics1's Guide to the Bush Administration Cabinet

  • ANTI-BUSH SITES: - Negative Site

  • - Anti-Bush Parody Site

  • - Anti-Bush Parody Site

  • - Anti-Bush Parody Site

  • Bush The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 202-456-1414 Fax: 202-456-2461 E-mail: THE BUSH LIBRARY: Ambling Into History by Frank Bruni (2002)

  • Bruni covered Bush during the 2000 campaign, and subsequently at the White House, and had a lengthy period of time to get to observe and know the President first-hand

  • What comes out -- considering how critical the NYT (and Bruni himself) normally are -- is, surprisingly, a very balanced, sensitive (and generally positive) portrait of Bush

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