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BOB DOROUGH: A Hillbilly Bebopper on a Geezer Pass- an interview
Interview by Mike Zwerin.

  • And just how many of his kind would you say have worked with Lenny Bruce, Miles Davis and Sugar Ray Robinson? For many years he flew around the United States paying a senior citizen tariff he calls "a geezer pass." He worked ..

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  • Robinson

  • Known to his friends as Winnie, at home he was called Little Sugs (his dad already being known as Sugar - after Sugar Ray Robinson)

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Obituary: Ray Charles
    Obituary with photos.

  • He was born Ray Charles Robinson in Albany, Georgia, in 1930 and shortened his name to avoid being confused with the boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson


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    Sport stories of the 20th Century (1900-1995)
    Significant events in sport during the years 1900 to 1995.

    Review and pictures.

  • Ray Charles Robinson adopted the stage name Ray Charles as to avoid confusion with 'Sugar' Ray Robinson

    Raging Bull (1980)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of thematic elements in the film.

  • The actor's award-winning performance required an incredible transformation of his character over a 23-year period (from 1941 to 1964), including La Motta's two marriages, boxing ring fights with the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson (to whom he lost the title), and his decline to a Miami, Florida nightclub owner and a sleazy, two-bit, lewd comedian in a New York nightclub

    IGN: Knockout Kings 2001 Review
    Review with screen shots and movies [scores 8.6/10].

  • From Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Marciano to Sugar Ray Lewis and Muhammad Ali to Lennox Lewis and Oscar De La Hoya, the franchise Knockout Kings was essentially perfectly built

  • And if you want to see Sugar Ray Robinson beat someone who wasn't even alive when he boxed, like Lennox Lewis, you need to get this game

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  • Some of my favorite characters in boxing are Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Joe Gans, Barbados Joe Walcott, Thomas Molineaux, Yankee Sullivan, Peter Jackson, Frank Slavin, Stanley Ketchel, Harry Greb, Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, Jake Lamotta, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Graziano, Larry Holmes, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Marlon Starling and many others too numerous to mention

    Granta: 'A Blow to the Head' by AL Kennedy
    Memoir about the author's boxing grandfather and the dangers of the sport.

  • Turpin came out against the odds and beat the great Sugar Ray Robinson in Earls Court in 1951

  • Robinson had been overcommitted and was probably tired but was said to have been complacent, to have spent the night before the fight playing cards until the small hours

  • He fought the distance fluently and, by the end, Robinson was bleeding and the crowd was singing 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow' to Turpin

  • I wasn't told that Turpin lost the title to Robinson only sixty-four days later in a rematch in New York, and never flew so high again, or that his last days were penniless, or that he committed suicide in Leamington Spa, the genteelly depressing town where I lived as a student

  • Robinson ended up equally poor and with Alzheimer's disease

    komo news | Ray Charles Dies At 73
    Article and interview excerpts from Seattle's ABC Network affiliate.


    Raging Bull Movie -The 80s Rewind «
    Overview, filming locations, pictures, trivia, and links.

  • De Niro is too excellent for words as the man who could've been a contender, a fine athlete with a real short fuse, one who took on everybody from Marcel Cerdan and Sugar Ray Robinson to hapless try-hard Pretty boy Janeiro, La Motta is portrayed as a great fighter whose insufferable temper makes for some repulsive scenes of wife beating and an equally disturbing decline into self abuse when the raging bull is briefly locked up

    American Experience | Vietnam Online | Timeline | PBS
    Interactive timeline that chronicles the American Experience in Vietnam -- 1945
    through 1997.

  • 1947 Vietminh Move North of Hanoi Jackie Robinson Signs with Brooklyn Dodgers Marshall Plan Announced Speaking at Harvard commencement exercises, Secretary of State George C

  • History Inundate Kansas and Missouri 'Sugar Ray' Robinson Beats Jake LaMotta for Middleweight Crown 1953 France Grants Laos Full Independence Rosenbergs Executed for Espionage Playboy Magazine Debuts Vietminh Forces Push into Laos 1954 Battle of Dienbienphu Begins A force of 40, 000 heavily armed Vietminh lay siege to the French garrison at Dienbienphu

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    Dick Tiger
    Photo essay dedicated to the late Nigerian middleweight and light heavyweight champion.

  • Fighters like James Corbett, Jack Dempsey, Benny Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali not only were heroes of their times but also put their unique, mythic stamps on very different generations of male American consciousness

  • But the one fighter I identified with -- my fighter, in other words -- was not in the same league with Leonard or Robinson or Louis or Ali

  • I spotted Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Graziano

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    Profile and a vintage review by Robert W. Dana from 1953.

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  • 'It's sad, like seeing a (Sugar) Ray Robinson after his best days are past

    Willie Pep won a round without landing a punch
    Article by BR Bearden from

  • He made even Sugar Ray Robinson's fluidity look like cement hardening

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