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  • Begin by selecting a product: CALCULATORS Earnings to the penny Calculate your monthly mortgage payment savings goal calculator -- Saving for the future
    Shows how much money you need to save every day, week, and month to reach a
    long-term savings goal.

  • | - advertisement - Saving for a goal calculator This calculator will compute how much you have to save to reach your goal and create an individualized chart showing how much you need to save every month

  • How do I earn the most money? , then return to our investment calculator

  • Check financial institutions by ZIP Code: Savings calculator Calculate the amount you need to deposit each month to achieve your savings goals

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  • Our online calculators help you quickly evaluate your mortgage options

    Mortgages at Quicken Loans: Refinance, Home Loans, Home Equity Loans
    Online lender offers simplified residential loans and competitive mortgage rates.
    Headquarters in Livonia, MI.

  • Find out with this calculator


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    Mortgage Discounters presents!
    Provides residential and commercial services from offices in Pennsylvania, New
    Jersey, and Florida.

    Home Loan Calculator, Mortgage Calculator And Interest Rates ...
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    finance. Includes daily updates of bank interest rates, fees and charges, ...

  • Our easy-to-use calculators help you take some of the guesswork out of your home loan and investment decisions

  • The full list of our Loans, Tax, and Savings calculators and tools is available on our page

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  • We also have a great loan interest calculator that will give you an idea of what your payments may be on a specific loan or interest amount

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  • Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators to help me keep my site free and ad-free indefinitely! Categories: | - Instead of searching a dictionary list of words, I just print out all 720 possibilities for a combination of any 6 characters

  • Just think of an eight word phrase that you can remember that no one else would and you are set! - Many of my 'wealth' calculators had old numbers, but I found some new statistics from a 2006 survey on how much people have saved up for their retirement

  • Here is a simple JavaScript calculator for counting up change like after a big garage sale

  • I was having such fun writing up my little mortgage payment program for Windows that I wrote up a little utility for doing all those middle school calculations that takes thirty keystrokes on an old calculator

  • Okay, I have answered one too many e-mails on interest only loans! Here is a calculator that can answer all your questions

  • Here's a simple little JavaScript calculator that shows you the It also shows the after-tax return on your investment income

  • Here is a simple JavaScript example for an interactive calculator

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  • Use our loan calculator to determine a loan amount and mortgage payment that's right for you

    Fiscal Agents - Financial calculators and worksheets - main page
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    assist you in exploring your financial options and opportunities.

  • Fiscal Agents Financial Tools provides access to investment and planning calculators designed to assist you in exploring your financial options and opportunities

  • Discover your net worth with our easy to use calculator, find out more about the costs of owning a home and use our Investor Tester to gain a better understanding of your investment objectives and risk comfort level

  • Daily life has a habit of coming at us with unexpected twists and turns and this is where our other planner and calculators can come in handy

  • Whether you are setting goals for the immediate future, such as education, or planning for the future, these calculators may prove to be indispensable

  • Retirement Planning Calculators This simple 5 step calculator makes easy work of complex pension puzzle process

  • Savings & Investments Calculators Displays accrued interest on differing amounts of capital over specific amounts of time

  • Mortgage & Loan Calculators Calculate various aspects of your mortgage with with quick calculator

  • If you have a chequing or savings account at a Canadian financial institution, this calculator will allow you to compare your monthly service charges with those you would pay for various accounts or service packages at other financial institutions

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  • Financial Calculators for your website! Try all 250+ of our financial calculators! Each with dynamic graphs, customizable page layouts, colors and reports that are ready to put on your website! For additional information please take a look at our, and read our most Make sure to take a look at our calculators! Mortgage Calculators , Retirement Savings & Planning , Business Calculators , Loan Calculators , Personal Finance , Investment Calculators , Taxes , Auto Calculators , Credit Cards & Debt , Savings Calculators , Calculators specifically designed for Australia! , Mortgage Calculators Auto Calculators Savings Calculators Personal Finance Loans & Debt Please note that all financial calculators require a browser that can display Java™ applets

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  • | Date: Popular Calculators Other Resources | At, you have access to free home mortgage calculators that compare mortgage loans

  • Finally, one stop for online calculators to evaluate amortization and loan payments for all types of mortgages including interest only mortgages, ARMs or 30-year fixed

  • These calculators help you compare the mortgage interest you’d be paying over the life of the loan

  • Congratulations! With just a few minutes comparing these free calculators, you’ll understand your financial options and maybe have a little fun, too

  • No matter if you’re looking to refinance your existing mortgage or buy your first home, these mortgage, financial, amortization, and fun calculators will help you make wise financial decisions and get the most out of your home

  • These calculators assist you in understanding the many different mortgage options and/or financing alternatives

  • , Trying to improve your financial picture? Paying too much interest? Wondering how much money you ‘ll need to retire? These calculators will answer these questions and more! , How much will you really be paying per month? How much of your monthly payment goes to interest versus principal? These calculators provide the answers

    Mortgage Calculators Free and Easy Online
    Offers calculators for amortization, loan comparison, refinance and early payoff.

  • Mortgage and loan calculators are one of the first steps in the mortgage process

  • There are many choices out there! Do you want a fixed rate mortgage, or an adjustable rate mortgage? Then use these mortgage calculators to determine the amount of mortgage you can afford with the Pre Qualify Calculator

  • Mortgage calculators can also be used to calculate payments on debt consolidation mortgage loan and see your monthly savings! Use the Refinance Mortgage Calculator for this

  • By using our Loan Comparison Calculators, you can account for all of these factors and get an accurate monthly payment figure

  • Our Mortgage Calculators Enable you to: 1

  • Quick Mortgage Calculators to determine affordable mortgage and produce other valuable information about your loan

  • How much house you can afford based on the income and debt information you supply with our payment calculator

  • Mortgage Calculator Comparisons with up to three different mortgage products, both fixed and adjustable

  • Amortization Schedules, Amortization Calculator, and Tables based on the loan amount, interest and term

  • Refinance Mortgage Calculator to determine when it makes sense to refinance your home

    Engineering, Financial, Loan, Mortgage, Amortization, Scientific ...
    The product is designed to make calculating easy and faster for any user or
    company looking for a Customized Calculating Solution.

    Applied Wholesale Mortgage: California Mortgage. Orange County ...
    Wholesale lender offers home financing to the Hawaii market.

  • See for yourself with the interest savings calculator to the left

    Ditech Home Loans: America's Leader in Mortgage Loans at the ...
    Offers new purchase and home equity loans plus refinancing. Includes company
    profile, FAQs, current rates, calculators.

    Mortgage Calculator
    The program calculates the monthly payment of a mortgage from the asked for
    amount, the type of interest and the term in years. Freeware.

    PHP Scripts and Resources []
    A free open-source PHP scripts, including PHP Photo Gallery, Form Validator,
    Fileupload, Mortgage Calculator, Template System.

  • Validator Class has the ability to check multiple fields at once, and check that at least one field in a group of many has been filled in by the end-user ('Please enter your Home Phone OR your Work Phone') demo: version: 1.3 setup: requirements: PHP 4.1 or greater (uses $_XXX superglobals) download: PHP Mortgage Calculator PHP Mortgage Calculator is a script that can be used to figure out monthly payments of a home mortgage loan, based on the home's sale price, the term of the loan desired, buyer's down payment percentage, and the loan's interest rate

  • This calculator factors in PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) for loans where less than 20% is put as a down payment

    Mortgage Discrimination
    What the laws say they can't do.

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