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  • • the stills - without feathers • built to spill - you in reverse • parts and labor - stay afraid • half-handed cloud - halos and ..

    cloudwrangler - you mom reads my blog, sucka.
    Jeff Rider's weblog. Includes movie and bar reviews, Pez dispenser contest, and
    original writing.

    How To Shuffle and Cut a Deck of Cards One-Handed || kuro5hin.org
    Detailed directions.

  • --- - by Cloud Cuckoo, 09/14/2005 10:42:03 PM EST ( none / 0 ) by Egil Skallagrimson, 09/15/2005 02:04:33 PM EST ( none / 1 ) Who gives a shit how to shuffle one-handed? () () by on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 08:45:50 PM EST I only know how to surf one-handed

    Lyrics Search Engine - Popular Lyrics
    Search for lyrics by keyword or browse by band and album in a sizeable, diverse


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    George Washington’s Remarkable Vision
    Article published in 1880 which purports to describe a vision of America's future
    seen by Washington at Valley Forge.

    Becca's personal website and blog.

  • About Floating on a small cloud above Hong Kong, I've often felt myself to be a bit off an oddball

    Life, the Universe, and Donna
    Contains personal information and snapshots.

    Concordia University Golden Bear Athletics
    Golden Bears - official web site with news, schedule, roster, statistics.

  • Cloud State in Grand Forks

  • Cloud State in the semifinals of the NCAA North Central Regional in Grand Forks

  • Cloud State in the semifinals of the NCAA North Central Regional in Grand Forks, Sat., Mar

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    Spaceflight Now
    Includes current news, ongoing missions, upcoming launches, and archived articles.

  • Research says pre-life molecules present in comets Evidence of atomic nitrogen in interstellar gas clouds suggests that pre-life molecules may be present in comets, a discovery that gives a clue about the early conditions that gave rise to life

  • First images from CALIPSO The Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation spacecraft known as CALIPSO is returning never-before-seen images of clouds and aerosols, tiny particles suspended in the air

    The Fall of the Berlin Wall
    A personal account of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Andreas Ramos describes his
    experiences of the 11th and 12th of Nov. 1989.

  • The two-stroke engine buzzes like a lawn mower and pumps out clouds of smoke

  • In the distance there was a tremendous cloud of light

  • The cloud of light turned out to be the headlights of tens of thousands of cars in a huge cloud of Trabi exhaust fumes

  • East Germans, on the other hand, sat in their Trabis, putting out clouds of exhaust

    ChgoRed: Girl Editor
    All about life, pop culture, and news from an irreverent point of view.

  • And whatever way her issues cloud her judgment about your appearance or about how not to stick her dumb foot in her mouth and say things that she doesn't see as hurtful but are is NOT your problem

    Revelation Summary
    Quick reference to the Book of Revelation.

  • God assumes them into heaven on cloud


    The Well -- Chapter 1
    Text of the story.

    Norse Ballads of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    Etext and words from the author himself.

  • 'Three weeks we westward bore, And when the storm was o'er, Cloud-like we saw the shore Stretching to lee-ward; There for my lady's bower Built I the lofty tower, Which, to this very hour, Stands looking seaward

    Reviews - Music
    Weekly reviews taken from their print magazine.

    Cloud's Creek Church
    Provides history of historic site, and information on historic marker, commemorating
    its significance in Georgia history.

  • [Posted 11 June 1999.] Historical Marker for Cloud's Creek Baptist Church Approved by the Georgia Historical Society by Alice Hughes During the past two years, a group of first cousins, Descendants of Robinson and Elizabeth Hartsfield Hendon, has been working to erect a historical marker to commemorate the founding of Cloud's Creek Baptist Church in Oglethorpe County, Georgia

  • The marker text will read: CLOUD'S CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH In 1785, following the Revolutionary War, pioneers from North Carolina -- including the Hendons, Hartsfields, Standifers, Johnsons, Lawrences, and Olives -- settled near Big Cloud's Creek on the Georgia frontier near the Creek and Cherokee nations

  • Olive's Fort was soon constructed and Cloud's Creek Baptist Church was constituted within its walls in 1788

  • Erected by The Georgia Historical Society, Cloud's Creek Baptist Church, Descendants of Robinson and Elizabeth Hartsfield Hendon, and Historic Oglethorpe County

  • The text of the plaque will read as follows: Cloud's Creek Baptist Church constituted September 20, 1788 Charter Members Robinson Hendon * Elizabeth Hartsfield Hendon * William Hendon * Elizabeth Standifer Hendon * Thomas Hendon * Cassander Standifer Hendon * Kerenhappuch "Happy" Hendon Olive * Benjamin Standiford/Standifer * Rachel Forrest Standiford/Standifer * Thomas Johnson * Penelope Sanders Johnson * Reuben Johnson * Lydia Johnson * William Lawrence * Rhoda Lawrence * Joseph Embry * Rachel Embry * Timothy Carrington * Abel Gower * Isaiah Haile * Adam Simmons * Jimmy Sims * Benjamin Tribble * Mary Bradford Bridges * Tabitha Simillion Erected by Descendants

    Sioux participants in the battle of the Little Big Horn
    A list and description of Sioux participants at the battle.

    Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol : The Calash
    Text of the story, on one page.

  • 'Not very long, I had her from the breeding establishment two years ago.' did your excellency condescend to take her ready broken, or to have her broken in here yourself?' 'Here.' he spoke the general disappeared behind a cloud of smoke

  • If you do me the honour of calling on me to-morrow, I will show you some improvements I have introduced on my estate.' general looked at him, and puffed out a fresh cloud of smoke

  • But she was still sitting in a bower from which the deserted high road could be seen, when all at once her attention was caught by a light cloud of dust rising in the distance

    The Gospel in PDF format.

    Chief Sitting Bull
    Quotes from the great Sioux leader, and essays about his life from several
    different sources.

  • He onceremarked that 'if we wish to make any impression upon the pale-face, it is necessary to put on his mask.' Sitting Bull joined in the attack on Fort Phil Kearny and inthe subsequent hostilities; but he accepted in good faith thetreaty of 1868, and soon after it was signed he visited Washingtonwith Red Cloud and Spotted Tail, on which occasion the threedistinguished chiefs attracted much attention and were entertainedat dinner by President Grant and other notables

  • Crazy Horse was long since dead; Spotted Tail had fallen at the hands of one of his own tribe; Red Cloud had become a feeble old man, and the disaffected among the Sioux began once more to look to Sitting Bull for leadership

  • Sitting Bull had many memorable eventsin his life: receiving a white eagle feather for his first coup, hisdifferences of opinion with Crazy Horse and Red Cloud about how to reactto white encroachment, his escape to Canada, and his return to live on a reservation and tourwith Cody

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