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  • In 1995, she garnered her sixth Emmy Award for her report, 'Inside the Hate Conspiracy: America's Terrorists, ' an in-depth look at a white supremacists' group who became the most wanted criminals in America

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  • August 23, 2006 Maia Szalavitz Associated Press account ignores support for doctor in medical community, national debate on pain treatment; story not just about drug trafficking August 22, 2006 Maia Szalavitz “In depth” report on allocating resources turns into advocacy as network fails to question data, quote experts or analyze terror needs

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    BBC News | ENTERTAINMENT | Big Brother hits the US
    European TV sensation makes its debut on US TV - two weeks before UK viewers get
    their own version of the show. (BBC News)

    BBC News | ENTERTAINMENT | Hackney's Prince charming
    George Michael makes his debut as a radio DJ by co-hosting a show on London's
    Capital FM. [Scroll down for story]

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  • 'There's an attempt to rectify things in a world that seems to be spinning out of our control more and more.' From that perspective there's a lot more depth to Earl than your average episode of CSI: Miami

  • He sends me long E-mails about motivations.” : “ … David Caruso seems to be trying to give his character a moody, melancholy depth, but he more often achieves a strained sort of pretentious, cheeseball hamminess | the love is still alive in 2005
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