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Dobrica Pavlinusic's home page: Zaurus stuff
Tips on compiling a kernel, upgrading and syncing a Zaurus 5600.

  • Great card

  • I wanted MMC card and not SD so I can compile my own latest-and-greatest kernel

  • That is a good choice, but this particular card worked first time I inserted it, and then started to report read errors

  • (see below) When I realized that I won't get new MMC card (that was after I returned to Croatia), I bought this one

  • It works fine in USB Card reader! I didn't plan to buy CompactFlash card at first, but since I needed it to change my ROM (err, kernel...) I bought this one in local (USA) photo shop

  • I have tried this kernel (it's under arch/arm/boot/zImage ), and it really works! I even separated drivers for WiFi card in modules so I can change them more easily

  • How to upgrade ROM on Zaurus 5600 without loosing your data? You have heard instructions about which include CF card and pressing C and D ? For start, those aren't applicable to Zaurus 5600 because said that you have to press Q and T but, I couldn't get that to work eater

  • However, you can use Maintenance menu to perform same task ( and save your data ) like this: Prepare your CF card You will have to have following files on your card: initrd.bin mversion.bin zImage.bin I suspected that is the crucial component, and I got it from Sharp ROM 1.07 or 1.10 (both have file with same md5sum)

    TuxMobil: Linux on the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D/5500G Linux PDA
    Provides an overview of the platform, links and Palm to Zaurus conversion tools.

  • There are two card slots, one for SD/Multimedia (MMC-Card) and one for compact flash (CF-Card) cards

  • For a list of compatible CompactFlash or PCMCIA cards, please go to the

  • More cards you will find soon (hopefully) in the

  • If you know of a working card, please let me know

  • The project of the Carnegie Mellon Wearable Group is an effort to make PCMCIA Card Services available to users of Linux on the ARM architecture

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  • He covers adding GPS, SD card, and all the needed software to the WRT

  • Once completed all you have to do is plug the box in, go for a drive and then just pull the card when you get home to retrieve the data

  • info: MMC CARD

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    MSX Resource Center
    Boosting MSX into the 21st century.

  • During the day there will be demonstrations of GFX9000 software on various stands on the fair to demonstrate how cool this graphics card actually is

  • You will able to see such products as 's upcoming GFX9000 game Blox and the on real MSX computers, as well as various tools and demos available for the card

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  • Got a 1 GB RS-MMC card with MMC Adapter - from - got it for around $29 including shipping

  • I can use this card with my Nokia 6600 and also the Canon A610 digital camera

  • No slots for memory cards either

    Embedded News Digest - Embedded System and Microcontroller News
    Online archive of monthly embedded system and microcontroller industry news ezine.
    Published by MicroController Pros Corp.

  • New product additions at the MicroControllerShop: ARM: Crossware Crossware : C-compiler Simulator Debugger with 32k code limited version of Crossware Software Suite with RS232, JTAG with USB, JTAG AT91SAM7S256 (ARM) Boards: with USB; with USB, dual RS232 and SD/MMC card connector

  • Expandable via add-on daughter cards, enclosure option Atmel AVR: : Board, parallel port ISP programmer and USB port JTAG debugger/programmer TI MSP430: with 84x84 pixel Graphic LCD, SD/MMC, Joystick, JTAG with JTAG with any questions or suggestions

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  • Nowe Aparaty Cyfrowe: przetwornik: CCD 2.11 MPix 1600 x 1200 zoom optyczny:3 x pamiêæ:Wewnêtrzna pamiêæ, SD/MMC card przetwornik: CCD 4.23 MPix 2408 x 1758 zoom optyczny:3 x pamiêæ:16 MB Wewnêtrzna pamiêæ i SD/MMC card przetwornik: CCD 6.24 MPix 3008 x 2000 pamiêæ:SD card przetwornik: CCD 2.14 MPix nieznana zoom optyczny:2.1 x pamiêæ:16 MB Wewnêtrzna pamiêæ i SD/MMC card przetwornik: CCD 3.34 MPix 2016 x 1512 pamiêæ:xD Picture Card przetwornik: CCD 3.34 MPix 2048 x 1536 zoom optyczny:2 x pamiêæ:SD/MMC card przetwornik: CCD 8.3 MPix 3264 x 2448 zoom optyczny:5 x pamiêæ:xD Picture Card, Compact Flash I/II, SmartMedia przetwornik: CCD 4.13 MPix 2288 x 1712 zoom optyczny:10 x pamiêæ:xD Picture Card Opisy ponad 1001 modeli aparatów cyfrowych firm: ..

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  • The Compact Drive PD70X take less than 2 minutes transfering 1GB CF card to PD70X The Compact Drive portable storage PD70X can a ..

    Memory cards: compactflash, memory stick, sd, xd ...
    CompactFlash, Smartmedia, MMC memory cards for digital cameras. Based in the UK.

  • Click here for the technical features and specifications of the product Secure online shopping Shopping Basket Your shopping basket is empty Favorite products £99.00 (VAT Incl) £145.00 (VAT Incl) £29.00 (VAT Incl) £9.90 (VAT Incl) £22.50 (VAT Incl) Search Search a product: Shop by brand Welcome to Card Media web site CardMedia is dedicated to Memory Solutions, and especially memory cards and related devices for your digital camera, PDA, mobile phone, MP3 music player, and much more

  • In addition to the services we offer to the end-customers and resellers, you will find a range of memory cards (e.g

  • CompactFlash, Microdrive, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital, xD picture card), peripherals such as card readers and adapters (USB, PCMCIA), USB Pen Drives, and High Capacity Portable Storage Devices (XS Drive, DigiMagic)

  • To place an order, you can purchase on-line or call us on 0870 240 6574 New Memory card prices!! Free UK Delivery (For purchases above £20 inc VAT) Products Memory Cards , USB Flash Drives , Readers , Adapters , Portable Storage Devices , MultiMedia Storage Devices , CD / DVD Burners , MultiMedia , Biometric Storage , MP3 Players , Discontinued products , Specials XS Drive 2XL VP2260 Entry level Portable Storage with blue backlight 9 in 1 Portable Storage Device 1GB takes 7 minutes to download 2 hours of battery life Bundle promotion XS Drive 2 XL 40GB + Car chg + B.Pack: £99.00 Incl VAT & Shipping Camera Bag Offer Low cost Camera Bag 11cm tall, 8cm wide, 3cm deep for the internal pocket, and 1cm for the front pocket £2.50 Incl VAT Promotions USB MOBE 128MB PEN DRIVE SPECIAL OFFER USB 2.0 pen drive with 128MB of storage

  • MMC CARD ?

    Computer Memory at Wholesale prices from
    Memory upgrades via an online configurator, lifetime warranty and a 30 day money
    back guarantee.

    The Sims Bustin' Out | Multiplayer Phone Games | Strategy Games
    Provides screenshots and player tips.

    Digital Camera Reviews from the Digital Camera Resource Page
    News, reviews, buyer's guide, and message board for buyers and users. Includes a
    chart of models, listing image resolution and storage media.

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  • computer repair and services computer networking, internet setup virus removal, data recovery website design and programming Contact us: phone: 773.350.0685 email: Serving Chicago and Chicagoland Suburbs since 2002 Site Menu Today's headlines For computer services in Detroit area contact All major credit cards accepted © Didi Computers, 2002-2006 Computer repair and services We provide on-site computer repair and service , at your home or office in metro Chicago

  • We can recover your data from: hard disks (ATA, SATA, SCSI) floppy disks memory cards: SMC & xD Slot: SM Card, xD Card CF Slot: CF Card, CFII Card, CF Ultra II, Micro Drive SD & MMC Slot: SD Card, Mini-SD Card, SD Ultra, MMC Card, MMCII Card, RS-MMC Card, HS-MMC Card, SDC Card, T-Flash MS Slot: MS Card, MS Pro Card, MS MG Card, MS MG Pro Card, MS Duo Card, MS MG Duo Card, MS Pro Duo Card, MS MG Pro Duo Card iPod Think of Online File Folder as your own personal piece of the Internet

  • You will need a router and a network card in each computer that you want to connect to the network

  • Spyware can also gather information about e-mail addresses and even passwords and credit card numbers

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  • 1Gb CompactFlash Card We now stock CompactFlash in capacities from 32Mb up to 2Gb cards

  • In addition we also stock CFC card readers and PCMCIA adapters

  • Choose memory type here: - or view our Computer memory New Products: Transcend 512Mb MMC Mobile Latest release from Transcend, this RS-MMC Dual Voltage card is suitable for the Nokia 6630/6680 and all devices using RSMMC or ordinary MMC cards

  • 1Gb miniSD Secure Digital Brand new 1Gb miniSD High-Speed Secure Digital cards in stock

  • Made by GoldFlash these are some of the fastest miniSD cards available

  • 512Mb RSMMC GoldFlash Brand new top-of-the-range Flash memory cards - the GoldFlash range

  • We are today introducing the 512Mb RSMMC card

  • This card offers top transfer speeds and 7 years warranty

  • Sandisk MemoryStick PRO Duo Gaming Edition, Sony PSP Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo cards for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)

  • Use these cards to save games and levels

  • Also suitable for all other devices using MS PRO Duo cards

  • 256Mb MultiMedia Card VeriTech...

  • 256Mb CompactFlash Card VeriTech...

    Offers information about ATA and ATAPI devices. Also provides drivers and historical

  • PCMCIA PC Card ATA devices and Compact Flash (CF) devices use a PATA based interface

  • Most PCMCIA and CF mass storage devices are also ATA or ATAPI devices (these are PCMCIA PC Card ATA devices that are based on PATA)

  • Do not confuse the SCSI MultiMedia Commands (MMC) document with the Multi Media Card (MMC) specification (see below)

  • If you are working with PCMCIA PC Card ATA or Compact Flash (CF) then you need the PCMCIA documents found at

  • Both PCMCIA PC Card ATA and CF devices are really PATA based devices so you also need the ATA/ATAPI-6 document from

  • CE-ATA is a variation of the MMC/SD (Multi Media Card / Secure Digital) interface

  • This interface is defined by the very private and very secretive Multi Media Card Association and the SD Card Association

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