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  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Search Now: since 06/14/1996 Welcome to The Sailor Senshi Page, a site dedicated to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon in all its incarnations: the original manga by Takeuchi Naoko; the Japanese anime by Toei Animation; the live action Pretty Guardian Sailormoon TV series; the musicals (Seramyu); and world dubs

  • Thanks for visiting! 06/26/04: TOEI TO RELEASE REGION 2 SAILOR MOON R DVDS : Toei is finally getting around to releasing Region 2 DVDs (Japanese only) for Sailor Moon R , the second season

  • to share your opinion (and be sure to list Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as one of the shows you'd like to see!)

  • 04/27/04: MASSIVE VIDEO CLIPS UPDATE : here, I received my 2 DVDs of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon last Friday

  • 04/24/04: GENEON WILL LOSE SM MOVIE RIGHTS AT END OF 2004 : Geneon announced at the Anime Boston 2004 convention that it will lose the rights to the Sailor Moon movies at the end of this year

  • Although this does not include the Sailor Moon S or SuperS TV series, which are part of a different contract, it seems unlikely that their TV rights will last much longer

    SAILORMUSIC.NET >> Sailor Moon Music Downloads, Lyrics, Discography
    MP3 archive with songs from the series, live action musicals, background music,
    singles, fantasy and German CDs. Also MIDIs, lyrics, MP3 players and skins.

    the oracle :: bssm encyclopaedia
    Contains senshi and villain profiles, seiyuu, mythology, image galleries,
    discography, lyrics, midis, essays on the fashion sense of the characters, awards, ...

  • Encyclopaedia: Affiliates: Hello, all! Welcome to The Oracle, the largest Sailor Moon resource center on the 'net

  • Here, you'll find comprehensive and accurate information on Sailor Moon, as well as tons of other goodies for you including episode downloads, games, free graphics, and KiSS dolls

  • This site also has the largest Sailor Moon image gallery on the internet, which is constantly expanding! Navigation: To navigate, use the A, B, C, etc

  • Some of the galleries are up now (the screencaps, holidays, Sailor Moon Channel, Sera Myu, and PGSM galleries), and some of the black and white manga gallery is up

  • I'm currently switching hosts! I'm moving to a host with more bandwidth and more space (read: more Sailor Moon goodies for you!), so please be patient while I move! Certain portions of the galleries and download sections might not work yet, but I'm working hard and they should be up no later than Monday afternoon

  • Thanks for your patience! 08-02-06: The big news for today is that I've added a whole new section of the site called 'places' which obviously details all of the locations in Sailor Moon torrents
    Releases by various fan-subtitling groups available through BitTorrent.


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    Sailor Moon Ring of Harmony
    Contains over 40 listings and HTML fragment.

  • Welcome, Guest SEARCH: > > > > > Sailor Moon Ring of Harmony Manager: SEARCH in A ring decidated to Sailor Moon and her scouts for the harmony they bring to their world

  • Sites Sponsor Ring sites Showing 1 - 20 of 39 My favorite TV Shows and Cartoons, including Sailor Moon Through this page, I'm trying to help others obtain the original episodes of Sailor Moon via download

  • pictures, links, games, info, and more Over 300 MIDIS!!! This site has 23 different galleries all dedicated to Usagi/Serena ~ Sailor Moon

  • A combination Sailormoon site that includes a YKYWTMSMW list and much more!! Come on in!! This site has a beautiful layout with profiles, images, fan fiction, fan art, links, a store, awards to win, and more! Everything Sailor Moon~! Scout Galleries

  • Thanks! Pics Shrines and a quiz and a Contest comming soon The homepage for this ring and my Sailor Moon site

  • This site is about Sailor Saturn and has much information and pictures of her! This is still under construction, but we have some things up and running

  • Things to be expected are finished galleries for everyone, fanfics galore, and music music music! Sailor Moon Fanfic/RPG where the Senshi are redone as genies

    shingetsu .:. your definitive pgsm source .:. a live action pretty ...
    Translated articles and interviews, episode transcripts, screen captures, cast
    images, and preview archive.

  • The Basics The Story Nihon Corner The Album Miscellaneous Special Places (on main page only) The Network For discussion of the the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon show, please visit our

  • May 26, 2005 10:23 AM ~ Nae The boys at are proud to introduce their new book, Warriors of Legend , a wonderfully written, academic take on the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series

  • Bandai Visual Act Zero Summary (basically the whole plot) Sailor V's Birth! It is Christmas night

  • The toy introduces himself as Artemis and transforms Minako into the champion of justice Sailor V! Half a year later, a string of jewelry shop robberies occurs, and when Sailor V appears during the incidents, the media begins to pay her notice

  • One day, Tsukino Usagi and her friends plan to "transform" into Sailor V in order to protect the jewelry shop owned by the mother of her friend, Osaka Naru

  • Usagi and her friends are dressed up as Sailor V! But Usagi is captured by Ajito, one of the thieves! At the last minute, Usagi swallows the key to the jewelry case..

  • And the savior who appears before the beautiful sailor-suited Senshi Sailor V!! Cast Tsukino Usagi : Sawai Miyuu Mizuno Ami : Rika Hino Rei : Kitagawa Keiko Kino Makoto : Azama Mew Aino Minako (Sailor V) : Komatsu Ayaka Luna's voice : Han Keiko Artemis' voice : Yamaguchi Kappei Furuhata Motoki : Kikawada Masaya Kusaka Hina : Matsushita Moeko Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen) : Shibue Jyoji Kuroi* : Kubodera Akira Shiroi* : Endou Yoshito Akai* : Matsumoto Hiroyuki Hanako* : Masuo Jun Cutie Kenko : IZAM * Notes : The meaning of the names of the Shitenn--uh, we mean, the new characters--are: Kuroi = Black, Shiroi =-White, Akai = Red, Hanako = Child of Flower...O.o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hyper Hobby February 2005 issue "I...remember..." Since the news about "Act Zero: Sailor V's Birth!" was released, it's been the topic of conversation among the fans

    The Sailor Moon MIDI Bank
    Large selection of MIDI files for download.

    Sailor Moon Infodex free program for Windows
    Freeware Windows program that provides information about characters in both the
    English dub and original Japanese series. Also includes episode summaries.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » The Sailor Moon Infodex (v 3.52) The Sailor Moon Infodex Have you ever needed a piece of Sailor Moon info quickly and you don't have time to hunt it down on the Internet? Need to know what happened in each Sailor Moon episode, but you can't remember them all by yourself? Then check out this compact program

  • Best of all, it's FREE ! | Program Features: 157 American Sailor Moon episodes idexed with synopsis of each and..

  • Andrew, Chad, Molly, Robert, Greg, etc.) You can now easily add your own entries to the program! A Japanese Mode that has info on the Japanese version of Sailor Moon Almost 200 Japanese episode titles indexed many with descriptions Download includes, a java applet version of the program that you can use on your website! And More..

  • Requirements: Windows 95 or later About 1.5M of disk space Sailor Moon Infodex Download | Best choice

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    George's Sailor Moon Voices
    Features photos, articles, sound clips, trivia, and a listing of the entire voice cast.

  • George's Sailor Moon Voices August 2003 This page is about the English Sailor Moon voice actors

  • [ | ] The Sailor voices had their own web page as well

  • If anyone has found a voice actor page for the Chinese Sailor Moon I would appreciate hearing about it

  • Yes 'Trunks' I know all about the original Japanese Sailor Moon as you should be able to figure out by reading what is on the page

  • How about that! Did an imposter show up for the YTV interview? I just saw the new dubbed Sailor Moon S series on YTV

  • Couldn't they get better voices? I had no particular problem when Tracey Moore and Terri Hawkes did the Sailor Moon voice but this new person Linda Ballantyne is pretty awful! I think she is doing an impression of the Terri Hawkes voice

  • A lot of the Sailor voices were in the 1998 cartoon 'Birdz' made for CBS by Nelvana

  • They talk to Roland Parliament about the voice actors becoming 'stars' thanks to Sailor Moon and about their Web Page

  • I wonder who that was? 96-08-22 FILM: Japanese cartoon shoots for Canadian stars by Gemma Files 'What we're looking at here, ' says actor/director turned Internet entrepreneur Roland Parliament, 'is the possibility that a Japanese kids' cartoon show may contribute to English-speaking Canada developing its first real star system.' The show in question is Sailor Moon , yet another in a long line of anime TV imports bought up and retooled for the Northern American youth market

    Anime Cubed - Anime and Manga Pictures, Image Galleries, Wallpaper
    Wallpaper, images, contests, reviews, music, lyrics, manga translations, and postcards.

    The Manga Ring
    Statistics, edit existing sites and index. No submissions accepted.

    Sailor Moon Heaven
    Over 20 sites, HTML fragments and rules.

  • Welcome, Guest SEARCH: > > > > Sailor Moon Heaven Manager: SEARCH in this ring was made for people who love sailormoon and joining a variety of rings

  • also known as sailor neptune and sailor uranus

  • enjoy This is your one stop site for everything you wanted to know about Sailor Moon

  • Galleries, music, shrines, quiz, awards for you, villains and more! pictures, links, games, info, and more Image gallery, page graphics, music, bookstore, fanfic, fanart, polls, Sailor Cosmos, and much more!! This site contains info on Chibi Moon, midis, animations, my daily diary, etc

  • Over 600 Sailor Moon Midis, 500+ images I also have other neat stuff like free graphics, games, other anime music, puzzles etc

  • Come check it out! A mostly sailor moon site that has fan fics, and hand crafted imgs

  • There is some info also, but only a little tons of stuff to do! come c 4 urself!! This site has alot of Sailor Moon stuff and I am still working majorly hard to get it all up and running

  • Over 600 Sailor Moon Midis, 500+ images I also have other neat stuff like free graphics, games, other anime music, puzzles etc


    Anime Ring
    Devoted to Canadian anime pages.

  • the prize is very rewarding! My Sailor Moon card collection

    Brian's Homepage
    Includes quotes, personal information, and favorite links.

    You Can't Do That on Television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Overview of the series.

    Anime -
    Contains e-cards, wallpapers, reviews, news, fan art, articles, personality
    quizzes and forums.

    Project Anime Network: Shoujo Kakumei Utena / Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Quick review of first four episodes of the series, along with cast list, some
    multimedia downloads, and a perspective on the English dub.

  • What Anime conventions are being held this month? What shows are on? Want extensive info on your favorite Asian band/artists? Purchase assorted Anime goodies here! Send us your comments! Specials: Like Sailor Moon!? Get extensive info on Sailor Moon here! Link us to your homepage today! Shoujo Kakumei Utena / Revolutionary Girl Utena Release Date: 1997 (JP) Production by: B-Papas/Chiho Saito Opening Theme: - Rinbu - Revolution Ending Theme: Truth Highly Recommended! Drama / Action / Shoujo Reviewed By: Storyline & Review: Anthy and Utena saying 'Hi!' Wow! Wow! Wow! I must say for this series! I was extremely hesistent of how well this Anime series would turn out and boy, is it good! My evaluation on this Anime is based on the English dubbed version

  • At the end of this episode, Utena having been stressed out from this whole day walks home from school only to find Anthy telling her that she is now her bride! If you are a shoujo Anime fan or a Sailor Moon fan you simply must watch this Anime series! It's filled with humour, romance, and action

    The Online Manga Webring
    Over 65 sites.

    DragonBall Mega di Michele G.
    Raccolta di immagini e di gif animate tratte dal fumetto e dalla serie a catoni

    Totally Spies Picture Archive
    Contains an image gallery, and sound and video clips. Includes episode guide,
    links to related sites, news updates about the show, and a link to discussion ...

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