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  • All Recipe Title Ingredients | Monday, August 21 With food trends turning global, the kids and I have been spending more time exploring the international aisle of the market

  • Flour, Cake Flour Substitute For each cup of cake flour called for in a recipe, use one cup all-purpose flour MINUS 2 tablespoons

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  • uCook! Community » » » » » Advertisement Kid-Friendly Recipes @ CDKitchen Summertime Snackin' Don't rely on fast food to feed your kids, fix them some great snacks to take along on their summertime activities

  • Whether it's grabbing a handful of granola or chomping on some crackers, make sure they are eating healthy this summer with these recipes that are sure to please -- submitted by caring parents just like you! Go to: »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» Kid-Friendly Recipes We're making food fun for kids! Take a look at our new kid-friendly recipes

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  • Get recipes now: Get our expert’s take on the latest movies: Keep the oven off and the kids happy this summer with these delicious no-bake recipes

  • Find out 10 things that families do to make their home a haven including: Whether you need a kid-friendly BBQ recipe or a fun backyard game idea, come get advice and share tips of your own

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  • Easy-to-follow recipes, illustrated to produce healthier homemade treats that taste identical to the real thing--like Nabisco(r) Reduced-Fat Oreo(r) Cookies or Entenmann's Light(r) Low-Fat Cinnamon Rolls

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    Cooking with Kids - Children's Recipes
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  • Cooking with Kids - Children's Recipes Sponsored by: Make your adventure in baking a success with free baking guides, kid friendly recipes, easy mixes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Children of all ages and gender, benefit from spending time in the kitchen

  • Using a recipe will also develop their ability to follow directions, one of the most important skills a child needs for a successful school experience

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  • Kid's activities for all ages such as free kids games, kid's recipes, Christmas ideas and much more will keep children busy for many hours

    Dole 5 A Day - We make 5 A Day fun!
    Learn the importance of eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
    Includes recipes for kids to try.

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    Kid's Fun Cookbook
    Recipes from the book "Fun with Fruits and Vegetables Kids Cookbook" from Dole
    Nutrition Program.

  • NOTE: Not all recipes are included in the print version of the cookbook

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    Kids Cooking with the Wee Kiwis
    Ask your parent to help you follow these easy recipes.

  • | Whether we're in New Zealand or Alaska, we love to cook! There is nothing like being in a warm and cozy kitchen cooking easy, kid friendly recipes

  • We have some great recipes to share with you, just right for little girls and boys......

  • It's no fun to get hurt so please read this before you try any of these recipes

  • sent us her special recipe to try and we love it! Better try a before it gets too cold outside

  • It's called Grampa's Dump Cake because you just dump everything in a pan and cook it! Are you hungry yet? We are! Our Mum & Auntie Susan have written a cookbook called "For the Love of Cheesecake" and you can see it at, which has lots of links to yummy recipes from the great State of Alaska

  • Visit them for tons of yummy recipes and special holiday recipes

  • We'll be back with more yummy recipes for you to try

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  • It’s one place where you’ll never be bored! Hey Kids! We have tons of awesome stuff for you to explore! We have jokes, games, magic tricks, trivia, recipes ..

  • You can find instructions for kids' games, recipes, craft projects, We offer fun, creative projects and activities to stop the "Mom, I'm bored" syndrome! Let your kids have fun on the Web! To Teachers..

    Recipes children can make and enjoy, including seasonal recipes.

  • Recipes for Kids to Eat and Enjoy Published Date: August 24th, 2006 Category:, | Maw Maw’s Cookies Serving Size: 5 dozen cookies Notes: Thanks to Heather we have this delicious recipe

  • Recipes for kids to make and enjoy

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