Harmony Central - Guitar: Tablature
A guide and search engine for the OLGA - a massive collection of tablatures and
song transcriptions. Links to other tab sites and some commercial tab vendors ...

Harmony Central - Bass Guitar
Product news, reviews, original articles, classifieds, software, and links.

WholeNote - The On-Line Guitar Community - with guitar lessons ...
Guitar community where visitors can take or make on-line guitar lessons.
Includes tab and music playback, links, forums, equipment, and ear training.

WholeNote: My Bloody Valentine Guitar Tab
Features list of guitar tablature at WholeNote.com, with interactive on-line
guitar lessons, and guitar tablature.


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Guitar Tab Universe - Browse Artists
Guitar tabs and chords for over 20 REO songs.

Guitar Tabs Dot Net - Your #1 source for guitar tabs!
A directory of links to tablature sites and guitar-related sites.

Adam Schneider's Guitar Files
Chords and tablature for songs by varied artists. Includes guitar files, links
and contact details.

Howard's collection of guitar tablature - guitar tab and chords ...
Tabs by site owner songs by classic artists, including Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell,
Frank Zappa and The Beatles.


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Guitar tablature, lessons, chords, scales, modes.
Offers basic guitar lessons, a Shockwave treble and bass-clef note finder, an
online tuner, and a theory-quiz game. Also includes Piano chord and scale finder.

MalayOLGA - Malaysian On-Line Guitar Archive
Koleksi tabs, chord, gitar dan lirik lagu-lagu melayu pelbagai artist dari Malaysia
dan negara-negara jiran.

TCG's Guitar Page
Guitar enthusiast's links and "entertaining ramblings". Includes tab, old classic
and standard jam tunes, tablature bummers, and related links.

Gootar Player Guitar Chord Finder programs
Includes chord charts and chord generators. Incorporates alternate tunings.


Guitar Chords
Standard and alternative tunings. Design your own printable chord charts.

ActiveBass.com - with bass guitar lessons bass tab mp3 music ...
Products include basses, pick-ups, amplifiers, recordings, software, and videos.

Guitar Tabs, Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Chordie
Search engine for finding guitar chords, guitar tabs and lyrics; also includes
facilities for transposition, and for developing personal songbooks.

MIDI Guitar Unofficial Home Page
Introduction to MIDI guitar, equipment needed, FAQ, and mailing list.

[ Come As You Are: A Nirvana Site ] - Guitar, Bass and Drum Tabs
By Tim Patton. Nirvana guitar, bass and drum tablatures and links.

GN'R -We Ain't Dead Yet...p@ge: Guitar tabs!
Includes guitar tablature.

Learn Guitar Tablature Scales and Chords
Interactive way to learn guitar tablature, songs, chords and scales.

ukulele mandolin banjo chords generator
Diagram any chord in various position along the neck.

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