Medi-Cal Specialists--Qualifying Seniors for Medi-Cal Benefits ...
Seminars and sales of books and videos to help seniors qualify, determine
eligibility and maintain Medi-Cal status.

  • Learn more about: Medi-Cal Benefits, competitive Medi-Cal friendly annuities, Entitlements, Long Term Care, Eligibility, Medi-Cal Rules, and Qualifications for Medicaid in California

    Medi-cal Long Term Nursing Home Care and Asset Protection
    Provides medical long term care help for seniors including estate planning, asset
    protection and elder law information.

  • Our professionals will assess and determine your Medi-Cal eligibility, evaluate which options are right for you, implement the necessary steps to preserve and protect assets, and free up your time to take care of the people you love

    California HealthCare Foundation: Improving Health Care Delivery ...
    Independent philanthropy committed to improving California's health care delivery
    and financing systems.

    Law Offices of James Swiderski
    San Diego general practice law firm.

  • I am thoroughly familiar with the Law and Regulations governing how Social Security and the Medi-Cal program determine eligibility for their programs

  • I am also well versed in Social Security's own internal rules with respect to income and resource limitations on eligibility for the SSI program (AKA, the Program Operation Manual)

  • In most situations, the creation of a Special Needs Trust for the purposes of preserving eligibility for the SSI or Medi-Cal program is a straightforward, easy process for the parties setting up such a trust


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    Community Information by Zip Code
    A guide to statistics and other data available by zip code, including population,
    education, health, environment, business and politics; from California State ...

    A Day in the Life of Adult Protective Services - Final Report ...
    The County Welfare Directors Association of California presents a detailed profile
    of abuse reports received and the situations to which APS social workers ...

    About Alhambra - Transportation Services
    Offers information on routes, fares, and schedules.

  • To qualify, the resident must provide proof of Alhambra residency and eligibility (i.e., valid school I.D

    UCSF Women's Health - Women's Options Center
    Provides medical and surgical abortion through 22 weeks, as well as contraceptive
    counseling at the University of California in San Francisco.

  • Patients should talk to their health insurance plans about eligibility and benefits

  • Benefits

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    Ventura, Camarillo Attorney / Lawyer - Special Needs
    Southern California attorney lists 8 mistakes to avoid in article for parents of
    children with special needs.

  • The Special Needs Trust is designed to promote the disabled person's comfort and happiness without sacrificing eligibility

    San Luis Obispo County, Department of Social Services
    Social service programs and information for San Luis Obispo county.

    Long Term Care
    Contains information about long term care and asset protection.

  • What Is Hospice?, What Should You Expect From a Quality Hospice Program?, Who Pays for Hospice Services?, Recent Developments in Hospice Care, Criteria and Eligibility for Hospice Services, The Prognosis: How Can I Be Sure It's Time to Refer to Hospice Services?, Local Coverage Determinations for Hospice Eligibility (Determination of 6 Month Prognosis), Hospice Screening Tools From the LCD, Clinical Judgment and Nontraditional Patients, Measuring Clinical Decline, Needs of the Patient and Family, What to Say and When to Say It, Barriers to Hospice Access, Family/Caregiver Support, Working With Hospice Clinicians/Organizations, Resources for Clinicians, Resources for Patients, Families, and Caregivers Ratings on a state by state basis : This is the site for the National Association for Home Care- non profit home care and hospice care agencies

    Consulting services in the Sacramento, CA area specialing in COBOL/CICS programming
    for Healthcare Systems. Specifically Medicare, Medi-Cal and Medicare.

  • Running AdHoc reports and conducting Production program and file analysis of the following Subsystems: Drug, Formulary, Eligibility, Provider and Paid Claims


    Poway Adult Day Health Care Center
    Includes list of services offered.

  • Eligibility Requirements Any adult with functional impairments, either physical or mental, who would benefit from an organized day program of therapeutic, social and health activities may be eligible

    AIDS Treatment News
    HIV-related news, articles, information and links.

    Welcome to the Fresno Metro Ministry Web Site
    Interfaith and Ecumenical organization working for health care access, food
    security, cultural and religious diversity understanding, and for helpful human ...

    InfoNet Tuolumne County California
    Directory of businesses, emergency services, health, and community resources.

    Chapter Starts/b
    A brief history of the birth control movement in the United States, from the
    Feminist Majority Foundation. [PDF format]

    Medical Billing Software - Lytec Medical Billing Software
    Reseller offers Lytec software updates, downloads and sales.

  • Lytec 2006 is integrated with an Automated Task Scheduler to preset back-ups, run reports, print eligibility verification, referrals, recalls, statements, primary and secondary claims independently, thereby freeing you to multitask while the medical office billing software works hard for you

    Law Offices of Sara Polinsky: Specializing in Estate Planning ...
    Specializing in estate planning and long term care planning needs. Located in
    Los Angeles.

  • Law Offices of Sara Polinsky: Legal Services specializing in Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Elder Law, Incapacity Issues, Asset Protection, Long Term Care Planning, Medi-Cal and Medicaid Eligibility; Member of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.'> Extensive, helpful and well-organized Information, Links and Assistance for Estate Planning, Elder Law, Family Law, Living Trusts, Long Term Care, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Medi-Cal, Medicare and Medicaid

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    Family Abduction
    Contains step-by-step information for parents who have experienced a family
    abduction, domestic or international. Guides parents through the civil- and ...

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