The Financial Fiction Genre
A guide to banking and finance in fiction from the classics of Dickens, Thackeray,
and Zola to modern financial thrillers.

  • The Financial Fiction Genre Banking and Finance in Literature By, brother of the financial thriller writer,

  • Finance in other Genres William Shakespeare, John Grisham, Brad Meltzer, Emma Lathen, Peter Høeg, Ian Fleming, John le Carré, Tom Clancy, Rafael Sabatini, Ken Follett, Susan Howatch, Lindsey Davis, Deborah Moggach, David Liss, Patrick O'Brian and Sheila O'Flanagan

    Children's Literature
    Contains articles on several topics related to children's literature.

    Paradoxa: Studies in World Literary Genres
    Abbreviated online version of the print publication which explores genre literature.

  • Paradoxa publishes articles on genre literature: science fiction, horror, mysteries, children's literature, romance, comic studies, the fantastic, best sellers, the occult, westerns, oral literature, and more

  • Paradoxa invites submissions on all aspects of genre literature (written, oral, drawn or designed) which make a significant and original contribution to the study of those genres

    A description of the methods of critical reading/poetry analysis with examples
    of what to look for in the language.

  • Genre & Tradition Different traditions and genres tend to use language and characters and setting and plot differently, and this may show in individual passages

  • Is it a satire, a comedy, a tragedy, a romance? Is it a novel of social comment, an exploration of an idea? (There are more kinds.) Is it in a certain sub-genre like a detective novel, science fiction, etc.? Is it an allegory or a satire, is it realistic or more symbolic? How does this genre, sub-genre or tradition tend to use setting, characters, language, mood or tone? Does this one fit in? IV: Writing an Analytical Essay Your purpose in writing an analytical essay is to convey your sense of what the text is saying, and how the text creates its meaning -- the use of the various aspects and devices mentioned in the previous sections

  • Remember that there are different kinds of literature in each genre, and that different kinds may rely on different devices


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    Medieval literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Article with sections on languages, authorship, genres and notable works of the period.

  • Because of the wide range of time and place it is difficult to speak in general terms without oversimplification, and thus the literature is best characterized by its place of origin and/or language, as well as its genre

  • , various authors , anonymous author ('The Ecclesiastical History of the English People'), the Venerable , ? , anonymous author , various authors , onomastic poems , Sir , anonymous author , anonymous author , anonymous author , and , anonymous author , anonymous author , anonymous author , ( The Travels of Marco Polo ), [] See also [] by region literature (see also, ) [] by genre () The Medieval and Renaissance Periods Medieval literature [] by period (6th to 9th centuries) [] See also [] External links

    Magic realism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Article on the history and philosophy of the modern literary school.

  • Contents [] Common aspects of magical realist novels and films The following elements are found in many magical realist novels and films, but not all are found in all of them and many are found in novels or films that could fall under other genres

  • [] Relation to other genres and movements As a literary style, magical realism often overlaps or is confused with other genres and movements

  • Some critics who define the genres more broadly include magic realism as one of the fantasy genres

  • – Slipstream describes fiction that falls between 'mainstream' literature and the fantasy and science fiction genres (the name itself is wordplay on the term 'mainstream')

  • The term was first revived and applied to the realm of fiction as a combination of the fantastic and the realistic in the 1960s by a Venezuelan essayist and critic, who applied it to a very specific South American genre, influenced by the blend of realism and fantasy in 's influential novel

  • Artists associated with magic realism include: [] Music Magic realism has very recently become a little known but rapidly developing genre of music

  • Music of this genre is regarded as particularly expressive of its creator's emotions through the use of modern instruments as opposed to traditional instruments - *** Vernieuwd! *** - Over Chick literature ...
    Bespreekt - de naam zegt het al - met name chicklit.

  • Actueel Advertenties Auteurs en boeken Nieuwe boeken Bibliotheek Ook op deze site Beste lezeres, Welkom op!Er is een nieuw genre in opmars: ! Noem het grof, walgelijk, grensverleggend, shockerend, fel-realistisch, erotisch of provocerend

  • En het opmerkelijkste: het lijkt een Nederlands product!Lees meer over dit nieuwe genre in het op deze site

  • Het valt in het genre vrouwenliteratuur, meidenliteratuur, meidenboeken, grietenliteratuur, en hieronder staan nog een heleboel verwante termen van het onderwerp: bridget jones, literatuur, boeken, lezen, literature, chicklit, chick-lit, literature for chicks, vrouwenliteratuur, vrouwenboeken, meidenboeken, chickliterature, chick literature, nanny, lloyd, reese, prada, romans, bridget jones dairy, dagboek van bridget jones, romantische boeken, romantiek, meidenliteratuur, grietenliteratuur, hip, schrijfsters, aanraders, boeken, romans, vrouwen, bridget, jones, prada, nanny, boek, vrouw, chicklit, chick, lit, chick lit, vrouwenboeken, meidenboeken, vrouwenliteratuur, chick literature, grietenliteratuur, meidenliteratuur, bridget jones, shopaholic

    Medieval literature
    Informative article by Radmila Milenkovic, taken from a book on history of Serbian

  • , a composition of the founder in the church of the Holy Virgin at the Patriarchate of Pec Written Serbian literature in the Middle Ages was a special literary system, in terms of typology, poetics and literary genres

  • When they began working on their own Slavic themes, they used only a more narrow aspect of this literature, those genres and that poetics with which the cult of the saints could be celebrated, because the first heroes of Slav literature were those responsible for Slav literacy and for standard language, Cyril and Methodius and their Slav disciples, whom the young Slavonic church considered to be saints

  • Thus, the ritual genres are: hagiographies, homiletics, and hymnography, or according to their Slavic names: zitije (vita), pohvala (eulogy), sluzbe (church services)

  • Everything which was created originally in written Serbian literature remained in that system: within the context of ritual genres - extra-ritual subject matter, all new themes were created within the system created for religious use

  • Through this system of literary genres, it was not possible to express individual human feelings or secular themes, so the genres of oral poetry, lyric and epic, along with oral narration, stories and legends all supplemented the system of written genres

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    Welcome to BLUE MAG!
    Reviewing obscure literature, including poetry and fiction, genre experimentation,
    reviews and criticism, and the sporting life. Features reader submissions.

    Doing Military Ethics with War Literature
    Article by Robert Bonadonno presented at JSCOPE 99, arguing for the importance
    of lierary narrative in forming a practical appreciation of military virtue.

  • It is time for me now to focus on the genre of war literature, the type of literature with which I propose to 'do' ethics

  • But Homer’s influence on the genre has probably been the greatest

  • Another check on language's usefulness in ethical terms that is particularly applicable to the genre of war literature is the complex, divided, one might almost say inverse relationship between language and maleness (alluded to by writers as diverse as linguist Carol Gilligan, philosopher Steven Smith, and literary and cultural critic Peter Middleton)

    Violet Books: Antiquarian Supernatural Literature
    Specializes in hard to find antiquarian supernatural literature. Site covers a
    fairly broad range of late 19th and early 20th century fantasy literature.

  • Rider Haggard &amp haggardesque 'Lost Race' novels, Marie Corelli &amp other occult romancers, Rafael Sabatini &amp Jeffery Farnol &amp all vintage swashbuckling historical romances, westerns, Yukon adventures, jungle tales, Sax Rohmer &amp all weird thrillers, classic detectives, vintage children's &amp young adult fantasies &amp series books, &amp all things old, fictional, adventurous, &amp weird -- old genre books of a numerous &amp vintage type

  • I've a continuously growing body of &amp covering my special interests in writers &amp genres, &amp a large &amp growing of rare dustwrappers, decorative bindings, &amp golden age book illustrations

  • The Lost Race genre was much-loved by generations of fantasy readers &amp collectors, &amp greatly appeals to my retro tastes

    Definitions of Science Fiction
    More than fifty definitions of science fiction from authors.


    The Speculative Literature Foundation
    Working to promote literary quality in speculative fiction. Site has frequently
    asked questions, news, resources, and information on their programs and grants.

  • | The Speculative Literature Foundation Mission: To promote literary quality in speculative fiction, by encouraging promising new writers, assisting established writers, facilitating the work of quality magazines and small presses in the genre, and developing a greater public appreciation of speculative fiction

    Literature, Cognition & the Brain
    Research at the intersection of literary studies, cognitive theory, and neuroscience.

  • on Literature, Cognition & the Brain For a more wide-ranging bibliography, see: Those new to cognitive science might want to look at the of Readings in Cognitive Science (return to ) Forthcoming in Genre

    PAL: Washington Irving (1783-1859)
    Biography, texts and sources on Paul Reuben's PAL website.

  • He introduced the nonfiction prose as a literary genre

  • 'Accessories that Covertly Explain: Irving's Use of Dutch Genre Painting in `Rip Van Winkle.'' American Literature 54 (1982): 44-62

  • For an out-of-class essay, read The Sketch-Book and write an essay in which you describe the various literary genres that Irving uses in the book

    Mormon Literature Website
    An internet resource devoted to literary expression by, for, or about Mormons,
    and to its interpretation and critical analysis.

  • What is the Association for Mormon Letters? Awards given by AML AML-List: online discussion of Mormon Literature Proceedings of the annual meetings of the Association for Mormon Letters Begin with the sampler, then dive into a variety of full texts of Mormon Literature in every genre

  • If interested in joining AML, send your $15 annualmembership dues (which provides you the newsletter and the annual proceedings) to: Association for Mormon Letters 262 South Main Springville, Utah 84663 Each year at its conference the Association for Mormon Letters presents awards for the bestMormon literature (in all genres) published during the prior year

    The Departments of English and Foreign Languages jointly offer specializations
    in comparative literature and world literature for liberal arts students.

  • It provides a broad outline of national literatures and leads to more intensive study of a period, a genre, or a literary movement in the literature of the two countries

  • The specialization in world literature provides students with some knowledge of the broad outlines of national literatures and allows them to specialize in a period, a genre, or a literary movement (30 credits)

    The Independent Literature Institute - "IndyLit"
    A non-profit co-operative for self-publishing authors and independent publishers.

    Part two: heroic fantasy.

  • Flynn The term heroic fantasy, most commonly attributed to Lin Carter who first coined the phrase, refers to a sub-genre of fantastic literature which chronicles the tales of heroes and their conquests in imaginary lands.10 Heroic fantasy emphasizes the conflict between good and evil, and often casts a reluctant protagonist (human or hobbit) in the role of champion

  • While the roots of heroic fantasy can be traced back thousands of years to Homer, Ovid or Virgil, most critics agree that the sub-genre began in the late nineteenth century

  • Other writers in Weird Tales followed Lovecraft's lead, and invented the new sub-genre, which would be later termed Sword & Sorcery by Fritz Leiber, 12 that preserved magic, the occult, and all the trappings of the lost worlds' story by removing them to remote moments in time

  • Howard was the first and most prolific contributor to Weird Tales to enter this new realm, introducing a host of heroic figures from King Kull and Bran Mak Morn to Solomon Kane and Cormac Mac Art; but his most influential figure on the genre was Conan the Barbarian

  • Tolkien first entered Middle-Earth with the simple children's fantasy The Hobbit (published in 1937), but his return to that richly imagined world meant a turn from the blood-and-thunder of Howard and his contemporaries back to the purity of vision that once established the genre

    Reading Online - Web Watch: Focus on Young Adult Literature
    Annotated list intended to provide a representative sample of the sorts of
    resources in YA literature that are available on the WWW.

  • Still other sites are devoted to the study of YA literature as a genre and as a teaching tool

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