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San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
Information on bus and rail service for San Diego County, California. Offers an
interactive trip planner, route maps, schedules, contact information, news, ...

  • MTS Schedules Events to Announce Systemwide Changes to Bus System

  • The new opened July 10 and closed a critical gap in the trolley system between the existing Blue and Orange lines

    Naples Metro System - unofficial site
    Contains information on the system, its development, lines, and stations, with
    related places of interest. In English and Italian.

    EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE PROJECTS: An Intermediate Level Guide
    One of the numerous approaches for learning the scientific method. By David
    Morano, Assoc. Professor, Mankato State University.

  • What is the Experimental Scientific Method? The steps listed below will help you systematically investigate observations that can be tested with the experimental method

  • To design a suitable experiment you must make an educated guess about the things that affect the system you want to investigate

  • These results will show you trends related to how the variables affect the system you are working with

  • Hypothesis can only be verified using the scientific method described here if there is a cause and effect relationship between the variables you have chosen and the system you are studying

  • Identify Variables Based on your gathered information, make an educated guess about what types of things affect the system you are working with

  • A series of experiments is made up of separate experimental 'runs.' During each run you make a measurement of how much the variable affected the system under study

  • This produces a different amount of response in the system

  • Based on these trends, we can draw conclusions about the system under study

  • These equations allow us to predict how a change will affect the system without the need to do additional experiments

    Simple Step - Motion Control made Simple!
    Manufactures motion controller boards, including the simple step motion control system.

  • produces a line of stepper motion control products for the automation, instrumentation, and robotic industries called the Simple Step ® Motion Control System

  • The ability to switch between the old and new motor movement systems

  • (3.0M) Current In House Projects New ARM controller system : We are currently designing a new level of motion control boards that will replace the current 16 bit processor with a 32 bit ARM7 processor rated at 59 MIPS

  • These new controllers will allow much faster system control and more enhanced features

  • Custom Embedded and Motion Control Systems Let Simple Step design a custom motion controller or embedded control for your needs

  • We can design specialized software to operate your controller from DOS, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP or a custom operating system

  • info: 1 STEP SYSTEM

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    ONLamp.com -- Staying Current with NetBSD
    Michael Lucas demonstrates how to follow the development branch of NetBSD [Onlamp.com]

  • In this article we're going to upgrade a NetBSD system from the 1.6 release to the latest NetBSD-current, so I can eventually cross-build an hpcarm release and install it on my new palmtop

  • Most of what I touched on in those articles hasn't changed much--the installer is prettier, hardware support is updated, but NetBSD is still a basic, reliable BSD-based system

  • Cross-building releases on something as old as that Multia isn't such a grand idea, however, so I started over on a modern Athlon system

  • The NetBSD Project provides comprehensive documentation on how to upgrade the operating system

  • We'll consider each of the following steps in turn: Back up your data Get the system and package source code Update the system and package source code Check /usr/src/UPDATING Build the new kernel and reboot onto it Build the operating system Install the system Update your configuration As with any major system change, an upgrade can possibly damage your system or your data

  • Never skip this step on a production system, however

  • For now, just grab the system source code and, if desired, the package source code

    ONLamp.com -- Rolling with Ruby on Rails
    Curt Hibbs shows off RoR by building simple application that needs little Ruby
    experience. Descriptions, instructions, screenshots. [ONLamp.com]

  • You can still follow along if you use a Linux or Macintosh system, but your screen will look different from the screen shots shown below and you will have to install software packages built specifically for your system

    Primeline Chemical Systems Midi Library - Ragtime Main Page
    Huge source of ragtime MIDI files.

  • If your system has trouble with these spectacular interpretations, go to and download the .zip files, which contain monaural versions

  • ...or write to us at: Primeline Chemical Systems P.O.Box 2087 Moses Lake, Washington 98837 Tel/Fax 1-800-920-9969

    WinPlanet Windows Software Reviews and Downloads
    Comprehensive file listings, ratings, extensive reviews, and free download links
    for Windows, internet, and web development software and accessories.

  • Benefits

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    The Evolution of the Unix Time-Sharing System
    1979 conference paper by Dennis Ritchie. "Concentrates on the evolution of the
    file system, the process-control mechanism, and the idea of pipelined commands.

  • The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System* Dennis M

  • Ritchie Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, 07974 ABSTRACT This paper presents a brief history of the early development of the Unix operating system

  • It concentrates on the evolution of the file system, the process-control mechanism, and the idea of pipelined commands

  • Some attention is paid to social conditions during the development of the system

  •   Introduction During the past few years, the Unix operating system has come into wide use, so wide that its very name has become a trademark of Bell Laboratories

  • This paper presents a technical and social history of the evolution of the system

  • To the Labs computing community as a whole, the problem was the increasing obviousness of the failure of Multics to deliver promptly any sort of usable system, let alone the panacea envisioned earlier

  • More important, the convenient interactive computing service that Multics had promised to the entire community was in fact available to our limited group, at first under the CTSS system used to develop Multics, and later under Multics itself

  • We didn't want to lose the pleasant niche we occupied, because no similar ones were available; even the time-sharing service that would later be offered under GE's operating system did not exist

    Phone Trips
    Recordings from the 70's of some phone phreaks adventures.

  • I first started playing with phones -- not talking on them, but playing with the switching systems and the network -- when I was a teenager growing up in Los Angeles

  • I did a lot of reading about telephone switching systems and visited many phone company switchrooms to learn what was going on

  • Seattle itself had completely different telephone switching systems than either Pacific Telephone or General Telephone in Los Angeles

    Bode Step Toolbox: MATLAB functions for control systems design
    A library of MATLAB functions for design of control systems with maximized feedback
    that requires shaping the loop with a Bode step.

  • Lurie | LIST OF PUBLICATIONS Bode Step Toolbox BODE STEP TOOLBOX MATLAB functions for design of control systems with maximized feedback that requires shaping the loop with a Bode step Copyright ©2000 by B

  • The Bode Step MATLAB toolbox simplifies design of servosystems with Bode step responses

  • Plant modeling, asymptotic diagrams, and conceptual design 4 BONYQAS simplifies the system conceptual design

  • Dc motor servo design A dc motor control system design can be designed with the following sequence of using the toolbox functions

  • First, with bonyqas , an asymptotic Bode diagram with Bode step is chosen such that the feedback satisfies the disturbance rejection requirements, and the attenuation in the feedback loop is sufficient at the frequencies of structural modes to guarantee the system stability with the chosen stability margins

  • The stability margins, the frequencies of the beginning and the end of the Bode step, the asymptotic slope, the nonminimum phase lag, and the system Type are determined during this conceptual feedback loop design

  • A14.6 Default/demo for bocomp , gain and phase responses for the compensator and the plant of a dc motor control system Fig

    visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c, c++ ...
    Lets OOP programmers submit code for review by other programmers; many source
    code samples to help educate beginners on many concepts; contests where ...


    A Three-Step Microbial Hydrogen-Producing System - First Results -
    The aim of the study is to produce hydrogen symbiotically, with green algae for
    carbohydrate production and the well-known purple nonsulfur bacteria for ...

    What Does Negative Temperature Mean?
    A short article from USENET Physics FAQ.

  • Below Absolute Zero - What Does Negative Temperature Mean? Questions: What is negative temperature? Can you really make a system which has a temperature below absolute zero? Can you even give any useful meaning to the expression 'negative absolute temperature'? Answer: Absolutely

  • :-) Under certain conditions, a closed system can be described by a negative temperature, and, surprisingly, be hotter than the same system at any positive temperature

  • Our intuitive notion is that two systems in thermal contact should exchange no heat, on average, if and only if they are at the same temperature

  • Let's call the two systems S1 and S2

  • The combined system, treating S1 and S2 together, can be S3

  • Each state corresponds to a particular division of the total energy in the two subsystems S1 and S2

  • It's the one with the overwhelmingly largest number of microstates for the total system S3

  • That number, N(E1, E2) is just the product of the number of states allowed in each subsystem, N(E1, E2) = N1(E1)*N2(E2), and, since E1 + E2 = E, N(E1, E2) reaches a maximum when N1*N2 is stationary with respect to variations of E1 and E2 subject to the total energy constraint

    Apple - Mac OS X - iChat AV
    Text and video messaging program for Mac OSX.

    RootPrompt -- Nothing but Unix
    News and information for Unix Sysadmins.

  • Virtualisation software lets multiple 'virtual machines' fit on the same computer so several largely idle computers with only one operating system each can be replaced with a single, efficiently used one with several operating systems

  • ( Permalink: Submitted by Thu Aug 17, 2006 ) Unix shell shotcuts Programmers, system administrators, and other UNIX computer professionals have their tricks and all kinds of specialized tools

  • This article gives you a close look at the operating system so secure that it was once banned for use in a DEF CON competition, where crackers go after each other's systems

    Technology gadget tips and reviews.

  • While the PSP has definitely shown its ability to be than just a gaming system (and media player, UMD viewer, digital audio player, etc.), David Rudie has devised a method to turn your PSP into a 'virtual joystick' for your computer

    OTRS::Email Management::Trouble Ticket System::Welcome!
    An Open source Ticket Request System with various features to manage customer
    telephone calls and e-mails.

  • OTRS - Open Ticket Request System 2006-8-11 | Navigation: About Source Support Contact New! OTRS 2.1 will be published in 59 days only

  • Powered by: What is the OTRS? OTRS is an O pen source T icket R equest S ystem (also well known as trouble ticket system ) with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails

  • The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc

  • support, consulting, training, pre-build-systems, etc.) for the OTRS ( and )

  • --Lenz Grimmer, product and release engineer, News (top 15) 2006-08-02 OTRS 2.1.0 beta1 (Playa Esmeralda) is released! The Open-Source-Ticket-System with a brand new Statistics-Framework and FAQ-Module / For the first time OTRS supports the Microsoft(R) SQL Server

  • Bad Homburg, 02.08.2006 - The successful Open-Source-Project OTRS today releases the new Beta-Release of its Ticketsystem: OTRS 2.1 (alias: 'Playa Esmeralda') brings about essential improvements in analysis and control of Helpdesk- and Call-Center-Activities, the first time supports (in an experimental Status) Microsoft SQL Server-Plattforms and accelerates Ticket handling due to numerous new Features

    Sicurezzaonline.it - Portale verticale della sicurezza e salute ...
    Sicurezza e salute sui luoghi di lavoro. Legislazione, Enti normativi, norme
    tecniche, aziende, forum, FAQ, link utili. Alcune sezioni sono riservate agli ...

    Desktop & Workstation Cable Management: Cable Organizers Eliminate ...
    Manufacturer and retailer of desktop computer cable management hardware.
    Product photos, descriptions, and online store.

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