Inflatable boat faq's
Consumer advice and tips about pleasure boating with inflatable watercraft.

  • | Pleasure boating with an inflatable has always brought with it the promise of "getting away from it all

  • If this is your first inflatable, make sure that you are thoroughly briefed and feel comfortable in operating the boat

  • Carefully read and understand the owners manual supplied with your inflatable

  • The weight of the outboard has a direct effect on the handling of your inflatable

  • Most inflatables can travel in the boot or on the roof of a car or van, making it possible to travel more often and in many more places

  • An inflatable is also easily transportable with a trailer

  • Choose a trailer with numerous rollers on the ramp sp that your inflatable is well protected and prefer a tipping hinged shaft that will make loading and unloading easier

  • If it will remain inflated, deflate the tubes a bit and if you leave it on the trailer make sure the inflatable is straight and not tilted

  • The flat hull, usually comes with a slatted floor, making for light, quick to set up tenders

  • The V-shaped hull, is created by combining a rigid floor with an inflatable keel

  • The Ribster hull is a unique concept, a fully foldable semi-rigid hull giving the lightness and reduced size of a folable inflatable

    Gator Boat Co. Wooden Boat Plans
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  • Big Mamma - 2 man flat-bottom johnboat, heavy-duty use

  • Dragonfly - 2 man flat-bottom lightweight johnboat, intended for still water use

    The Boat House
    Canoe, kayak, and rowing shell sales, rental, repair, and service on the Mohawk
    River near Albany. Retailer of paddles, life jackets, roof racks, books, videos, ...

    Building a tack and tape rowboat.
    Detailed descriptions and photos of building a tack and tape rowboat.

  • I needed almost the entire floor area of my two car garage for flat space to edge join the plywood Don't rush into this project until you have studied the plans and built the boat several times over in your mind

  • The next task is to build the transom panel; plans call for a simple straight and flat top edge


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    Nothin' Flat Racing: top eliminator flat bottom drag boat racing.
    A flat bottom dragboat driven by Dene Belyk of Courtenay, British Columbia,
    Canada, competes in the top eliminator (9 second) bracket.

  • Welcome to Nothin' Flat Racing! We are a Top Eliminator (9 second) flat bottom drag boat competing with the Columbia Drag Boat Association (CDBA)

  • - September 23-24 Super Nationals - Chowcilla, CA - TBA Co-Sanctioned with IHBA Coors Light World Finals - Firebird Raceway, Chandler, AZ - TBA Co-Sanctioned with IHBA : Dexter Reservoir - June 2006 (8.95MB) Nothin' Flat Racing

    Nautical Know How - Glossary of Nautical Terms
    Covers between 150 and 200 commonly used terms.

  • CHINE - The intersection of the bottom and sides of a flat or v-bottomed boat

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  • Carnauba Glass Coat Topside/Hull Wax Price $44.00 Kit Includes: 1 deck brush 1 hand brush 1 pair of gloves Price $24.20 When wax is applied to your decks and flat glass with a softdeck brush, it places a non-slick wax finish that will keep everythingfrom sticking

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    Poke Boat
    Manufacturer canoe/kayak hybrids and standard craft. Offers product descriptions,
    photo gallery, and company history.

  • The Poke Boat® is designed with a flat hull and low center of gravity, making it remarkably stable

    Henry Greenside's Duke Physics Challenges
    Physics-related word-problem puzzles.

  • Challenge 5 Equilibration of Two Birthday Balloons Consider two identical birthday balloons, one of which is inflated to 2/3 its maximum diameter and the other inflated to 1/3 its maximum diameter

  • Now consider the following simple game: each of two players take turns choosing a disk and putting it down on the surface of the table so that the disk lies flat and no disk rests on top of another disk

    Green Valley Boat Works
    Canoe and kayak building plans via stitch and glue and wood strip build method.

    Birchbark Canoes by Joe River
    Includes contact and pricing information.

  • On flat waters, a flat bottom is generally a good choice


    factory direct houseboats
    Manufacturer of recreational houseboats and deck boats with fiberglass catamaran
    hulls which provide safety, stability and low maintenance.

  • The bottom of the hulls are flat, not rounded like pontoons to leave a 'footprint' in the water that makes maneuverability superior to other designs

    The port of Claudius. Displays found shipwrecks and artifacts from the silted-up
    Claudian harbor's basin.

  • Fiumicino 1, 2 and 3, which share similar constructional characteristics, feature rather flat wide hulls which indicate they were used for river transport

  • Only the only flat bottom of this little fluvial barge, massively reconstructed in modern times, remains

  • Leaving aside the materials in the display cases, we move on to and, the large flat bottomed fluvial barges

    1891 scow schooner. Includes the history of the Alma and scow schooners in San

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    Manufacturer of rowboats and rowing shells. Also sells sculling oars and rowing

  • A crossover shell, the has a open water hull with a flat deck, for ultra-light weight

  • Flat water rowing shells, like the or, are for competitive sculling and training

  • They are best suited to athletic people who do most of their rowing on calm water, but the speed and grace of flat water sculling shells can be amazing! A rowing shell? A skiff? What's the right rowing craft for you? See our

    Buying The Right Canoe -- OutdoorPlaces.Com
    Comprehensive information for buying a canoe.

  • While one material may excel in whitewater conditions, another may be a better choice for flat water touring

  • Aluminum canoes are idea for flat water, especially lake front property where the canoe will be stored outside year round and used for casual paddling and flat water excursions

  • Polyethylene canoes made from solid material like Ram-X™ are good for flat water, and Class I and II- rivers that do not have jagged rocks, and numerous strainers that could lance the hull of the canoe

  • Composite foam core materials like CrossLink3™ are also good for flat water, but will withstand Class I, II-, II+, and III water much better and are more cut and abrasion resistant

    Cape Cod 5 - The Wellfleet Oysterman
    Reprint of text from 1865 book on Cape Cod, by Henry David Thoreau.

  • [25] 'Can the oysters move?' [26] 'Just as much as my shoe.' [27] But when I caught him saying that they 'bedded themselves down in the sand, flat side up, round side down, ' I told him that my shoe could not do that, without the aid of my foot in it; at which he said that they merely settled down as they grew; if put down in a square they would be found so; but the clam could move quite fast

    U-boat Net
    Article titled "The USS Bogue Hunter-Killer Groups" by Forest Garner.

  • However, the hangar deck of the Bogue was not flat, having retained the C3 hull's sheer and camber, and this made it more difficult to handle aircraft, especially in heavy seas

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  • 8 1/2 X 11 comb binding (lays flat when open)

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