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  • ATW Airline Achievement Awards Sign up to receive the Daily News today! Your e-mail address: The Magazine In our current issue: People ATW Interview When to Tie the Knot Thomsonfly finds a Niche Information is Power Poll Last year the world's airlines ordered more than 2, 000 commercial transports, causing some experts to worry that the industry is repeating past mistakes by ordering too many aircraft, leading to overcapacity and cancellations when the economy sours

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    The Iranian: The evolution of: The Iranian airline industry
    A narrative overview of Iran Air and commercial air transit in Iran from 1927 to 1981.

  • The evolution of: The Iranian airline industry By The Iranian May 1997 - - - - - - - - - - - - - Introduction The aviation phenomenon that gave our generation the freedom from the power of gravity and the ease to wander the globe at will, is about to conclude its first and most fascinating century in history

  • In the aviation industry it is normal practice for the leading airlines, with more years of operation, to share their experience and expertise with new companies, either through long-term partnership or as one-shot deal for a certain period of time

  • Well known to most people related to Iranian aviation, Boubari joined Iranian Airways in 1946 and until a few years ago served in different managerial positions in the Iranian airline industry

  • From then on he was the industry's living legend who, uninterruptedly, was the key member of top management in Iranian Airways as well as Iran Air before and after 1979

  • () Iran Air: The dream airline In early 1962, the government decided to nationalize the commercial air transportation industry in Iran

  • Its managing director was elected the president of IATA, the giant regulating body of the international air transport industry

    Post-1979 Iranian Airline Industry
    Lists airplanes used by the Iranian airline industry.

  • ad: "Our backing is our experience" Post-1979 airline industry (Updated June 6, 1997) Nader Saad The Iranian June 1997 Every Iranian should be proud of Iran Air's achievements before 1979 and in the 18 years after 1979

  • As Anthony Vandyk wrote in Air Transport World (July 1991): "Iran's flag carrier continues to command industry respect for its success in surviving - and indeed prospering - in the face of adversity." Iran Air, with 9, 800 employees, 16 wide body aircraft and 20 narrow body aircraft in 1995, carried 5, 776, 000 passengers


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  • Airwise News Airwise Travel Flight Schedules Flight Arrivals Airwise Sections Tuesday August 8, 2006 Airline, Airport And Aviation Industry News August 8, 2006 Airbus won 200 gross orders for new planes by the end of July, data released by the European planemaker showed on Tuesday, versus 525 for US rival Boeing

  • August 7, 2006 The European Commission should investigate the jet fuel industry for unfairly raising prices to airlines, the Association of European Airlines (AEA), a lobby group, said on Monday

  • August 7, 2006 Poor demand is likely to force Air China to scale back a USD$1 billion initial public offering in Shanghai, and regulators may slow ambitious plans to list the country's top firms, industry sources said on Monday

  • August 1, 2006 This time last year, the US airline industry looked beaten and bruised -- with two major carriers on the brink of bankruptcy and widespread labor strife

  • August 1, 2006 China Aviation Oil Supply Corporation (CAOSC), the country's monopoly jet fuel distributor, raised fuel prices by 300 yuan (USD$37.64) a tonne, or 5 percent, to airlines from July 21 under a new pricing mechanism, an industry official said on Tuesday

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    BBC News | BUSINESS | Q&A: The outlook for Europe's airlines
    European airlines are fighting for financial aid in a bid to survive an economic
    slowdown and the fall-out from the recent attacks on the US.

  • Why was the airline industry suffering before the attacks? The economic slowdown has left airlines suffering from excess capacity as passenger numbers, especially lucrative business travellers, drop

  • Should the US airlines win substantial financial backing from Congress, the European Commission would be under enormous pressure from the industry and national governments to help its own airlines

  • 'They would have on their conscience the demise of the European airline industry and thousands of lay-offs.' What kind of financial aid would the European airlines receive? The US airlines are asking for a $24bn bail-out, but this has not yet been agreed to by Congress

  • The industry is also expecting regulators on both sides of the Atlantic to relax restrictive rules on future mergers as a result of the crisis

  • Most analysts believe that the industry is too fragmented and needs to consolidate so that players can share costs and build greater economies of scale

    BBC News | BUSINESS | UK airlines 'will continue flying'
    The government reaches a compromise with insurers to allow British airlines to
    keep flying despite a massive hike in war cover premiums.

  • British airlines will be able to fly as planned next week UK Treasury 'We have introduced a new set of measures for third-party insurance for war and terrorism, in relation to the airline industry, ' said the UK's chancellor of the exchequer Gordon Brown

  • The news of the agreement between the UK government and the airlines came as the US Congress and the White House agreed a $15bn plan to bail out the airline industry in the aftermath of last week's terrorist attacks

  • Worst case scenario The terror attacks on the US represented the worst case scenario for the insurance industry, industry experts said

  • Toby Nichols, of budget carrier EasyJet, said: 'The insurance industry is being very hard-nosed about it

  • 'The airlines met with them (the insurers) on Tuesday evening and said 'if you don't do this, we are not flying'.' 'They [the insurers] said 'yes, we know and we are very sorry'.' Security improvements David Worsfold, editor of insurance industry journal Post, said that insurance companies wanted to see a dramatic improvement in airline security before they would reduce premiums - Travel: Flight Tracker, City Guides, Deals, News ...
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  • AIRLINE INDUSTRY ? - Wireless LANs: Trouble in the air - January 17, 2002
    [CNN] - Security breaches vary widely at US airports - October 5 ...

    "Air rage is caused by oxygen deprivation."--Diana Fairechild
    An air travel guide about air rage, recycled air, lost luggage, limited carry-ons,
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  • While "unruly" passengers have been a problem within the airline industry for many years, they are just now coming to the attention of the public, the press and Congress

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  • Published February 1, 2002 This article will begin with an overview of the airline ticket industry and a description of the types of tickets available to the consumer

  • The airline industry can be extremely confusing for those not familiar with the jargon

  • The Industry Few industries have been impacted more than the travel industry by the development of the Internet

  • Furthermore, Consumer Reports reported that favoritism does exist in the industry, and hinted that websites may be heavily biased toward parent or affiliated airlines

  • The specter of anti-competitive practices by the airlines started to overshadow the industry in 2000 with the introduction of , the Internet travel site jointly owned by United, American, Delta, Northwest and Continental Airlines (together comprising almost 80% of all domestic flights)

  • The Committee asked that the Department of Justice review some of the industry practices, particularly in light of the creation of Orbitz

  • International Before launching into a discussion of airline ticket prices it is essential to understand that there are huge differences in the industry between domestic tickets, defined as travel within the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, and international tickets

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  • Sixty-nine Brasilia turboprops round out the fleet." The carrier also enjoys 'the strongest balance sheet in the Regional airline industry, ' according to RJ&A

  • 30, 2004, compared to an industry average of 92% among its peers

  • Cordle, whose dour outlook isn't embraced by all industry watchers, some of whom think the industry might be seeing light at the end of the tunnel

  • NWA CEO Doug Steenland, '...said that many of company's major competitors have significantly lowered their labor costs, both in and outside of bankruptcy, leaving Northwest with the highest labor costs in the industry.' July 25, 2005: NWA unions prefer War to Survival

  • Since they are the highest paid in the industry (and probably also the least productive), that would seem to be a very reasonable request to rational minds

  • Industry projections have it losing more than $1 billion this year too.' The costs of bankruptcy itself are enormous

  • DAL-ALPA pilots remain among the highest paid in the industry

  • They are among the very highest paid pilots in the industry, the $2 billion per year ALPA cost at DAL, being 50 % higher than any other airline

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  • Receive your full of biweekly highlights from Aviation Today's Newsstand publications, Special Reports, Aircraft Values, Calendar, Accident Reports and Industry Links! Today's Top Stories Avionics August 10, 2006 Northrop Awarded Phase III Counter-MANPADS The U.S

  • Jazz further charged that the restrictions the TPA is seeking not only violate its legal obligations under the Canada Marine Act, but are 'well outside the norms of the aviation industry.' A full briefing on this unfolding controversy leads the August 14 issue of Regional Aviation News

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