Morton® Salt - Household Hints
Offers tips on using salt in areas such as the bathroom and the lingerie drawer.
Includes salt FAQ.

  • But did you know, that there are other areas in your house where she can be just as helpful? From your tool room to the bathroom to your lingerie drawer, Morton® Salt is effective at handling a number of household tasks

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  • (chat with other old sailors) The Saltiest Ship in the Fleet below patches and more are now available at my Dreambook guestbook! my Dreambook! ALWAYS TRYING TO IMPROVE so please don't stay away too long

  • 3 pages of pictures so far and Al Bell's reunion talk Shell Back jacket patch 4' x 5' A special thank you to the Morton Salt Company for allowing us to use thier Morton Salt cans and girls

  • Morton Salt has supported the ship in many ways over the years and is gracious enough to lend us this art work for the web site

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  • It is known, because of its extensive salt mines, as the "salt capital of Texas." The town was called Jordan's Saline until the arrival of the Texas and Pacific Railway on its route from Marshall to Dallas in 1873

  • Dodge located and divided the townsite into lots and blocks, constructed the Lone Star Salt Company, and on May 9, 1876, turned over all rights to the Texas and Pacific

  • After the Civil War qv Richardson drilled a local salt well to 350 feet

  • In 1875 the Richardson Salt Works was leased to a St

  • In 1890 an Indiana firm known as the Grand Saline Salt Company and later as Morton Salt Company drilled further at the site and began mining

  • Under the management of English engineer Andrew Wilderspin, improved methods were introduced, and in 1891 Byron Parsons organized the Lone Star Salt Company as the area's first steam-powered salt plant

  • Meeks, a teacher, promoted the Texas Short Line Railroad, which completed its Grand Saline to Alba line by 1900 to bring coal to the salt works and carry salt to North Texas

  • Morton Salt acquired all the local salt companies in 1920, sank the Kleer Salt Mine into the area's salt dome by 1931 to produce up to 500 tons of salt daily, and became the sole salt-mine operator in the county, employing 950 by 1945

    Handbook of Texas Online:
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  • Natural resources include oil, gas, salt, iron ore, and clays

  • The first post office was established by John Jordan in 1845 at Jordan's Saline, after he had blazed a trail from Nacogdoches and hauled two iron kettles to start his salt works

  • In its early years the economy was largely subsistence farming, though some settlers also engaged in the salt trade

  • The salt in the area had been known to the Indians, who extracted it in the northeastern part of the county near the site of present Grand Saline

  • Jordan had a salt extraction operation at Jordan's Saline in 1845

  • During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries salt production also continued to be an important source of earnings

  • A number of companies, including the Lone Star Salt Company, the Southern Salt Company, and the Grand Saline Salt Company (later acquired by the Morton Salt Company) were active in the period from 1900 to 1920

  • Landowners and businesses alike felt the pinch, but the expansion of the Morton Salt Works at Grand Saline and the discovery of oil near Van in the eastern portion of the county in 1929 provided additional income from jobs and taxes, particularly oil taxes

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  • Uses an old CDrom disk as the removable coil form Build A Classic Oats Box Radio With Images of Early Oats Boxes To Dress Up Your Radio !! from our friends at Morton Salt Build A Classic Salt Box Radio With Images of Early Morton Salt Boxes To Dress Up Your Radio !! Pacent Model 30 Many new images added Parts and Suppliers Parts for crystal radios - diodes, air variables, wire, xformers, ear plugs, headsets, literature, styrene low melt alloys for mounting crystals, etc

    History of Salt
    Sodium chloride in history, with many links to further relevant material. From the
    Salt Institute.

  • History of Salt Most people probably think of as simply that white granular food seasoning found in a salt shaker on virtually every dining table

  • In fact, salt has, and is even the subject of, "" and

  • The fact is that throughout history, salt--called sodium chloride by chemists--has been such that it has been the subject of many, fables ( ) and (such as "" from Sweden) and is frequently referenced in

  • Some cultures ascribe to salt

  • penned a Victorian era Ghost Story "To Be Taken With A Grain of Salt." Forty years later, author 's last book was "The Salt of the Earth." Salt so infuses our culture that there are innumerable drawing on salt

  • There is even a current , keeping alive the link between salt and culture

  • Salt served as at various times and places, and it has been the cause of bitter warfare

  • While we have records of the importance of salt in commerce in Medieval times ( ) and, in some places like the Sahara ( ) and, salt trading today gives a glimpse of what life may have been like centuries ago

  • Alchemists use the to represent salt

    GourmetSleuth - Guide to Culinary Salts
    A cook's guide to culinary salt including descriptions, photographs and suggested

  • culinary salt - a cooks guide Culinary Salt As we browse recipes it is common to see other types of salts besides common table salt in the ingredient list

  • The most common variations are Kosher and Sea Salt

  • This is a pictorial guide to the types of salts and their suggested application in a recipe

  • Culinary Salt Descriptions How Salt Is Made All culinary salts are derived by evaporation

  • Table salt is made by driving water into a salt deposit (in a mine)

  • The salt is then refined

  • Kosher salt is made in a similar fashion except the brine is raked continually during the evaporation process

  • Sea salt is evaporated sea water

  • All salts are nutritionally the same

  • Sea salt has trace amounts of minerals not found in mined salt

  • Black salt named Kala Namak in India, is really a blend of minerals characterized by a strong sulfur odor

  • Fleur de Sel de Guérande is the premier quality of Grey Sea Salt from France

  • Before the evaporation process is complete a light film of salt forms

  • (See more about Grey salt below)

  • g r e y s e a s a l t Grey salt (sometimes sold as " gray " salt) sel gris is organic sea salt from the coastal area of Guérande, Brittany, France

    Venison Sausage etc...
    Several deer sausage recipes.

  • ground venison or beef or combination 1 teaspoon pepper 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1/2 teaspoon mustard seed 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder 1 cup water 3 tablespoons Morton's Quick-Curing Salt Mix ingredients well

  • ground pork 1 teaspoon course ground pepper Scant tablespoon liquid smoke 1 cup water 2 tablespoon quick curing salt 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon marjoram 1 tablespoon mustard seed Mix together all ingredients and refrigerate for 24 hours (covered)

  • fat pork trimmings Mixture 1 tablespoon cracked black pepper 10 teaspoons household salt 3 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt peter 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon coriander 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1 tablespoon ground mustard 1 tablespoon garlic powder 2 cups rose wine This recipe is calculated for 10 lbs

  • of tender quick salt 1 TBS

  • salt 1/4 TSP

  • garlic salt 1/4 TSP

  • of onion powder or onion salt 1 TSP

  • salt 1 tsp

  • Venison Pepperoni PEPPERONI SAUSAGE MIXTURE: 5 # Venison or Beef 1 # Pork Fat 3 Tablespoons Pickling Salt Pepperoni Seasoning Mixture PEPPERONI SEASONING MIXTURE: 3/4 cup Dry Powdered Milk (mix in enough water to make paste) 2 Tablespoons Sugar 1 Tablespoons Cracked Black Pepper 1 Tablespoons (fine ground) Black Pepper 3 Tablespoons Chili Powder

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    Brief historical account of the printing telegraph system.

  • In 1902 a young electrical engineer named Frank Pearne solicited financial support from Joy Morton, head of the Morton Salt interests

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  • PICK UP A COPY Looking for a copy? Find the magazine at these locations all over the county: Ben Wheeler Round Up Cafe Super Food Mart Canton Brookshire's Canton Café & Bakery Canton Chamber Dairy Palace Jewels Juanita's Robles Wal-Mart Edgewood Dairy Queen David's Grocery Store Edom Edom Bakery & Grill The Shed Cafe Grand Saline Brookshire's Don's Dairy Bar Movie Magic Salt Palace Van Brookshire's Wills Point Brookshire's Dairy Queen Lone Star Grill Cover: Meredith Crawford poses on a long and winding road in Edom

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    Information on dining, lodging, city, industry.

  • Salt has been an important part of the town's history

  • At one time 17 salt companies did business here, and still has a giant plant here

  • The salt industry is one of the most important businesses in South Hutchinson and Hutchinson and will remain so for decades to come

  • &#160'Historical Salt Marker' Located .3 miles west of the junction of U.S

    Processing Meat in the Home
    Detailed instructions produced by the Minnesota Extension Service.

  • The following is a common seasoning formulation for 10 pounds of fresh pork sausage: 3 oz salt 1/4 to 1/2 oz sage 1/4 to 1/2 oz black pepper 0.1 oz red pepper 0.3 oz white pepper 0.1 oz ground cloves or 0.1 oz nutmeg 0.6 to 1.2 oz corn sugar (if the sausage is to be used fresh)

  • A suggested seasoning combination for 8 lbs of finished scrapple would include 3 oz salt, 1/4 oz black pepper, 1/4 oz sweetened marjoram, 1/4 oz nutmeg, 1/4 oz sage or thyme, and 2- 1/2 oz onions

  • A popular formula follows: 4.0 lbs lean beef 6.0 lbs lean pork trimmings 0.8 oz sugar 0.6 oz pepper (black or white) 0.2 oz sage or 0.1 oz ground mustard 4.0 oz salt 0.7 gram sodium nitrite measured very carefully and dissolved in 1/4 cup water NOTE: It is very important that the level of nitrite not be exceeded since excessive human consumption of nitrite can be lethal

  • In fact, the use of commercial salt-sodium nitrite mixtures is strongly encouraged because of the problem of measuring accurately such a small quantity of nitrite

  • There are commercial sources of salt containing sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite for home curing of meat

  • If you use this commercial source of salt and nitrite, use 5- 1/2 level tablespoons per 10 lbs of meat


    Detailed account of Tamarindus indica, including its origin, cultivation, uses.

  • It withstands salt spray and can be planted fairly close to the seashore

  • East Indians shell the fruits and sprinkle them lightly with salt as a preservative

  • In Java, the salted pulp is rolled into balls, steamed and sun-dried, then exposed to dew for a week before being packed in stone jars

  • In India, the pulp, with or without seeds and fibers may be mixed with salt (10%), pounded into blocks, wrapped in palmleaf matting, and packed in burlap sacks for marketing

  • In native practice, the pulp is applied on inflammations, is used in a gargle for sore throat and, mixed with salt, as a liniment for rheumatism

  • Fried with salt and pulverized to an ash, it is given as a remedy for indigestion and colic

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  • Established in 1922 by Joy Morton, founder of Chicago-based Morton Salt Company, the Arboretum’s goal is to collect, study, and display plants from around the world, and to teach people to grow their own plants in ways that enhance the environment

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    Complete guide to living, vacationing, and doing business in the Bahamas.

  • • White sea salt and pink flamingos, or 'fillymings, ' share Inagua, The Bahamas' southernmost island

  • The birds and the Morton Salt Company give the small community a firm financial foundation

  • Learn how salt production actually helps the pink flamingos recover and increase their numbers form a low of less than 5, 000 to more than 40, 000 today in the Inagua story

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  • The copper-jacketed slug recovered from the bathroom's cardboard cylinder of Morton's Salt was undeformed save for the faint bright marks of lands and grooves so hot, stilled energy, it blistered my hand

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