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West Side Story (1961)
Review of the 1961 film adaptation of the classic Broadway musical.

  • After her success in, Natalie Wood was chosen for the lead female role after Barbara Luna was considered

  • Puerto Rican Maria, played by Natalie Wood, and white Tony, played by Richard Beymer, were the two lovers

  • The singing of both leads was dubbed: Jimmy Bryant for former child actor Richard Beymer, and Marni Nixon for Natalie Wood, and the vocals by Rita Moreno were enhanced by Betty Wand for "A Boy Like That"

  • Natalie Wood was un-nominated for West Side Story , but she was competing for a Best Actress Oscar (that she lost to Sophia Loren for Two Women ) for her role in

  • There, a young, newly-arrived (a month earlier), innocent-looking Puerto Rican girl, Maria (Natalie Wood in her second adult film role), speaks in a heavy accent to Anita (Rita Moreno) while she makes alterations to Maria's dress for the evening's dance

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    Pop Music - The 70s
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    Pop Music - The 80s
    A list of various pop songs recorded in the 80s (most linked to lyrics).
    Categories: Pop and Easy Listening, Dance & R&B, Rock 'n' Roll, Rock in a Hard Place.

    10000 Maniacs Lyrics, Photos, Pictures, Paroles, Letras, Text for ...
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  • B i o g r a p h y (by William Ruhlmann) 1 0, 000 Maniacs (named after the low-budget horror movie 2, 000 Maniacs) was formed in Jamestown, NY, in 1981 by singer Natalie Merchant and guitarist John Lombardo

    West Side Story (1961)
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  • make sure you hear the ending....wow - Simon & Garfunkel - Cheryl Lynn - Chick Correa - Download Real Audio File - Bee Gee's - Will Smith - Carpenters - by Jesse dbassman - Natalie Cole - Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes - - Bette Midler - beautiful - the Carpenters - the Guess Who - Spiral Staircase - Barry Manillo - Joshua Kadison / - Kewl and the Gang :-) - Bill Withers -Bobby Caldwell - KARAOKE Style You sing the Melody :-) - Kewl and the Gang :-) - Louis Armstrong - Slow and powerful, sequenced especially for - Sang by Jesse d'bassman with lyrics and graphics < Listen to Real Audio > ' ( Vocals only ) ' - Sang by - For More? CLICK >> on his Page or MP3, Real audio, MIDI or Compressed WAV > Automatically be a Sony DVD and $10, 000 by sending a link to my to a friend D I S C L A I M E R : The first and original Source of Jesse 'dbassman' Jocson's MIDI Sequences (SM) - Since March 1998


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    Austin Chronicle: Texas Platters
    Trespassing record review.

  • 4 stars -- Christopher Hess NATALIE ZOE Never Too Old to Swing (Mozo) Just as the lateral move from bluesman to swing musician has proved easy and popular over the past several years, so too would it seem natural to go from adult-contemporary MOR rocker to crooning jazz diva

  • At least that's what Natalie Zoe would have you think

  • Which is a shame, because Natalie Zoe has in fact proved she's Never Too Old to Swing

    Mike Phelan Donora Street CD
    News, lyrics and song descriptions for the San Francisco singer/songwriter.

  • the problem is where to stop -- I would need the whole page to chronicle Rick's musical accomplishments, but suffice to say that he is as good a friend as he is a player and is a first-rate, first-call bassist, trombonist arranger and copyist for everybody from Gladys Knight to Natalie Cole

    LiP | Film Review | Memento
    Interpretation of the film as a metaphor for the criminal exercise of US global
    power. (Contains spoilers.) By Rob Content.

  • Leonard's search for justice is further thwarted and perverted by his involvement with Natalie, a barmaid who convinces Leonard she will help him because she too "has lost someone." We learn right along with Leonard that Natalie has no qualms about using him

  • (Nolan's chilling dissection of this tendency yields the most notable contribution since David Lynch's Lost Highway to the recent revival of film noir.) Leonard's vulnerability to Teddy's greedy conniving and Natalie's fearsome duplicity further ratchets up our sympathy for him

  • So, at one point in the film, when Leonard indignantly declares to Natalie, "What do you think I am? I'm not gonna kill someone for money, " we should remember that Leonard, in fact, made it his career to do just that

    www.JohnnyDepp-Zone.com THE JOHNNY DEPP ZONE
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    Playbill News: THE LEADING MEN: Vamp Till Ready
    Hugh Panaro talks about the story of Lestat in this interview by Wayman Wong.

  • Produced and hosted by Carolyn Montgomery , itÂ’ll include Tom Andersen, Scott Coulter, Baby Jane Dexter, Tim Di Pasqua, Natalie Douglas, David Gurland, Julie Reyburn, Sue Matsuki and many more

    Bad Songs of the Seventies
    Includes list of bad 70s songs sorted by artist, with commentary and lyric excerpts.

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