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  • But now the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has been formed to help us with these decisions

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is an independent rating system which was established in September of 1994 by the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA), the leading trade association for the interactive entertainment software industry

  • The ESRB is a voluntary rating system which was developed to give parents and consumers information about the content of video and computer games so that they can make informed purchase and rental decisions

Definitions of the Ratings used by ESRB:
The ESRB rates the games by choosing 'three raters randomly chosen from a pool of over 100 demographically diverse individuals from all walks of life.' These raters have been trained in the rating system and go through the games frame by frame

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  • $1142.00 to $1499.95 - by msthomas7_7_7 $599.00 to $599.99 - by Yahoo! Shopping User $149.99 to $348.86 - by bcamntx $599.00 to $829.00 - by nghi_nghuu $466.00 to $649.99 - by thebadpete $99.99 to $99.99 - by cdortiz2 Yahoo! Shopping selects products based on popularity, product ratings, and availability

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  • | Today on GamesTracker Latest Screenshots Seven screenshots Five screenshots Nine screenshots Six screenshots Fifteen screenshots Three screenshots Latest Videos Official Trailer PC, Xbox 360 Official Trailer Gameplay Footage Multiplayer Trailer Official Trailer Official Trailer Other News 'Mobile Suit Gundam' Gets Ready For War On PlayStation 3 System Win one of five copies up for grabs GamesTracker Rating 56.44% GamesTracker Rating 67.11% GamesTracker Rating 57.78% Critically Acclaimed Xbox 360 Title 'Gears of War' to Surface 17th November, 2006 Touch-Screen Internet In The Palm Of Your Hand GamesTracker Rating 58.44% GamesTracker Rating 70.11% GamesTracker Rating 72.11% Today's Most Wanted 1

  • | Rating: Unrated 2

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Released: 25 Dec 2006 Price: £29.95 | Rating: Unrated 3

  • Football Manager 2007 Released: 20 Oct 2006 Price: £24.99 | Rating: Unrated 4

  • Grand Theft Auto IV Released: 19 Oct 2007 Price: £49.99 | Rating: Unrated 5

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 Released: 17 Nov 2006 Price: £49.99 | Rating: Unrated 6

  • Dead Rising Released: 08 Sep 2006 Price: £37.99 | Rating: Unrated 7

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  • Shadow the Hedgehog Release date(s) , / Mode(s) / Rating(s) : Everyone 10+ (E10+) : All ages : 12+ : PG Platform(s) , Input Controller Shadow the Hedgehog is a video game starring an of the series,

  • [] Censorship issues Due to the mildly violent nature of the game, the rating was, for a time, in question

  • Sega's request for only people 13 years and older to play the game at trade shows seemed to further back the T rating

  • Regardless, the ESRB website later updated the rating to E-10+, thus making it unanimous


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  • Memory: Ports and peripheral capabilities: Up to four Wii Remote controllers (connected wirelessly via Bluetooth) One SD memory card slot Two ports One Sensor Bar port Four Nintendo GameCube controller ports Two Nintendo GameCube memory card ports Compatible with optional USB 2.0 Ethernet LAN adaptor Storage: 512 built-in Expansion available via SD card memory and Slot-loading disc drive compatible with: (4.7 GB Single layer or 8.5 GB Dual Layer) 8cm GameCube optical disc by Built-in content ratings systems: , and Video: Up to and will work with a computer monitor as well as any TV or projector (including ), or output widescreen support Audio: Main: Stereo - -capable Controller: Built-in speaker [] Online connectivity Main article: Wii will be able to connect to the Internet through its built-in Wi-Fi and through a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, with both methods allowing players to access the established service

  • When a disc is inserted, it will read the content rating encoded on the game discs; if this rating is greater than the system's set age level the game will not load without a correct override password

  • It is confirmed that the European units will use the rating system, and North American units will use the rating system

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