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my life after near death experiences
Over 100 dream visions of afterlife realms, over the years. Journal reflects
life, now, after these experiences.

  • a calm tropical dayFrom my 5th floor window, about 3 pm, the tropical rain season is Producing a shower for someone, miles away

  • You can actually see the rain falling from the top of this cloud!tallahassee, florida usaNote how clear the air is, and You would not know that there are houses under those trees.The temperature is about 90 to 95 degrees, of course, normal for this time of year, mid-August

  • summer clouda late afternoon 'almost' thunderhead, almost grwon enough to produce some rain.Taken from my 5th floor window.tallahassee, florida, usa.probably is sprinkling under the cloud.oooh, clouds come in SO many shapes, sizes, colors!Uploaded by freestone on 9 Aug '06, 10.16am EDT

  • peaceful late afternoon from my windowA peaceful summer afternoon, seen from my 5th floor window.Note how clear the sky is, the subtropics, here in North florida, even when thewind is not coming off of the Gulf, often is free of the industrial haze that plagues the Northern states and Europe.Of course the temperature is about 90 to 95 degrees, at this moment, but that is normal on any sunny day that the rain season has no rain, like of today.Not a breath of wind stirring, when I later walked outside

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    Bicycle Self Tour France's Loire Valley by Don LaVange
    Don LaVange's Loire River Valley, Bicycle Tour.

  • We have always ridden the bicycles in Paris from the Air France bus at L'etoile to the Montparnasse train station

  • However, if you are using a re-usable hard shell case, you will want to have it stored somewhere in Paris for your return trip and you will have to ride from your hotel to the train station

  • Reports are that bicycles are not transported by train anymore and the timing has been changed

  • In the past the train would get vyour bike to your destination by the next day

  • Get off there and follow the map to the Gare Montparnasse (train station)

  • There you will buy tickets on the train to ANGERS for the next day

  • You want to send your bikes ahead because the French Rail system does not guarantee that your bike will travel with you on the same train even though they usually do

  • This choice is up to you! Of late, there has been much discussion over whether or not the trains will take the bikes as baggage

  • Lately there are reports that all bikes must be shipped by SERNAM which always has locations next door to the train station

  • No garage but they took the bikes into a hallway! In another part of Paris is the 2 star Hotel Batignolles Villiers, very comfortable but not near the train station

    Extensive report originally compiled by George Draffan of endgame.org for the
    Rainforest Action Network.

  • With mounting debt and a government amenable to selling off real assets, Chile accelerated the drain of its forest and other resources to consumers (and its profits to investors) overseas: 'Between 1980 and 1988, copper production increased by 35.7%, fishmeal production by 88.6%, fresh fish by 371%, and fruit production by 231%

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    A Family Runs Through It
    Stay-at-home dad's view of family life in north Idaho.

  • false Phil 2006-08-26T10:22:00-07:00 2006-08-26T17:37:42Z 2006-08-26T17:35:41Z tag:blogger.com, 1999:blog-7033675.post-115661374146460092 Rest Stop <img src='http://www.pkmeco.com/images/bathroom.jpg'><br /><i>Hoh Rain Forest Bathroom, Washington</i><br /><br />When I was a kid, a family friend passed on some sage advice that I have never forgotten

  • Twenty minutes and twenty miles into the rain forest, and all of a sudden alarm bells sound and she’s wiggling in the backseat.<br /><br />My 8-year-old son was a little better

  • The President of McDonald's is more powerful than the President of the United States! false Phil 2006-08-21T13:24:00-07:00 2006-08-21T20:39:33Z 2006-08-21T20:24:00Z tag:blogger.com, 1999:blog-7033675.post-115619184090263049 Roll in the Clover <img src='http://www.pkmeco.com/images/clover2.jpg' vspace='5'><br />A leftover photo from our trip to the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington

    The Amazing World of Cuddly
    Tales of a teddy bear who is 8 years old and has traveled the world with his brothers.

  • The cake had a toy theme with trains, lego and teddy bears

  • I particularly liked the Thomas the Tank engine wrapping paper, although sadly the present inside wasn't a train

  • I am going to take my new raincoat so hopefully I can go on all the rides there

    Fast Pitch Softball History
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    Snarky wonderfulness.

  • Sometimes I just get this little tickle in the back of my brain when working on a project, and that little whisper says that “this isn’t working”

  • Benefits

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    CNN - Review: 'Ender's Shadow' - July 30, 1999

  • In order to find battle leaders intelligent enough but also malleable enough to be able to think like the enemy, Earth recruits and trains young children to lead its battle fleet

  • In 'Ender's Shadow, ' Card retells the tale of training and the battle, but this time through the eyes of the youngest and smallest commander, Bean

  • Bean must rise up from being a beggar on the mean streets of Rotterdam and get noticed by the international fleet as a recruit for its military training

  • Every fossil fuel we burn, landfill we create, nuclear missile we point at each other and rain forest we destroy will have dire consequences for our children and their children

    St Francis RC
    Milford on Sea, Hampshire. Mass times, contact details, parish news, parish pictures.

  • Come the winds and rains of October, there will be Spider Drive with tea and cake

  • The weather was kind, insofar as it didn't rain, but it gave not a fig for the fact it was extremely cold! The brave people of Milford who really cared about an ecumenical venture arrived to fill the church - roughly 100 people arrived, which put the fear of God into the caterers - as almost everyone went down to the Maryland Room - who could then only pray for a repeat of the miracle of the feeding of the 5000! Somebody must have been listening as there was half a bottle of wine left and a couple of little sandwiches plus a few cakes

  • Everyone wished everyone a Happy Christmas and we were able to go home on a reasonably pleasant evening with neither rain nor snow, ands not too much frost

  • December 4th After the heavy rain of Friday afternoon, the weather was dry first thing, and although there were a couple of heavy showers, the weather was kind - ish

    IPv8 G:S Numbers and TLDs
    Listing of proposed alternate TLDs in the 128-bit DNS supported by IPv8. These TLDs
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    axoplasm | PDX »»» XMN
    Not quite a weblog, not quite a fabric softener. Something new every day.

  • Brew & view movie theaters Yoko's Sushi Drinks with friends I've known for a decade Hipsters on fixies Powell's Books Driving political bumperstickers Salvador Molly Mojitos Stumptown coffee Pizzicato pizza Gabriel Park Mini-malls Scrub jays NPR Hemlock trees falling leaves Winter rain Long summer twilight Drinking water from the tap Overheard conversations I can understand Convenience stores Organic produce inches, miles, 8.5 x 11 paper, ° F comfort, familiarity » Submitted by Paul on Thu, 2006-07-27 11:58

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    Sweden became Swedish at the battle of Gestilren in Tidaholm in 1210?
    Information from the municipality.

    The BevNET's World Famous Beverage Reviews
    Over one thousand products reviewed, even discontinued ones.

    Queens, New York - Guide to the Borough of Queens, NY
    Guide to the Queens area, with links and original articles of local interest.

  • and continue until 5 p.m., rain or shine Live music and other performances (free) from 10 a.m

    The Social Software Weblog
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  • [5] Posted Jul 10th 2006 5:00PM by Filed under:, From the same nice people who brought us that dishwasher churning away in the next room comes an exiting new way to visually brainstorm and collaborate with your friends! Ok, so it might not be all that ', ' and some of you might not find it particularly 'exciting, ' but dammit, I thought it was cool

  • Imaging searching for information on the ecosystem of the amazon rain forest and being able to see that a biologist you know had jooked a result; wouldn't that immediately reassure you that the information there would be good stuff?I think Jookster is a great idea, and even if it turns out that it is one of the many startups that will go belly up in this boom, I'm confident that the underlying ideas it embraces will be something that we are using for years to come

  • See also, a liberal grass roots group 'providing Internet access, website hostng, media development and training for partnering organizations and communities effected by the Hurricanes Rita and Katrina.' Update: There's an email excerpt from the New Orleans CIO about he's having people hug him on the street about the fact that free wifi is on its way

    A Trip to the End of the World (part 1 of 3)
    Travelogues of trip to the southern tip of Argentina and around Patagonia including
    a few days in Chilean Patagonia.

  • We probably walked about 10 km altogether over easy, flat terrain

    A personal memoir, by Matthew Chachère.

    Trip to New Zealand in 1987
    Journal about a bicycle trip around the country in 1987 by Leo Geary.

  • Fri 12/4/87 Day 9 On the road, finally! And in the rain, on top of it

  • I rode on in the rain for another hour before leaving the city completely behind

  • Apparently there's more rainfall up here, or the drainage is poorer, because the landscape is a hell of a lot greener than the country I'd seen

  • 12/7 Off to the Waipoua! Day 12 Saying by to the bros, I left town under threatening skies, but only got a little rain on roads winding through country increasingly more scenic than what I'd seen before

  • No rain! Hokianga Harbor Tues 12/8/87 Day 13 Was out of camp early, and back into Opononi for food

  • In retrospect, I wish I could have brought up an idea I thought of later: Sure, go ahead and consolidate the Feds in order to constrain out-of-control gov't spending, but get local volunteers to take over the superceded regional outposts

    Letters to Marc Jacobs
    Chronicling the failures of her efforts to create a perfect life.

  • Or less.For the latest in love-e posted by -e at Wednesday, September 20, 2006 My way of phrasing it Dear Marc, yesterday, when I took the subway, the lady in the speakers, the subway MC if you will, told us the usual:'Good day folks, no use cramming all of you into this particular train, there are more trains right behind us'but then she went into the following explanation:'there's something wrong with a train ahead of us, causing...causing this constipation in the subway system'.We were still crammed but now more merrily so

  • It was raining so I grabbed an umbrella

  • I was late, so I ran in the rain while opening the water shield, only to discover it was my daughter's tiny child umbrella with pink flowers and butterflies.So much for acting the part of a dignified business woman

  • You try to be taken seriously, rushing through the rain with a kiddie umbrella and make-up on the run.I thank my lucky stars every day for choosing a profession where I can work from my home and don't have to face people facing me.Oh, and I went to the store and tried the boots on

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