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    How many Mexican pesos equal one US dollar? How much does one Canadian dollar
    equal in US money? This online calculator will tell you what the money in one ...

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  • To make on-line foreign exchange transactions with guaranteed best rates, use, our discount on-line foreign exchange system - Exchange Rate - Currencies - Graphs ...
    Provides currency exchange rates, charts and graphs, historical data, country
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    FXConverter - Currency Converter for 164 Currencies
    Currency converter for 164 currency pairs and currency cheat sheet for travelers.
    Includes option to set rate depending upon conversion method used.

  • FXConverter - Currency Converter for 164 Currencies FXConverter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter) is a multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors and is filtered for validity

  • To get the exchange rates for any of the 164 currencies, select the desired currencies from the lists below, as well as the date, language, and amount for which you would like to conduct the currency conversion

  • Convert amount with rate as of Currency Code: To Currency Code: Buy Currency and Travelers Cheques delivered to your home for your next trip with

  • Traveling on Vacation? Then don't forget our, a wallet-sized exchange rate reference that allows you to quickly look-up and compare prices between currencies

  • Need Exchange Rate Information for your Business? OANDA's has a number of for your office or website

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    RBC Royal Bank - Travel Essentials - Foreign Exchange Cheque Rate ...
    Currency converter that allows you to convert foreign currencies to Canadian or
    US Dollars. Also articles that include; "Planning Your Finances for Your Short ...

  • | Other RBC Sites: SIGN IN TRAVEL INSURANCE PLANNING YOUR FINANCES Foreign Exchange Cheque Rate Converter The Foreign Exchange Cheque Rate Converter allows you to quickly convert between over 40 foreign currencies

  • Cheque Rates apply to the conversion of paper instruments such as cheques, drafts, etc

  • Exchange rates for cash are less favourable to recover shipping and handling charges

  • Click for cash rates

  • For conversions yielding more than $100, 000 USD equivalent, contact your local RBC Royal Bank branch for rate information

  • Some rates against U.S

  • Rates for exchange purposes are processed against Canadian Dollars

  • Foreign exchange rates can fluctuate at any time

  • Rates provided here are only indications of the market rates as of the date and time specified above

  • For the most current rates, contact your local RBC Royal Bank branch

  • is operated by Royal Bank of Canada

    Currency Library - Foreign Exchange Rates and Interest Rate ...
    FX market reports, newsletters, quotes, historical data downloads, news, and research.

  • Forex & Interest Rate Newsletters, Market Analysis, Quotes, Charts, News & Data | Website Content Data Job Search - - : An explanation of content and services available under various subscription options, including free subscriptions

  • Here are some firms that already know the exceptional value of a Market Library subscription: Accenture, Citibank, Compaq, Dell, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Ernst & Young, Federal Reserve, Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, IBM, ING Barings, KPMG, London Stock Exchange, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Paine Webber, Philip Morris, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential-Bache, Salomon Smith Barney, Sony : Gain access to currency futures and streaming spot rates! Open to all

  • It also serves as a reference for official ISO 4217 codes and current exchange rates vs

  • NEWSLETTER SAMPLES Relevant exchange rate, interest rate and index information for a single currency on one report

  • - Peg, Standard Plan subscriber Real-time & historical Forex & interest rates and volatility analysis

  • Daily forex rates, volatility & international interest rates in a format that allows you to compare real-time & historical values, view charts & download data directly from the reports into spreadsheets & other programs

    How Much Is That? | EH.Net
    Interactive tool to compare the purchasing power of money in the United States (or
    colonies) from any year to any other year from the 1600s to today.

  • How Much Is That? HMIT Editor Samuel H Williamson Have you ever wondered what the value of a dollar was in 1895? Or what the GDP was in 1929? Here is a place where you can ask questions of comparative value covering purchasing power, exchange rates, and other variables between the past and today

    Foreign Exchange Currency Exchange Forex Rates FX Companies ...
    Foreign currency exchange and preparation for travelers, importers, exporters,
    banks and trading companies.

  • Take advantage of better than bank forex rates

  • Forex Rates Keep up to date on the latest forex rates, including forward rates, spot rates, fx options and of course the US dollar, Euro and Canadian exchange rate

  • Forex Rates Cambridge News International Payments Send and receive your online 24/7

  • Earlier in the week Germanys August ZEW Economic Sentiment came in worse than expected rising concerns that the EU may pause on rates

  • Overnight Range: 1.8832- 1.8911 The Yen The yen fell sharply after a weaker-than-expected increase in Japan CPI dimmed prospects of higher interest rates

  • The Japan core CPI rose at an annual rate of 0.2% in July, well below the June reading of 0.6% and the forecast for 0.5%

  • Recall that the Bank of Japan raised its interest rates from zero percent for the first time in six years on July 14, and several BoJ officials and Japan politicians indicated that the central bank will lift rates gradually afterwards

  • 25, 1944, during World War II, Paris was liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation

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    US-Angola Chamber of Commerce
    Independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of trade and
    investment between the United States and Angola.

  • Below is this week’s estimated exchange rate for the Angolan Kwanza (AKZ) according to the National Reserve Bank (BNA)

  • For a daily exchange rate contact the BNA or a local bank

    Currencies of the World
    Details of world currencies including names, symbols, subdivisions and pegs.

  • The Pacific Exchange Rate Service is located in Vancouver, Canada

    PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service
    Contains historic daily exchange rates, updated daily. Results can be shown in
    various table and plotted formats. Also lists a Euro fact sheet.

  • A service for academic research and teaching provided by at UBC's (official noon spot rates, updated daily at noon PST) (about 200 currencies; various sources, less reliable) (via Xenon Laboratories) charting single and multiple time series, moving averages, volatility charts, and more Historic Annual Average Exchange Rates (1948-2005) (Official, Bank of Canada) (updated daily) (via Yahoo!-Finance) The currencies of the world: | (updated daily) USD EUR GBP JP1 CHF CAD AUD MXN USD 1.2888 1.9087 0.8685 0.8178 0.8929 0.7667 0.0923 EUR 0.7759 1.4811 0.6739 0.6345 0.6929 0.5949 0.0716 GBP 0.5239 0.6752 0.4550 0.4284 0.4678 0.4017 0.0484 JPY 115.14 148.40 219.78 94.160 102.82 88.278 10.631 CHF 1.2229 1.5760 2.3341 1.0620 1.0919 0.9375 0.1129 CAD 1.1199 1.4433 2.1376 0.9726 0.9158 0.8586 0.1034 AUD 1.3043 1.6810 2.4896 1.1328 1.0666 1.1647 0.1204 MXN 10.831 13.958 20.673 9.4062 8.8569 9.6712 8.3037 Recent as of Wednesday, August 9, 2006

  • The Pacific Exchange Rate Service is located in Vancouver, Canada

    Currencies Direct | Home
    Commercial foreign exchange for the purchase or sale of any currency.

  • T: 0845 389 3000 Country: Main Menu Welcome to Currencies Direct Put our experience to work for you Let us get you the best rate Useful Resources – – – – User Options Currency Converter Currency from: Amount: Currency to: Amount: Disclaimer **All rates shown are based on today’s Interbank rates and do not allow for market spreads

  • It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate and that these rates are provided for indication purposes only

  • These rates are updated every 15 minutes

  • Please contact us for current rates and an individual quotation


    American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
    Nonpartisan individual membership organization of state legislators which favors
    federalism and conservative public policy solutions.

    Baja Mexico, Baja California Mexico Guide Bajamar Ensenada ...
    A large directory of travel related information, businesses, and listings for
    specific Baja cities and towns.

  • FORGET ALL THIS NONSENSE! ! ! If you want to visit Baja California you will experience a little paradise First of all you should know that your own country would count itself lucky if they had such a low crime rate

  • DON’T CHANGE PESOS OUTSIDE OF MEXICO! ! ! Not only do you get the worst exchange rate possible, you don’t even need Pesos on your arrival

  • Normally, the best exchange rate you will get in the stores, NOT at the banks

  • That way you get the best exchange rate possible

  • DON’T TAKE ANY TRAVELER CHECKS! ! ! You will have big problems to pay with traveler checks and the exchange rate is very low

  • In case you cannot afford even this low cost, you will be treated free of charge! ! Only if you live in Mexico, you will have to buy Mexican health insurance at a yearly rate of about US $ 220.00 for 2 persons

  • Before you open your mouth at your dentist at home you should know that the Mexican dentists also are first rate and charge a lot less than you are used to in your country

    CIA - The World Factbook: The US Virgin Islands
    Features map and brief descriptions of the geography, people, government, economy,
    communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

    Investing and CNBC - MSN Money
    Headline news, articles, reports, stocks and quotes, message boards, and a stock

    fxcentre - Up to date financial, economic and foreign exchange ...
    Provides a range of live, financial economic and foreign exchange market related
    news and views in Ireland.

  • home news the markets analysis services about GTS Sunday 3rd September 2006 site map contact us fx rates interest rates equities breaking news fx rates updates every 5 minutes int rates updated twice daily live from Business & Finance Media World indices DOW 11464.15 +83 FTSE 5949.1 +43 ISEQ 8092.07 +47.02 NASDAQ 2193.16 +9.41 NIKKEI 16134.25 -6.51 Updated regularly, indicative only services Historic Average FX Rates 2005 send us your feedback on fx online historic fx and interest rates custom rates & equities directly to your mobile confirm and view deals & payments online make us your homepage Latest Topic New! NO ESCAPING RISING COST OF LIVING The annual rate of headline inflation in Ireland increased to 4.2% in July from 2.5% at the end of last year and from under 2% at the start of 2004

  • (142K) morning comment previous comments The euro initially firmed yesterday following hawkish comments by Trichet following the ECB meeting, at which rates were left on hold as expected

  • (99K) As at: 15.22 Friday, 01 Sep 2006 The Governing Council of the European Central Bank meets again on Thursday to discuss eurozone interest rate policy

    Country Commercial Guide -- US Commercial Service Venezuela
    Brief interim report.

  • 2005): $130 billion GDP Real Annual Growth Rate (est

  • · Exchange Rate as of January, 2006: $1US = Bolivares (Bs.) 2, 150

  • · Non-market rate of official exchange and exchange control obstacles to the free flow of capital

  • · Relatively low tariff rates and transparent customs administration on imported goods

  • Market Entry Strategy · Venezuela is a relationship-based, rather than rules-based, society
    An organization dedicated to promoting the development, deployment, and use of
    web services. Offers a directory of publicly-available web services, ...

  • interest rate information StrikeIron DOC The highest quality eBay market research available - 90 days of history StrikeIron DOC Returns the latitude and longitude of any U.S

  • Glue RPC Provides a SOAP RPC interface to XMethods for query operations Glue RPC Exchange rate between any two currencies

    Corporate Information
    Extensive links to sites offering corporate information in over 80 countries.
    Compiled by the Winthrop Corporation.

  • Welcome to the source for global corporate information on the leading companies in over 55 countries

  • Before the release of the employment report for July, investors in the fed funds futures market put a 40% chance on the Fed raising interest rates at the August 8 meeting

  • RESEARCH EXCHANGE RATES Need to know the exchange rate of a currency? All you have to do is select the currency from the list below

  • Provide the exchange rate for the RESEARCH THE TOP 100 Select an item from the drop down list to view the top 100 companies worldwide ranked by that item

  • ALPHABETICAL LIST OF COMPANIES Scroll through all of the over 30, 000 companies analyzed on the CorporateInformation site

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