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Canon EOS Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) Review
Review by Bob Atkins. "It's clearly better and more versatile than similarly
priced non SLR digicams in the same price range, though it may be slightly larger ...

  • • Canon EOS Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) Review by [ Editor's note: The Canon Digital Rebel has been discontinued

  • There is a review of the replacement, the ] Introduction The Canon Digital Rebel, also known as the Canon EOS 300D, was introduced in October 2003 and was the first digital SLR (DSLR) to break the $1000 barrier at its introduction price of $899

  • Though it's a Rebel, which is the designation for Canon's most basic, entry level, cameras, it has many features you might only expect to find on more advanced models, such as depth-of-field preview, white balance bracketing and flash sync at 1/200

  • This is the first part which deals with the Digital Rebel camera body in some detail

  • The second part is a detailed look at the EF-S 18-55/3.5-5.6 lens which is sold as part of a kit with the Digital Rebel body, and the third part of the review is The Sensor The CMOS sensor is 22.7 x 15.1mm and can generate a 3072 x 2048 pixel image

  • Since the sensor is smaller than a standard 35mm frame (36mm x 24mm), lenses will have a narrower field of view when mounted on a Digital Rebel than when mounted on a full frame 35mm camera

    Canon EOS Digital SLR System
    Comprehensive reviews of EOS bodies, lenses, and accessories, with reader's comments.

  • small sensor , $800 (, introduced October 2006, the right camera for most consumers who want a responsive accurate machine (replaces the similarly named, but obsolete, $635 () , $1240 (, larger and heavier than the Rebel with comparable image quality and capabilities, but more convenient controls , $3700 (, for professional sports photographers only full-frame sensor , $2700 (, the best camera for most advanced amateurs and professionals Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II (, same size and weight as a brick; weather-sealed against rain and dust For nostalgia buffs, Canon still makes some film bodies that work with all of the lenses below, except those marked 'small sensor only'

  • (SLRs keep the lens wide open for viewing and stop down to whatever aperture you have set just before taking the picture; this is why the viewfinder always looks the same even if you switch from f/1.4 to f/8 to f/16.) small sensor (Rebel and 30D) , $400, ultrasonic motor, equivalent to a 45mm perspective on a film or full-frame camera; Canon does not bother to make a competitive lens full-frame sensor (EOS 5D) , $330 (, includes an ultrasonic motor that allows simultaneous use of manual and autofocus, high quality (metal) mechanical construction , $70 (, cheap plastic case, high image quality, no ultrasonic motor and therefore autofocus is slower, noisier, and harder to override with a manual twist In terms of flare, contrast, and sharpness, these are the highest quality lenses that you will ever attach to your camera

    DCRP Review: Canon Digital Rebel
    By Jeff Keller. Comparison to the EOS-10D. "For those who want top-notch photos,
    robust performance, and no gimmicks".

  • DCRP Review: Canon Digital Rebel by, DCRP Founder/Editor Originally posted: September 4, 2003 Last Updated: April 28, 2004 This review has been completed, using a production model camera

  • The 6.3 Megapixel Digital Rebel, also known as the Digital Kiss and EOS-300D (depending on where you live), is the first digital SLR with a list price of under $1000

  • Here's a comparison of the two cameras (dimensions and weight are compared later): Feature Digital Rebel EOS-10D Price (body only) $899 $1499 Body material Plastic Magnesium alloy Lens mount EF, EF-S EF LCD info display Back of camera Top of camera ISO range 100 - 1600 100 - 3200 Flash sync port No Yes Custom functions No Yes White balance can be set by color temperature No Yes Burst mode Up to 4 shots, 2.5 fps Up to 9 shots, 3 fps RAW+JPEG Limited to Medium/Fine JPEGs only Can be used with any size/quality JPEG Default parameters +1 Sharpness*, +1 Contrast, +1 Saturation All at 0 Selectable AF modes No One Shot, AI Servo Selectable metering modes No** Yes Shutter lag*** 128 ms 90 ms PictBridge compatible Yes Requires firmware upgrade * One sharpness step on the Rebel is equal to two steps on the 10D ** Camera uses evaluative metering by default; in P/A/S/M/A-DEP modes, you can use the AE lock button to use partial metering; center-weighted average metering is used in M mode


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    Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D
    Contains the art of landscape and nature photography using traditional as well
    as digital image processing techniques.

  • | © 1995-2006 Michael Reichmann Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D "Rebel" noun : 14th century — one who rebels or participates in a rebellion — Rebel With A Cause The is Canon's latest marketing step toward domination of the digital camera market

  • With the worldwide shipment of the Rebel / 300D / Kiss Digital ( nomenclature depending on where in the world that you reside ) in mid-September, 2003 the company has shown that it meant what was said

  • With the Canon clearly dominates the DSLR high ground; the is strongly positioned among photojournalists and sports photographers; the is a segment leader in the 6 Megapixel mid-range, and now the Rebel will likely score big in the trenches, otherwise known as the entry DSLR marketplace

  • Rather than provide a bells and whistles review, which sites like do with mind-numbing detail, it's my intention here to see how well the Rebel accomplishes its goals, both from the consumer's as well as Canon's perspectives

  • Of course I will be comparing the Rebel to Canon's 10D , which from an image quality perspective is almost identical, yet which costs nearly twice as much

    Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel Tips and Tricks
    Contains information on known firmware hacks and cheap solutions to more expensive

    Canon EOS Digital Rebel (300D) Experience Report
    Contains information on lens selection, basic digital manipulation, and comparison
    to the Canon 1Ds.

    Canon Digital Rebel review EOS-300D
    Contains sample images and price comparison.

  • Canon Digital Rebel Review November 2003 Canon Digital Rebel review Canon have done it again

  • First impressions may deceive but if the Canon Digital Rebel's good looks and advanced specifications are anything to go by, we are sure the 300D will be a winner from the start

  • The Canon EOS 300D, or Canon Digital Rebel as it is called outside Europe, sports a 6, 3-megapixel CMOS sensor and comes complete with a brand new Canon EF-S 3.5-5.6 18-55mm lens

  • Note that the new EF-S mount used on this Canon Digital Rebel is compatible with a range of over 50 presently available Canon EF lenses while their new 18-55mm lens is specifically designed for the 300D and will not fit any other Canon cameras - yet

  • Have a look at our overview of all for the Canon Digital Rebel / EOS 300D

  • Using the Canon Digital rebel The 300D - although a completely new model - might be considered a slightly scaled down version of its bigger and heavier brother the EOS 10D

  • To keep costs under control and to provide some differentiation with the 10D, Canon have made greater use of plastics in the Digital Rebel body

  • An added advantage is that the Canon Digital rebel becomes lighter and more portable than an all-metal design

  • Benefits

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    Canon EOS Digital Rebel
    Review by Jason Bovberg. "If you have the time and inclination and curiosity to
    explore the myriad capabilities of this striking piece of equipment, ...

  • September 3, 2004 | Canon EOS Digital Rebel Digital photography for the 'amateur professional' SLR hobbyist It’s taken me a while to dive into the world of digital photography, as I mentioned in my review of the

  • The Canon EOS Digital Rebel ($999) is a fabulous camera for photographers who desire more than the basics

  • If you have the time and inclination and curiosity to explore the myriad capabilities of this striking piece of equipment, I think you’ll find that very few cameras at this price point can match the professional image quality and sheer usability of the Digital Rebel

  • Best of all, in my testing of the Rebel, I found that I could swap out the included 18-55mm lens and affix my old lenses, meaning this is a camera that gives me the best of SLR functionality in the digital realm

  • First Impressions As I pulled the Digital Rebel from its box, the first thing I noticed was that it is very similar in appearance to Canon’s Rebel SLR—the same matte silver-and-black finish, and many of the same knobs and levers, obviously delivering much equivalent functionality

  • The viewfinder is extremely reminiscent of the Rebel SLR—the metering dots are there, except now they’re updated with cool, red pinpoint LEDs to let you know precisely where the camera is metering - Digital Cameras - Lens Tests - Canon News and ...
    Nature and wildlife photographer discusses cameras, lenses and techniques and
    show examples of his work.

    The Canon EOS system - Frequently Asked Questions
    Versions 3.0 and 2.4 of the Canon EOS FAQ, with related links.

    Digital Photography FAQ's: Canon EOS-300D / Digital Rebel / KISS ...
    Contains lens, flash and power system information, plus new user questions.

  • : Canon EOS-300D / Digital Rebel / KISS Digital FAQ Much of the information within the FAQ is derived from a number of sources: The combined knowledge of a number of people, who are too many to list ...And many other online resources The primary maintainers of the EOS-300D FAQ are currently Marius Strom and Karl Günter Wünsch


    Canon EOS Beginners' FAQ
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    Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras - Part I.
    Instructions on how to use Speedlite electronic flash units with Canon EOS cameras.

  • Cameras which support TTL flash: The T90 and virtually all EOS film cameras except the EF-M and the Rebel T2/EOS 300X/EOS Kiss 7

    Canon EOS Digital Rebel
    Review by Joe Farace. "The Canon EOS Digital Rebel wins the price/performance
    battle by providing the best pixel per dollar for any digital SLR up to this time.

  • Site search Web search Canon EOS Digital Rebel or Joe Goes To Japan & Brings Back Some Snapshots by N ever before in the history of digital imaging has so much misinformation been spread, especially on the Web, about any camera since Canon's introduction of the EOS Digital Rebel

  • And like the AE-1, the Digital Rebel will find its way into many pro's gear bags as a back up-especially because of it's sub $1000 price, compatibility with Canon lenses and flash, and 6MP image capture

  • The other misconception is that the Digital Rebel is just an EOS 10D in a plastic body

  • What differences have I noticed in the way the two cameras function under professional usage? While Photographing an American Lemans Series race, I dragged a Digital Rebel around the Laguna Seca racetrack at Monterey California and produced some of the best motor sports images I've ever made

  • I schlepped a Digital Rebel all over Japan attaching lenses from the standard 18-35mm zoom, to a Russian-made 16mm eBay cheapie, to some of my own EF lenses and most of the time (more on this later) it performed perfectly

  • Canon Digital Rebel, 18-35mm zoom at f/10 with 1/250th of a second (Program mode) and ISO 200

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  • These include: EOS Elan II(E), EOS 50(E)/55 EOS 3 EOS D2000 (digital) EOS Rebel G/500N/New EOS Kiss EOS Rebel 2000, EOS 300/Kiss III EOS Kiss IIIL EOS IX, IX 7, IX Lite, IX 50 (APS) EOS Elan 7(E), EOS 30/33/7 EOS 1V EOS D30 (digital) EOS D60 (digital) EOS 1D (digital) EOS 3000N B-Type Camera Bodies Older Canon EOS Canon bodies are classified as 'B'-type bodies

  • These include: EOS 600 series - 600, 620, 630, 650, RT EOS 700, 750, 800 EOS 1 EOS 1N, 1NRS EOS 10/10S/10QD First generation Rebel series - Rebel, Rebel S, EOS 1000 and all 1000 variants, Rebel II, Rebel X, XS/EOS 500/Kiss EOS Elan/100 EOS A2(E), 5 EOS 3000/88, 5000/888

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