Janice's Turtle Pond
Illustrated account of the construction of a pond and stream, and information
about its inhabitants, especially the turtles.

  • My Ponds My ponds are an offshoot of my love for turtles

  • So, with a great deal of help from my family, these ponds were created the summer of 2000

  • The Greening of the Pond Two months of bright summer sun and soaking rains have caused the plants to thrive - both inside and outside the ponds

    Robyn's Web Page
    Robyn Rhudy holds forth on all facets of ponds, pond animals and plants, with
    lots of photos and commentary based on her own ponds.

  • Welcome to Your gateway to fun critter information! Fishpondinfo.com is not just 'fish ponds' but hundreds of animals, fish, and ponds! Over 5 million visitors! I moved this site from http://userpages.umbc.edu/~rrhudy1/ on 10/4/03

    Turtle Pond Farm Bed & Breakfast
    Offers three cottages with screen porches, A/C, and fireplaces. Photos, history,
    rates, amenities, local attractions, and reservation form.

    Valerie Haecky's (Mostly) Water Turtle Information Pages
    Various information on captive husbandry, breeding, diet and supplementation.
    Includes a care sheet on ducks.

  • info: TURTLE PONDS

    Photo by www.organicfantasies.com

    Turtle Pond Nursery Orchids
    Phalaenopsis plants and mericlones available via online shopping cart.

    Semi-Aquatic Turtles Overview
    The basics of turtle husbandry and recognizing commonly available native species
    from the States.

  • Mud and Musk Turtles often find their food by poking along the bottom of streams, rivers or ponds

  • In their native environment (streams, lakes or ponds) Reeve's Turtles are omnivores

    Department of Conservation and Recreation
    Ten to twelve miles of hiking trails and bicycle paths meander through the quiet,
    forested portion of the reservation.

    AquariumHobbyist.com - Old Forum Archives
    A listing of a multitude of discussion forums offered, including topics on
    freshwater and saltwater fish, individual species, ponds, plants, ...

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  • Benefits

    Photo by www.postoffice.gov.ac

    My So Called Pond Life
    Southern California water gardener shares a blog with photos and observations.

  • Here you will find tons of pictures of my Pond & Water Garden, Waterfalls, Stream, Turtles, Frogs, Koi, Plants & other Local SO Cal Wildlife that stop in to visit my little ecosystem, plus links to ponds groups, info, and supplies

    The Edible Pond and Bog Garden - Plants For A Future
    Provides a list of plants that can be grown in ponds or boggy ground.

  • The Edible Pond and Bog Garden The following list contains many plants, most of them either natives of Britain or naturalized here, that can be grown in ponds or boggy ground

  • The list is made up of some of the plants we intend to grow and, we hope you will agree, they show that there is a tremendous potential for food production from ponds and boggy areas

  • Many gardens already have ponds in them and, indeed, will probably contain several of the plants mentioned below

  • In other gardens ponds can be very easily set up (as long as you don't mind a bit of digging) by using plastic pond liners, pre-formed glass-fibre ponds, or concrete

  • It is not intended to go into details of making ponds and establishing a water garden in this leaflet - contact us if you want details

  • Acorus calamus - Sweet Flag: A native of Europe, naturalized in Britain, growing on the shallow edges of ponds and in most soils

  • Aponogeton distachyos - Cape Pondweed: Native of South Africa, this plant is often grown in ornamental ponds and is occasionally found naturalized in Britain

  • polysepala, are often grown in ornamental ponds and they can be used in similar ways

    Floating Fountains, Lake Fountains, Pond Fountains, Aerators, and ...
    Tennessee manufacturer of floating fountains and related products.

  • Turtle Fountains are Ideal for lakes and small ponds at Golf Courses, Apartment Complexes, Cemetaries, Industrial Centers, City Parks and Private Residences

    The Turtle Puddle
    Information about turtles and how to care for them. Includes sections on health
    issues, jokes and legends, and kids' questions.


    rec.ponds FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    A good collection of frequently asked pond questions and answers from rec.ponds

    Turtle eggs and Walnut Turtles
    Activity instructions with information about turtle egg hatching & incubation.

    Ponds and Aquatic Plants Forum - GardenWeb
    Forum for discussion of design, construction and maintenance of ponds, and growing
    aquatic plants.

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    CTTC - Matamata, Chelus fimbriatus by William H. Espenshade
    Chelus fimbriatus, by William H. Espenshade III, an article about these turtles.
    They occur in northern South America, including both the Orinoco River and ...

  • One is movement of the flap without being touched, while the other responds to touch

  • Many goldfish are mass raised in outdoor ponds into which copper sulfate is added to stop the growth of algae

    Pond Supplies
    Distributor of pond and water garden supplies and related products.

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    Pond Plants and More - Home - Wide variety of water pond plants or ...
    Pond plants, fountains, pumps, fish food, plant food, watergardening books and
    other related pond supplies.

  • The name say's it all!! Ponds, Plants and More ....your online Watergarden and Gift Center , is pleased to offer to you a wide variety of beautiful, including: water lilies, marginal and bog plants, lotus, floating and oxygenating/aquarium plants

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    Turtle Survival Alliance
    An international organization dedicated to sustainable captive management of
    freshwater turtles and tortoises.

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