Features a coloring book, scream saver, desktop themes, creepy crafts, games,
and clip art.

Halloween Online - Your Guide to Halloween

Halloween -- The History and Customs of Halloween

  • As the tale is told, a man named Jack, who was notorious as a drunkard and trickster, tricked Satan into climbing a tree

    Halloween on the Net (Days of the Dead - Los Dias De Los Muertos ...
    Features seasonal stories, printable craft pages, animations, and historical
    information. Includes a celebration of Mexico's "Days of the Dead."


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    Halloween on the Net -(and Day of the Dead) - The Story
    Traces Halloween and today's traditions back to their roots.

    HalloweenMovies.com - The Official Website of Michael Myers

    Contains news, interviews, media, pictures, plot outlines, and cast and crew.
    Entire Series.

    Open Source Initiative OSI - Halloween Documents
    Microsoft are getting very worried indeed about competition from Open Source
    Software such as Linux. This leaked internal memo, courtesy of Eric Raymond, ...


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    Kids Domain - Halloween Fun
    Includes PC and Mac downloads, free crafts, spooky music, online games, printables,
    and graphics.

    Halloween Costumes, Decorations, Party Ideas, Safety Tips and ...

    Halloween - 2005, histoire, recettes, citrouille, déguisements ...
    Le thème d'Halloween : comment fêter Halloween (des jeux, des farces, des
    déguisements, des recettes dont le Samain, gâteau officiel de Halloween) ainsi que des ...

    Halloween Clipart - The Halloween Cavern of Clipart
    Extensive collection of Halloween related clip-art.


    BlackDog's Halloween Party - Fun and Games for Kids of All Ages!
    Carve a pumpkin, feed the ghost, or try the on-line coloring book, on-line games,
    or puzzles.

    Howstuffworks "How Halloween Works"
    Informative history and explanation of various Halloween traditions, with many
    related links.

    ! It's HALLOWEEN Again - Halloween Rezepte, Geschichte, Party
    Infos zu Halloween, Brauchtümern und Rezepte sowie Partytipps und

    Halloween ! Enfants- Fêtes - Éducation - Apprentissage ...
    Une histoire, des jeux et des informations utiles, toutes liées au thème le plus
    populaire de l'automne.

    Halloween origins and customs
    Traces Halloween back to the ancient religion of the Celtics and labels it a
    Satanic holiday.

    Kids can learn about UNICEF, send a ghostcard to friends or family, play games,
    or print out pages to color. They can also find information about celebrations ...

    Billy Bear's Halloween Party - Fun and Games for Kids, Family and ...
    Features online games, screen savers, coloring pages and mazes, party food,
    crafts, and e-cards.

    Halloween Recipes - All Recipes
    An index of Halloween recipes and party tips.

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