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My Desk Pile: For programmers (Dos/ Windows, Pascal, Delphi, etc)
Some unorganized information for Pascal and Delphi programmers.

  • let me know what you think! 20 MB of BASIC, PASCAL and C (DJGPP) Check out the PASCAL section for TMT, TP and TPW source! BTW...New version of TMT (freeware pascal compiler) released! ...check out the NEWS section for info about ID SOFTWARE and INTERPLAY source code releases...

  • If you rewrote your routine as: PROCEDURE Tform1.Button1click; CONST c = 1; {type is implicitly integer} BEGIN c := c + 1; {this is now illegal} edit1.text := inttostr (c) END; You'd find that it wouldn't compile, because you had a normal constant instead of a typed one

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    Athens 2004 Olympics Page
    Introduction to the 2004 games by Matt Barrett, travel writer and expert on Greece.

  • How can you shake hands with your oponents when they are all in a delirious pile of bodies at center court? For those who let the media convince you that either the venues would not be completed or that you might not be safe in Athens and who saw the games on TV, if you feel like you missed out, well you are right


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  • I started reading this before the sabbatical last year, and I didn’t take it with me — it’s still lying in my pile of things to read

  • I promise I’ll do that once I recover from my jetlag and deal with my growing pile of mail, both snail and electronic

    Christian Science Monitor Blog | Notebook: Africa
    Blog about news stories, issues and events in Africa. USA.

  • Or I'd find a pile of rubble

  • Every now and then, a house will simply collapse, leaving a lot-sized pile of rubble to bake under the brutal sun.  After the 1964 revolution, which overthrew the last of the sultans and combined Zanzibar with mainland Tanganyika to form Tanzania, the socialist government gave many of Stone Town's houses to groups of impoverished families

    Kevin Sites Blog
    Weblog by photojournalist Kevin Sites with current reports and pictures, including
    coverage of Iraq as well as his earlier coverage of Kosovo and Afghanistan.

  • He slips it under the chest and poles it carefully, feet first into the end of a large black plastic bag the others hold open.Meanwhile another group is deconstructing the debris pile from around the woman

  • It goes in his take home pile

  • Benefits

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    The Opossum: Our Marvelous Marsupial, The Social Loner
    A personal look at the opossum.

  • The Opossum: Our Marvelous Marsupial, The Social Loner The Opossum: Our Marvelous Marsupial, The Social Loner Rescue Report Some time ago, when I first moved into my house and started to remove a huge brush pile in my backyard, I had the fright of my life! There was this scraggly, rat-like animal, with lips drawn back in what it looked like a grin, revealing what appeared to be a huge number of needle-sharp teeth

  • I had encountered my first opossum! I was frightened but fascinated, and after I realized that the opossum seemed to live in the brush pile, I started to watch it on a regular basis, and began to worry when it did not appear for several nights during inclement weather

  • This sequence was repeated at least eight times, until the loop was filled and deposited in the brush pile

  • This continued for some time until I was noticed - then Dino disappeared into the brush pile and I left

  • One day when Dino was sitting in my birdfeeder dining on birdseed, I quickly peeked into the brush pile to look at the nest

  • Other potential den sites include woodpiles, rocky crevices, culverts, barns, drainpipes, thickets, and in urban neighborhoods under porches, buildings, and storage sheds

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    Davidson Pipe Supply
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    Florida Boatlift And PWC Lift Dealer Personal Watercraft And Boat ...
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    The Dawn of Amateur Radio in the UK and Greece: A Personal View ...
    This is actually a BOOK on-line detailing MOST of the history of electricity and
    electronics, as they affected amateur radio.

  • Later he connected cells in series (voltaic pile) which consisted of alternate layers of zinc and copper discs separated by flannel discs soaked in brine or acid which produced a higher electric pressure (voltage)

    Nautical Know How - Glossary of Nautical Terms
    Covers between 150 and 200 commonly used terms.

  • DOLPHIN - A group of piles driven close together and bound with wire cables into a single structure

  • PILE - A wood, metal or concrete pole driven into the bottom

  • Craft may be made fast to a pile; it may be used to support a pier (see PILING) or a float

  • PILING - Support, protection for wharves, piers etc.; constructed of piles (see PILE) PILOTING - Navigation by use of visible references, the depth of the water, etc

    Simon Willison's Weblog
    PHP, Python, CSS, XML and general web development. Tutorials and explanations.

  • , / and the are the top of the pile as far as I'm concerned

    Prentiss Riddle: aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada
    Weblog of Prentiss Riddle. Includes information about Austin, books, movies,
    music, travel, language, gardening, politics, kids, and toys.

    Lois McMaster Bujold - Slush-Pile Survivor
    A Science Fiction Weekly interview with the author.

  • Science Fiction Weekly Interview ALSO IN THIS ISSUE RECENT INTERVIEWS Award-winning author Lois McMaster Bujold is a slush-pile survivor By and ith more than a dozen titles (translated into 14 languages) under her literary belt from the mid-1980s to the present, winner of both the prestigious Hugo and Nebula awards (for Falling Free , Barrayar and Mirror Dance , to name just a few), and just this year winner of the Mythopoeic Award for the recent release The Curse of Chalion , Lois McMaster Bujold is a testament to growth in the world of science fiction

  • Plucked from the 'slush piles' of unsolicited novel manuscripts in the mid-80s, she began her career with Baen Books sans agent, and has paved a formidable literary trail with her tales ever since

  • Since the mid-80's, when I broke in, the slush piles have grown bigger, and the number of publishers who will even look at un-agented submissions has grown smaller
    Home page of UK technology journalist, currently with the Press Association.

  • Of the heart, of the soul and of the cross: the utopian experience , by PM Dawn Once again, the reason why I bought this pile of shite escapes me

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