Trial & Free Business Plan Software & Template for Financial ...
Range of freeware and shareware business financial planners for Excel to make
financial forecasts, business planning, appraisals and financial modeling.

Free Business Plan Software & Template for Financial Projections ...
For generating fully-integrated short-term financial projections with Excel.

  • It includes a free 150-page Business Plan Guide and Word-based Template

  • Exl-Plan Free also includes a free Business Plan Template for Word (48 pages - click thumb opposite to enlarge view) and a complementary Guide (supplied as a 90+ topic Help file and as a 100+ page PDF file for printing)

  • Also supplied is a free Business Plan Template for Word (48 pages) and a complementary Guide (supplied as a 90+ topic Help file and as a 100+ page PDF file for printing)

  • If running W95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and using Word 97/2000/XP, you will be able to access Free-Plan, Business Plan Guide and Template , through the Programs menu option for Exl-Plan

  • Please register just once! Do not use this form to register the Free-Plan business plan template (serial number in form EXL***) - click instead

    Excel Templates by Excel Business Tools: Download Excel Templates
    Sells templates designed for project management, business analysis, investment
    and option valuation, multiple regression forecasting, portfolio monitoring and ...

  • Excel templates for financial analysis and business productivity Find Excel templates & add-ins Excel Business Tools provides purpose built Excel templates that can be quickly applied to a range of financial analysis and business decision making scenarios

  • All Excel templates function with Microsoft Excel 97 or higher and can be freely downloaded

  • Most templates are fully functional for a free 30-day trial period, while others are free

  • Complete Excel templates include: Excel Templates USD Price* $26.00 $26.00 $26.00 $14.00 $22.00 $18.00 $26.00 FREE FREE * Excel templates can be purchased in multiple currencies Each of the Excel templates provide the flexibility to be adapted to specific scenarios, and the robustness to return quality and accurate results

  • Utilizing these Excel templates can not only empower your business decision making abilities, but also save you considerable development time and resources

  • Whether you are an analyst, manager, executive or business owner, you will find that these Excel templates: Can be applied to a wide range of simple to complex scenarios

  • Excel templates by Excel Business Tools are not add-ins, but actual template spreadsheet applications that can be used only when required and freely distributed for viewing

    Template Gallery
    Offers free templates for Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • > > or Templates for Your Business Download templates and get

  • Save the templates to a desired folder on your hard drive

  • You can save these templates as Word documents (.doc), Excel spreadsheets (.xls) or PDFs (.pdf)

  • New Templates Sign up for SCORE eNews to learn more about new template releases

  • Thanks to Seattle SCORE Special thanks to the Seattle SCORE Chapter for developing these user-friendly planning templates


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    Excel Help
    Provides Excel and VBA support and development services to businesses or individuals.
    In Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Excel Help 'Yes, Excel can do that!' Welcome to Dot XLS Excel Help A growing collection of VBA and Excel Help resources including our Excel consulting services, Excel tips and tricks, Excel software, free Excel templates, and Excel recovery solutions

  • Excel Software Site Search / OfficeReady Pro 3.0, the premier add-on for the Microsoft Office suite with over 500 professional Excel Word and PowerPoint Templates

    Excel Spreadsheet Templates - Business Forms & Agreements ...
    CFOs and controllers can find and exchange templates and "solution packs" covering
    business planning, accounting and financial management topics.

  • Demos & freebies --- Agilecor Products--- Agilecor Services--- --- Business Planning, Financial Management & Accounting & - Business Planning and Finance/Accounting Excel Templates, Spreadsheets, Forms and "Solution Packs" that will save you hours of research and model development time

  • -- AgilePlan Business Planning Excel Templates Business & Student's Guide to Excel's Functions & Formulas Recent Additions - Products & Freebies - A software company budget / forecast with Excel templates that allow business planning in detail for 12 or 24 months, plus 1 to 3 years in summary

  • --- -- (2, 587 downloads of this Excel template through 03/04/04) or No risk purchase of functional version for only $15.00 -- If you should need help modifying these Excel templates to fit your specific needs, please see

  • -- - A service company budget / forecast with Excel templates that allow business planning in detail for 12 or 24 months, plus 1 to 3 years in summary

  • --- -- (2, 427 downloads of this Excel template through 03/04/04) or No risk purchase of functional version for only $15.00 -- If you should need help modifying these Excel templates to fit your specific needs, please see

    Excel Templates. Excel Training & Add-ins. FREE Excel/VBA Help for ...
    Excel add-ins, templates, and training.

  • Excel Templates Welcome to OzGrid Authors of & Home of, over 200 Templates for Excel

  • | DISCOUNTED | for Excel Templates to Excel Add-ins and much more

  • (Up to $139.00 Worth FREE ) | Free | Free | Free | Free | Free - - - (With FREE Give-Aways) Our main business focus is Excel , encompassing Excel Templates & Spreadsheets and all aspects of them

  • Off-the-shelf: Excel Templates , Excel Add-ins and Excel Training from to

  • All our Software , Excel Templates and Excel Add-ins are chosen to suit our site visitors, which is why we have such a large range of business & personal software, and (see for LOTS more )

  • Also, our Excel Templates pages are bursting with Excel templates

  • We can completely customize Excel, or design Excel Templates

  • However, before paying for any sort of Excel customization, try our Excel Templates and Excel Add-ins Excel is what we do best! Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft Office Online: Excel 2003 Home Page
    Official Excel home page, part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

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    Excel add-ins, Outlook plugins, Word addins & tools -
    Find useful and time saving add-ins and plugins for Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word.

  • Add-ins for Excel, Plugins for Outlook, Add-ons for Word Excel addins, Outlook plugins, Word add-ins, Development components , Microsoft Excel 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000 , Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000 , Microsoft Word 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000 , Microsoft Office 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000 Excel add-ins Pivot table formatting Try, Excel add-in that allows you to create, store and use your custom pivot table format templates

  • Free template collection

  • Word add-ins Table templates Create and apply new table templates in your Word documents with

    Inventory Software, Invoice Template, Inventory Control Software ...
    Inventory software for small and medium sized enterprises.

  • Easy invoice creator - it is easy to create new invoice with Inventory Power invoice template form in seconds - Microsoft Office Templates and eMail Marketing ...
    Online store that provides Microsoft Office templates and email marketing software
    for the small office and home office market.

  • Sign up now for free template designs, samples, hints, and special offers! Upgrade Your eMail Get the Latest High Impact eMail! Get 2 free bonuses when you upgrade to the latest High Impact eMail! Price: $49.95 Top Seller Is your OfficeReadyTM yet? 500+ Microsoft Office templates, PDF Creator, built-in photo editor Price: $79.95 Employee Manual Protect yourself with an office policy manual

  • Sample plans, eBook guide, & worksheets to plan your new business Price: $79.95 Digital Scrapbooking NEW! SimplyReady Digital Scrapbooking Templates, backgrounds, and embellishments to make great looking scrapbooks Price: $29.95 Partner Store Visit our partner storefor more great offers In the News July 19, 2006 - announces the new version of its award-winning email marketing software, making it even easier for companies to send professional, effective emails

  • | Microsoft templates that save you time We have hundreds of templates for Word, Excel and Powerpoint

  • | Software 1.800.568.2252 © 2006

    Excel templates - Continuous Improvement
    ERP software selection, consulting, templates, and training.

  • Excel Templates with on-line training for Continuous Improvement for W hy is productivity so high these days? So why has productivity has been increasing by 5% per year since 1999, while it averaged only 1.5% for the prior 25 years? Consensus is increasingly concluding that there are two primary reasons: 1) Widespread use of technology 2) Increasing use of powerful methods for continuous improvement of business processes Systems2win helps you ride both of these waves..

  • providing "fill-in-the-blanks" templates with simple on-line training to help you "improve your systems for continuous improvement"

  • Systems2win offers excel templates for kaizen, and business process improvement

  • Every template is written using Microsoft Word and Excel , so your people already know how to use them and can be immediately productive

  • Each excel template comes with extensive , so the learning curve takes only minutes

  • Now your project managers and team members can focus their attention on the problems they are trying to solve, rather than wasting hours or days "inventing a template for that"


    Excel Templates - Word Templates - Business Planning - Office ...
    Print attractive, compelling color documents.

  • KMT Software is your one-stop store for Microsoft® Office templates, add-on products, and productivity applications

  • All of our products are compatible with See how our templates can increase your productivity

  • from our new OfficeReady™ Professional product, which includes over 1, 000 templates for Microsoft Office

  • Templates updated on 1/18/01 KMT News Bulletins Announcing : New Line of Apple Macintosh® compatible products! of OfficeReady™ Business Plans from the September 2000 issue of Smart Computing magazine and discover why this product is a great value! For a limited time only, we are offering our product with a FREE Ultimate Financial Calculator product

  • Microsoft Office Add-On Products • • • Microsoft Word • Office Policy Manual Microsoft Excel • Amortization Builder • The Personal Financial Organizer • The Personal Financial Primer • • The Ultimate Financial Calculator • • Template Master Toolkit Other KMT Products • Lotus SmartSuite Add-On Products • Corel Office Add-On Products Copyright © 2001 KMT Software, Inc

    Mouse Testing and Training
    Mouse testing and training tools specifically for adaptive mouse users or young
    children learning to use a mouse. Printable report and links to downloadable ...

    Excel - My Excel Pages
    Excel macros and usage notes to help beginners and fairly advanced users.

    Financial Excel Templates - Excel Templates
    Offers bank, loan and mortgage account management software.

    Programs written in Pascal for Windows and SPSS-macros including random eigenvalues,
    collapsing correlation matrices and standard deviations from several ...

  • Dirk Enzmann - Statistical Software - Dirk Enzmann's gimmicks Below you find some small programs, SPSS macros, EXCEL-templates, and R functions (see: ) I wrote for special calculations in statistical analyses

  • hist.kdnc.r ( ) IntGraph: Excel-template for drawing interaction plots of a regression equation with interaction term

    Project Management Software Directory
    Lists windows based project management software.

    AnyForm from Smartform, the forms software.
    Offers Form software AnyForm to fill out, calculate and print out any given form
    exactly, quickly and easily on your PC.

  • AnyForm enables you also to fill out original paper forms quickly and comfortably just based on AnyForm Templates which we have created in advance for your ready use

  • Some of these predefined AnyForm Templates can be just downloaded from the download area of our homepages

  • In our download area you will find more than 100 pre-defined AnyForm Templates covering tax forms, employer’s forms, export forms, visa forms etc

  • We can offer you a "Template on demand"-service at little cost for you

  • We can define AnyForm Templates for you based on every original paper form of which you send us the respective original either physically or as electronic copy, i.e

  • Install AnyForm on each PC (Client) of your network separately and store all AnyForm files (Templates und Forms) only on your server (Host)

  • AnyForm Template, marked by a red icon on the upper left corner of the screen, is a variable template, which can be altered any time by adjusting for instance the size, the attributes (text, number or date) and the fonts of the respective fields or by altering the underlying arithmetic function according to your personal needs

    Big EZ Bookkeeping Co. Official Site - Simple bookkeeping software ...
    Developer offers bookkeeping software and forms that track financial basics.
    Features tips, online ordering and downloads.

  • And it's almost Free! Our Excel spreadsheet templates have all the necessary, built-in formulas that allow you to clearly see the ins and outs of your money each month

  • At this time, we are unable to digitally sign our Big E-Z Software templates

  • System Requirements All Big E-Z software is in the form of Excel spreadsheet templates and require a Windows PC with Microsoft Excel 97 or newer

  • A: To correct this open the template, go to File the use the Save As command to Name the file

  • Then, reopen the Big E-Z template, Enable the macros and you should see the missing tabs

  • Since this is an Excel template you may save it many times using various company names

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