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  • What's New It might not taste like chocolate, but LG's 'Chocolate' phone has a cool sliding design and lots of nice features: Bluetooth, MP3 player, microSD memory port for extra storage, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and it works with Verizon's V Cast service

  • It's essentially the same camera as its - with a 3-inch rotating display, 256MB of built-in memory, and Wi-Fi compatibility - except for the high resolution sensor (and corresponding higher price tag)

  • But if you're looking for a camera with Wi-Fi compatbility and good picture quality, the CNET editors recommend you buy the or the instead

  • Introducing the first GPS receiver with a digital camera: The

  • And its 1.3-megapixel camera lets you take photos, so you can use your images (instead of addresses) as your destinations


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  • The lens is going to be available worldwide in October (if you have to ask how much, it's probably not for you), but the camera's due September, and will set you back $999 body alone, or $1299 for the body with that 18-135mm lens.[Thanks, Blake & Trevor] [8] Posted Aug 9th 2006 1:05AM by Filed under: A few spicy tidbits have been showing up on Dell's websites pointing to some releases sooner rather than later

  • More pics after the break.[Via ] [4] Posted Aug 8th 2006 1:46PM by Filed under: We're not entirely sure how much more you needed to knw about the that's, but from the looks of things it's not going to differ all that greatly from their other more professional offerings; the camera will have a 170 degree viewing angle 2.5-inch LCD, 0.18 second startup time, 3fps continuous shooting, and a £699 UK price tag (about $1, 300), which, unfortunately, is without lens

  • Kodak doesn't really have a lot to say about their other two new cameras, the C743 and C433 (both pictured after the break), other than the fact that they've got 7.1 and 4 megapixels respectively, and 3x zoom lenses

  • It'll still be a little while before you start seeing portables showing up with 12GBs of capacity (think about how few 10GB devices you see as is), but something tells us Cornice is really going to have to step up their game if they're going to outrun Samsung and their NAND flash production abilities.[Via ] [4] Posted Aug 8th 2006 9:41AM by Filed under: Casio's rounding out that expanded lineup of fairly capable portable and ultraslim consumer cameras today the last of their three new 7.2 megapixel shooters

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  • Cast your vote now! Did I just take over Kodak's digital camera business? Did Polaroid kill the perfect digital instant camera? Mark Lent shares stories from his photojournalist experiences - Great Deals on Binoculars, Telescopes, Spotting ...
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  • What a fun opportunity for your students if you have access to a digital camera, a computer and the Internet

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  • With digital SLR cameras so affordable now, it's inevitable for techies and bu..

  • 4.0 Posted! 10:12 AM MYT | Posted by: Dashken With digital SLR cameras so affordable now, it’s inevitable for techies and budding photographers alike to snap them up like hot cakes

  • But while the cameras are cheap, the lenses are not

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  • While there are several capture devices to consider for use in digitizing artwork, including digital cameras, flat-bed scanners and drum scanners, most experts agree that a high-end digital camera is the best solution for the broad range of texture, repeat size and color challenges that textiles present

  • While it is possible to capture artwork on a conventional camera and have the slides or negatives converted to digital data, this method is not recommended, as there are too many variables in the conversion process that can cause degradation of the image in both quality and color

  • Another important advantage to using photography over scanning is the ability to control the lighting with the use of a camera

  • The use of a camera will allow you to use multiple lighting sources that can be modified to highlight the features of a variety of fabrics

  • Digital cameras range in price from $500 to $25, 000

  • The less expensive cameras are not as color accurate, capture less data and are prone to "digital noise" that will create unacceptable artifacts and mottled solid colors

  • The best-of breed for low end digital cameras according to Richard Lerner, president of RSL Digital in NYC who has over 25 years of photography experience, is the new Nikon Coolpix (list price $995, street price of $850-$950)


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    Making fine prints in your digital darkroom: Getting started
    Three part tutorial by Norman Koren. Includes scanning, image editing, monitor-printer
    calibration, and other aspects of fine art digital printmaking.

  • In this tutorial I share my techniques for making fine museum quality prints, both color and black and white, starting with negatives, slides, or digital camera images

  • It was taken with the Canon 'New' F-1 camera, the outstanding (Tilt-Shift) lens stopped down to f/8 or f/11 and tilted slightly, a lightweight Manfrotto tripod, and Kodacolor Gold 100 film, which is

  • I compare digital cameras with 35mm film

  • Digital darkroom overview and workflow You'll need or with lots of memory Workflow the film (slide or negative) or upload the digital camera image(s)

  • This outstanding 6.3 megapixel Digital SLR will be of particular interest to those of you shopping for a high quality digital camera

  • covers photographic vision, cameras, lenses, tripods, bags, film, filters, and panoramic photography

  • (It's less relevant to digital cameras, where are used to determine exposure.) Setup and calibration

  • Once you have the basic equipment-- digital camera and/or scanner, computer, and image editing software, you will need to set it up and calibrate it

  • explains how to achieve ultimate tonal quality and access the hidden dynamic range from images captured with digital cameras

    Congressman assails CD copy protection | The Register
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  • No digital camera? Many people have written in and bemoaned the fact that they don't have access to a digital camera and thus can't get their kitty on the ICP

  • Just use a normal, film-type camera and when you get your film developed have it saved to a CD, a very inexpensive process nowadays

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  • In the case of Pentax, the 'W' in their cameras seems to stand for ''

  • The company seems to have found a niche in the underwater camera market, and they relish in it (as you can see in their cleverly Photoshopped promotional picture)

  • Usually Casio introduces new cameras first in Japan

  • The Casio Exilim EX-S770 is a 7.2MP digital camera that is only about 17mm thin

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  • advertisements 24th August 24th August 24th August 24th August 24th August features :: reviews :: cameras Canon's new EOS-400D/Rebel XTi must live up to enviable record 24th August 2006 Is Canon able to fend off its competitors, keen to topple the EOS line from the head of the DSLR best-sellers list with the new EOS-400D (Rebel Xti)? The new camera is a rather mixed bag of no-change and all-change

  • features :: reviews :: cameras's Nikon D80 launch news analysis 9th August 2006 analyses the information revealed by Nikon at the launch of the new Nikon D80

  • features :: reviews :: cameras The first Photo Fix Challenge 7th August 2006 Show off your photo enhancement and editing talents through the new Photo Fix Challenge

  • Are you up to the challenge? features :: reviews :: cameras SanDisk Extreme IV compact flash and Firewire 800 card reader review 5th August 2006 SanDisk is now shipping its latest 40MB per second, or 266x, Extreme IV compact flash memory card family, including an Extreme Firewire 800 card reader

  • features :: reviews :: cameras Photo appreciation in the digital age 3rd August 2006 Has the way we appreciate our photographs changed along with the shift from film to digital? Are we obsessed by megapixels and being drawn away from the picture itself

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