APA Research Style Crib Sheet
Provides a summary of rules from the APA Publication Manual.

APA Style
Official American Psychological Association site includes frequently asked
questions, guidelines for electronic media citations and spelling and ordering ...

  • It provides complete guidance on the rules of style and will prove an invaluable reference tool for all those studying and working in the social sciences

    MLA Formatting and Style Guide - The OWL at Purdue
    Comprehensive guide from Purdue University on using MLA guidelines in research
    papers, and citing all sources from a single book to government documents.

  • The MLA Handbook is available in most writing labs and reference libraries; it is also widely available in bookstores, libraries, and at the MLA web site

    Research and Documentation Online
    Guidelines and annotated lists of print and online resources for findings and
    documenting sources in a variety of different fields. Includes sample papers and a ...


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    APA Style Template Software
    Designed to make typing papers in APA format easier. Available for Microsoft
    Office, Word and Works, Corel WordPerfect, AmiPro, WordPro and SmartSuite.

  • APA style, APA format, and references are a snap with Reference Point Software's Templates for APA Format

  • And typing references has never been easier

  • For more information about our APA Templates please visit our home page at Reference Point Software, LLC is not sponsored by or affiliated with the American Psychological Association

    A Guide for Writing Research Papers, APA-Style
    Questions, answers, and examples cover paper formatting and citations.

  • Can I make them on the manuscript? (Reading, MA) STUDENTS' QUESTIONS ABOUT REFERENCES In APA style, the sources in a paper are listed alphabetically on a separate page headed References

  • What does a reference look like for a (West Hartford, CT) What about a book written by (Lincoln University, PA) What if I'm ? (Manchester, CT) How do I list an ? (Danby, VT) What happens if my book has listed? (Whitehead, NH) I have a here

  • How would create a reference for that? (Sandusky, OH) What's the proper format for a ? (Colchester, CT) I've used an article published in a prestigious

  • In parentheses, at the end of the quoted language or borrowed idea, key words and page numbers can refer your reader to your page of References, where he or she can then find out whatever bibliographic information is necessary to track down that resource

    APA Style Guide - M. Plonsky, Ph.D.
    Writing guide for papers in APA format. Covers both formatting and content.

  • Use normal paragraphs in which the first line is indented five characters for all paragraphs in the manuscript except the abstract, block quotes, titles and headings, subheadings, references, table titles, notes, and figure captions

  • There are numerous ways to formally cite a reference in the text

  • The first time the reference is cited in the text, spell out all of the authors last names

  • With articles that have three or more authors use the Latin abbreviation for "and others" when the reference is cited a second (or third) time

  • Note that in this example, only the Jones reference would be placed in the reference section

  • Avoid citing references in the abstract

  • Center the word References at the top

  • A hanging indent is employed for each reference, that is, the first line is not indented and the rest are five-space indented

  • For a journal reference, italicize the title of the journal and the volume number

    Internet Citation Guides Organized by Style, University of ...
    Web-based bibliography of citation styles, including APA (American Psychological
    Association), CBE (Council of Biology Editors), Chicago, MLA (Modern Language ...

  • http://web.utk.edu/~hoemann/whats.html from for the book Online!: A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources by Andrew Harnack, an English professor, and Eugene Kleppinger, a software consultant

  • http://www.columbia.edu/cu/cup/cgos/idx_basic.html from for the book Online!: A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources by Andrew Harnack, an English professor, and Eugene Kleppinger, a software consultant

  • http://web.utk.edu/~hoemann/whats.html from for the book Online!: A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources by Andrew Harnack, an English professor, and Eugene Kleppinger, a software consultant

  • http://www.mla.org/ from for the book Online!: A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources by Andrew Harnack, an English professor, and Eugene Kleppinger, a software consultant

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    Karla’s Guide to Citation Style Guides
    Annotated collection of links to the best citation guides on the Internet,
    especially citation from the Internet. APA, Chicago, MLA, CBE, and legal citation.

  • This hypertext manual covers most reference types including electronic sources

  • Click on the in-text citations to see how each source is written in the references list

  • "National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) offers the following guidelines …[that] cover citations to textual records, microform records, nontextual archives (i.e., photographic records, posters, motion pictures, tape recordings, cartographic records, and architectural drawings), electronic records, and online references." This Duke University Library guide gives examples of various citations for APA, Chicago, MLA and Turabian styles

  • Martin (Cornell Law School) ["This citation primer is based on the Sixteenth Edition of the 'Bluebook' known as the authoritative reference work on 'legal citation.' The reigning authority on electronic citation has provided many of her papers and guides here

  • A chapter from the book Online! A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources by Andrew Harnack and Eugene Kleppinger (Bedford/St.Martins)

  • These examples are based on the Chicago/Turabian standard bibliographic style and not reference-list form

    APA Style Essentials
    Provides document guidelines and links to PDF documents illustrating key elements
    of APA style.

  • Vanguard University of Southern California The  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed., 2001) provides a comprehensive reference guide to writing using APA style, organization, and content

  • To view 'PDF' documents referenced on this APA Style Essentials page, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • font (Times Roman or Courier are acceptable typefaces)          Spacing :  Double-space throughout the paper, including the title page, abstract, body of the document, references, appendixes, footnotes, tables, and figure captions.          Alignment :  Flush left (creating uneven right margin)          Paragraph Indentation :  5-7 spaces          Pagination :  The page number appears one inch from the right edge of the paper on the first line of every page (except ), beginning with the title page.       Manuscript Page Header :  The first two or three words of the paper title appear five spaces to the left of the page number on every page (except  ), beginning with the title page

    Walden - APA Style Asylum
    Handouts, paper templates, and other resources outline the requirements.

  • Citations and Reference Lists This covers how to cite information from all types of sources in your reference lists and in your text to avoid plagiarism

    APA Referencing Macros - APA Software
    Microsoft Word macros to automate the referencing of essays, written in APA Style.

  • Southern Ocean Software + + - - - - + - - + - - - + Southern Ocean Software AUSTRALIA ABN 24.619.285.244 APA Referencing Macros v2.0 - APA Software Is this you? Have you had enough? Frustrated that your fine essay was marked down because of a comma in the wrong place? Spend as much time referencing your essay as you did to write it? Want someone else to do the formatting and referencing for you? Then our APA Software is for you! APA Referencing Macros will set up your document before you start, set all the margins, add the title page, Abstract, Method, Participants, Apparatus , Procedure, Results and most importantly the References

  • Just enter the information into the fields provided and this program will enter the in-text and reference citations, formatting correctly and consistently every time

  • While helpful as a reference, the APA style manual itself doesn't even approach the value of this software

  • For ease of use, technical support, and value, I give Southern Ocean Software a perfect score! Amy College Senior, TN What sources can you enter references from? You can enter references from, books, a book chapter or article in a collection, reports, brochures, journals, newspapers, magazines, movies, DVD, videos, TV, audio tapes, radio, translated works, encyclopedias, non-periodical internet documents, periodical internet documents, parts of non-periodicals internet documents, messages posted to online newsgroups, online forums, discussion groups and internet journal articles from databases, published and unpublished thesis and disertations


    FormatEase, Version 3.0: Paper and Reference Formatting Software ...
    Made by Guilford Publications to format text to APA style guidelines.

    : Indiana State University
    School of Nursing. Offers AD, BSN and MSN programs. Includes information about
    programs, curriculum and services.

    APA Journals
    Listing of journals published by the American Psychological Association.
    Includes guidelines on posting articles on the Internet and journal statistics for ...

  • SEARCH THE JOURNALS WEB SITE FOR APA JOURNALS Contact APA Journals Call for Papers: Special Issue on Evolutionary Perspectives on Group Dynamics Deadline for submission of abstracts is Monday, October 16, 2006 From Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts (August 2006) From Training and Education in Professional Psychology (August 2006) PsycALERT® FREE EMAIL UPDATES APA STYLE for Publication Manual FAQs, APA Style Helper software, Electronic Reference Format downloads, and more

    APA Style for Research Papers - Psychology Dept. Langara College
    Instructions and examples help students write the different sections of a research
    paper. Includes information about formatting tables and references, ...

  • In our description, we make reference only to the "true" experimental design, one which purports to show a cause-effect relationship between independent and dependent variables

  • Your hypotheses should never appear to come out of nowhere or to be derived from personal opinion and preference

  • REFERENCES NOTE: If you do not find the required detail on references here, try Centre the word "REFERENCES" at the top of the page, but do NOT underline it or place it in quotation marks

  • A reference list cites works that are publicly available

  • Works cited in the text of your experiment must appear in the reference list and conversely each entry in the reference list must be cited in your text

  • Since reference lists are intended for the use of the reader, they must be accurate and complete

  • A reference consists of the following broad subsections: AUTHOR, DATE OF PUBLICATION, TITLE and PUBLICATION DATA

  • General Conventions Indentation Note that the first line of the reference is NOT indented; the remaining lines in each reference are to be indented five spaces at the left margin

    StyleEase - APA Format - MLA Format - Chicago and Turabian Style ...
    From Guilford Publications. Formats text and pops in references in MLA style.
    For term papers, journal articles, theses, and dissertations.

  • Headings, page numbering, tables of contents and figures, reference entry formatting, databases and much more are a breeze to create with the streamlined and intuitive Style Ease design, right from the Microsoft Word toolbar

    CMU Libraries -- Virtual Reference Collection
    Includes a list of electronic resources recommended by Central Michigan University
    library staff for reference assistance.

  • Central Michigan University Libraries RESEARCH TOOLS SERVICES LIBRARY INSTRUCTION EVENTS & EXHIBITS Virtual Reference Collection Choose a Category: Off-campus access to CMU students, faculty, and staff only

    SourceAid: Create Bibliography with Citation Builder
    Free service creates, formats, and punctuates bibliographies according to MLA,
    APA, Chicago, and CSE writing style rules.

  • By citing references, you allow readers to locate and evaluate the quality of each reference

    How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography
    Provides explanations and preparation advice. Includes a sample entry for a
    journal article.

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