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The Bicycle Exchange's Ask The Mechanic Column
Andy the Mechanic, AKA Andy Wallen, fields technical and bicycle fix-it questions.

  • * Search ALL Ask the Mechanic Columns (1, 000+ Q&As in Past Seasons) Stuck in gear and need expert advice? Ask Andy the Mechanic (a.k.a

  • Andy Wallen), the proprietor of Wheelcraft Bicycles of Wheeling, WV

  • Andy will e-mail your advice and we may post it afterward ( do not submit a question if you don't want your Q&A posted in a future column)

  • Stunning Cinematography - High Drama - Essential Viewing!" - Backyard Bike Mechanics Should Always Have a Handy Copy of ..

  • Andy , I've recently bought a 2004 Litespeed Tuscany

  • Andy , I recently replaced the chain on my mountain bike which happens to be a 9 speed

  • Andy , I have a 1992 Cannondale Delta V 2000 with a blown out Marzocchi front shock cartridge

  • Andy , First, I enjoy your site very much

  • Andy , Where can I find a bicycle mechanics school in Canada? If there is not one in Canada can you recommend one elsewhere? David Canada David, Don't know about Canada, but if you live in B.C., it's not too far to Portland OR, home of United Bicycle Institute (, I believe)

  • Andy , I've done some off-road riding on my old, chunky, cheap Raleigh with no suspension and gears that don't shift properly

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  • August 15, 2006 Brad Choate Andy Lester's a few days ago

  • It does it by file extension (for speed) and it could use a few more added (Andy will take patches, I am sure) for .css files for example

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  • Andy Walker is the co-host on Call for Help

  • The first day that I met Andy, he donned a firesuit and roasted marshmallows with a propane torch to demonstrate how a CD burner works

  • I can't imagine a better way to learn about viruses than to read Andy's book

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  • Moderators, 432 3188 Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:34 pm GW Associate Editor and transcribing wizard Andy Aledort answers your questions

  • Andy has forgotten more about guitars than most of us will ever know, so take advantage of this six-string sage but remember: he does not pick which songs appear in the mag

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  • Our Featured Question: On 7/24/06 Andy from Newcastle asked: "As a non-jewish person I was just wondering as to why jewish people refrain from eating pork and shellfish? I have been told thats its because they are classed as 'unclean' animals, but why is this? Many thanks, Andy." Rabbi Roller answered: "The rationale behind keeping kosher is first and foremost the fact that the Torah says one must

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  • Andy, on behalf of CCM staff

  • To overcome this difficulty, Andy started to run the course on a 'carousel' basis, with people able to start at the beginning of any week

  • This proved to be a mixed blessing: it was harder to create a 'team spirit' with people joining every few weeks, and the lack of a gap between courses made it hard for Andy to spend time documenting what was done and recruiting new people

  • We decided to ask Andy to undertake a major review of the course, starting in April 2001

  • Andy spent several months researching this question, with both our customers and other groups in Bristol

    Andy's Motorcycle Training - Somerset
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  • Please feel free to contact me, Andy Fry: You can OR phone me on 01460 53053 to discuss your requirements and a possible schedule for your training

  • If you have been trained by Andy and wish to add your comments please

  • Comments from Trainees: 2006-08-31 made by: David Barnes FIRST CLASS! I completed my CBT with Andy a year ago and when I thought it was about time to do my A2 test I had no second thoughts about going back

  • Andy is a very good teacher and I can't recommend him highly enough! 2006-08-26 made by: Henry Fielding Well then, Andy's friendly, relaxed thorough style of instruction led to a comfortable and safe learning environment

  • 2006-08-14 made by: mathew forster I'd just like to say thanks again to andy on helping me get through my direct acces, i've been riding a 125 for about 7 years and in my own mind i was perfectly safe! since doing the training with andy i can see how i was so lucky not to have come off and do myself some serious injury, i now understand and can appreciate the benefits of having good clutch controll, road positioning, cornering, lifesavers, etc

  • It took me a while to get rid of all my bad habbits but andy was a brilliant instructor and i got there in the end it's almost a completly new experience riding again cheers andy! A tip for any wishing to train with andy ask for pass assured it's well worth the extra £70 or so! 2006-08-04 made by: MARK BASTABLE I write this the day after passing my direct access course first time

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